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paul landlord

9:12 AM, 7th November 2018
About 2 weeks ago

The Alliance is Launched

Let's go. My payment made... Read More

paul landlord

11:17 AM, 25th September 2018
About 2 months ago

New Landlord Association seeking pledges

AT LAST!! is what I say. I'm in. Been totally fed up with the RLA and NLA representation (or lack of it) for years but no alternative. Don't want to sound negative but after the constant drip, drip, drip of poison into every non landlords mind daily for years are we too late? Have we passed a tipping point? Im still in anyway- always ready to fight our cause.... Read More

paul landlord

12:33 PM, 4th May 2018
About 7 months ago

My own landlord's GDPR policy

Hi. I would be most grateful if you could email me a copy to

Many thanks

Paul... Read More

paul landlord

21:45 PM, 9th November 2017
About A year ago

HMO Legislation, Mandatory Certificates and Proposed Changes

Reply to the comment left by John Frances at 09/11/2017 - 19:12
Hi John.

Told you how crazy it is in the sparks world, it really leaves your head spinning!

They have been going on about mandatory EICRs for rentals for at least the last 15 years that I can count but never done it. Looks like they may finally do it now. Happy days for me if they do- boom time in the business!- not so good for the majority of landlords pockets though.

A brief read through of that paper though shows yet again the government's 'know it all' (but actually 'know nowt') 'experts' are at it again. There are so many errors in that paper it's frightening.

But then again all landlord legislation over the last probably ten years has been done the same way- badly by people who do not know what they are talking about!!... Read More

paul landlord

0:20 AM, 9th November 2017
About A year ago

HMO Legislation, Mandatory Certificates and Proposed Changes

Reply to the comment left by John Frances at 08/11/2017 - 13:31Hi there.
In the ridiculously overcomplicated rules and regulations in the electric business of who can do what and the requirements, (believe me we sparks are frustrated with it more than anyone), in law it is the person commissioning the work (whether it be design works, installation works or certification), who is responsible for ensuring the electrician is actually qualified, registered and insured to do the works. Failure to do so can be a problem to the owner/ landlord etc. The easiest way to check is via the government's register at
And yes I agree with your latter comment. this year I had the unfortunate experience of seeing a particular registration body deal with a very black and white case of a sparks who had badly broken lots of regulations and left an installation in a 'potentially dangerous' condition just down to laziness. The registration bodies approach to the issue was poor and they seemed to be telling the customer anything (including information which was totally incorrect) to get them to go away. 'Tell 'em owt to get 'em off the phone!' The customer was very insistent though armed all the way through with advice and information from me.
Not good but I don't suppose any system is perfect and at least if you're a landlord commissioning reports having done due diligence on the Inspector and things do go wrong at least in law you are not liable. The minimum insurance requirements for registration are £2,000,000 public liability and £250,000 professional indemnity.
As always 'buyer beware!... Read More