Shelter ask for Landlords views

by Nick Thompson

10:12 AM, 13th June 2019
About A year ago

Shelter ask for Landlords views

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Shelter ask for Landlords views

Two Property118 members have pointed out that Shelter are actually asking for views from Landlords and have produced a survey to complete: Click Here.

The request from Shelter states: “Take our survey to help us understand what’s important to you and how we can best work together towards developing a better private rental sector. Answers are completely anonymised.”

Questions include:

  • What were your motivations for becoming a landlord?
  • What are the best things about being a landlord?
  • What are the main challenges you face as a landlord?
  • How would you describe your relationship with your tenants?
  • How do you think Shelter can work better with landlords?
  • What has been your experience of Shelter?

We all hope this can be used as a positive step for Shelter and the PRS to start working together as opposed to against each other to the benefit of tenants.

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Luke P

12:14 PM, 14th June 2019
About A year ago

Reply to the comment left by John at 14/06/2019 - 10:09
Good analogy. Shelter are effectively telling the housing equivalent of a surgeon that once they've paid off their student loans, they can go on to minimum wage.
After all, you can't 'undo' your knowledge (just as you can't go back to a time when the house may have been derelict and out-of-use before the landlord came along and put a load of time money and effort into it and undo that).

Dr Rosalind Beck

12:19 PM, 14th June 2019
About A year ago

We are giving them a chance by completing this survey. If they turn it against us that will be the last time we should cooperate. In the past, journalists such as Patrick Collinson at the Guardian approached some of us and we cooperated with him - only for him to turn out an article implying we were all flash Harrys - with the main photo being a landlord standing in front of his Bentley.
More recently Fergus Wilson cooperated with Panorama and says that they left out the most important things he spoke of and left in his more sensationalist statements. I believe this programme was the final nail in the coffin of Section 21.
We must learn. We are going along with this survey with Shelter, in the hope that they want to change and move away from their anti-landlord stance. If they stab us in the back with this, they can sing next time they want to 'work with the PRS.'

Andy Bell

13:34 PM, 14th June 2019
About A year ago

Reply to the comment left by Dr Rosalind Beck at 14/06/2019 - 09:40
Yes tick boxes can end up with misinterpretations of answers. So I didn't go for "financial security" instead went for risk based potential in "other".

Chris Novice Shark Bait

13:55 PM, 14th June 2019
About A year ago

Have completed the survey and supplied e-mail address only should they wish to contact me. Time will tell. You do not need to provide any other identifying data. I think it is a good thing that they have launched this initiative. I have emphasised more understanding and co-operation in our common goal which in the simplest is to provide good quality rental accommodation in return for an agreed rent.

Andy Bell

13:57 PM, 14th June 2019
About A year ago

Reply to the comment left by John at 14/06/2019 - 10:09It sounds like you have a similar model to myself. I added that they could campaign to introduce measures to help landlords future proof existing older housing stock. At the moment with VAT on materials, no relief on capital improvements and potential CGT its very costly for us to do what we think is right.

Paul landlord

15:50 PM, 14th June 2019
About A year ago

I am amazed that anyone has even considered completing the survey. Call me a sceptic but first of all I want to know their REAL motivation- are we all so naive to believe they honestly want to genuinely work with the PRS?? Im not for a second. For years Shelter have done nothing apart from attempt to destroy our sector and turn public and political opinion against us- very successfully on the public and political opinion as we all know. There is an ulterior motive- come on? You know if it looks too good to be true and sounds too good too be true then IT IS too good to be true. Id be amazed (pleasantly so) if I was proved to be wrong but I'll put money on it that this is going to backfire on us. Sorry. Not wishing to offend anyone but thats my view

Chris Novice Shark Bait

16:48 PM, 14th June 2019
About A year ago

Reply to the comment left by paul landlord at 14/06/2019 - 15:50
Paul your comment has 77 likes which speaks volumes. With the NL Alliance recent challenges do you and others not recognise a possible change in attitude by Shelter? Is that not what we would like to see? I do not see any harm in giving this the benefit of the doubt. If all landlord associations came together and we could educate Shelter, would that not be a better way forwards? Just asking.

Arnie Newington

16:58 PM, 14th June 2019
About A year ago

What has been your experience of Shelter?
They are a bunch of Champagne Socialists on outrageous salaries who destroyed the Social Rental Sector and are now trying to do the same to the Private Rental Sector. They have no shame, provide no housing and demonise those that do provide housing. They also have no qualms about making up misleading statistics to meet their silly campaigns that drive up rents for the people that they are supposedly meant to be helping.


17:10 PM, 14th June 2019
About A year ago

Reply to the comment left by Chris Novice Shark Bait at 14/06/2019 - 16:48I don't think that the likes mean anything as I have only just found out. I was shocked that Paul Landlord had 77 likes, something I don't normally look at so, I wanted to see who put these likes and clicked on the like accidentally and then clicked again thinking that it would be removed but apparently it just added another like so in fact one person could put as many likes as they so wished.

Joe Armstrong

18:04 PM, 14th June 2019
About A year ago

Reply to the comment left by Chris Novice Shark Bait at 14/06/2019 - 16:48
Naah. I'm with Paul Landlord on this one 100%. Knowing as much as possible about your opponent (or victim) can only make the kill more effective. They don't want disputes sorted amicably, they want to encourage tenants to enlist them so they can 'legitimately' dip into the bucket of cash they've collected from poor idiots who saw the word 'Shelter' and assumed they helped the homeless. They don't. And if the whole shabby process causes landlords to get sick of being victimised and sell up (to a housing association, for which I believe there's a tax concession) then that's an added bonus.

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