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Paul landlord

14:13 PM, 21st December 2021, About 4 weeks ago

Risks of Inflationary Interest rate rises

Reply to the comment left by Rennie at 21/12/2021 - 13:47
Though I'm no fan of this government or it's leader, and we are all aware of their capacity to distort the truth to the point of outright and deliberate lies, could you expand on what you feel their lie is here and the printing money issue?... Read More

Paul landlord

17:28 PM, 17th December 2021, About a month ago

All landlords are property tycoons with deep pockets?

Reply to the comment left by neilt at 17/12/2021 - 13:03
Thanks for your comment. Fortunately after 30 years in the business and a large portfolio which is my 'full time', I am very aware of capital/ revenue expenses and HMRC's differentiations.

The last time I checked though the approx £17k per property I'm being asked to pay to install EWI (external wall insulation) onto the old 9" solid brick terraces of which I have many, fell into capital expenditure and not revenue.

If I have that wrong I'd really welcome to be corrected. Because even if I was to do 10 a year for the next few years, thats still the thick end of £200k a year for the next 3 years im forced to spend thats not tax deductible against on my annual tax return.

I know that many other portfolio landlords with older properties share the same concerns and would welcome these forced upgrades to be revenue tax deductible.

All my older houses by way have the works- double glazing, HE boilers, max loft insulation and low efficiency lighting etc etc. The best they achieve is a D rating.... Read More

Paul landlord

12:40 PM, 17th December 2021, About a month ago

All landlords are property tycoons with deep pockets?

All good points above.

But I would also put forward that rather than the energy inprovement costs being treated as capital costs, they should also be tax deductible as a revenue expense on the annual tax return. I don't believe we should have to wait until we sell the properties to get a tax allowance on an improvement we're forced to do than are choosing to do... Read More

Paul landlord

19:17 PM, 24th November 2021, About 2 months ago

Finally parity for Social housing and PRS fire and carbon monoxide safety

As PRS landlords we have all been fitting smoke alarms since 2015 (at least when it was mandated) or for a lot of us a long time beforehand as part of responsible landlording.

I wasn't aware the social sector was outside the 2015 legislation and that amazes me.

But despite all this my question is has a date actually been put forward for the requirement of CO detectors in England?... Read More

Paul landlord

12:10 PM, 18th November 2021, About 2 months ago

Oven Saga?

As both above posters have put this is nothing new. New appliances not fitting into old spaces is commonplace and I deal with all the time. As already stated in previous posts its down to the different architecture of the units produced by the different manufacturers. I'm a sparks as well as a 30 year portfolio landlord so believe me ive dealt with it more times than I can even think of.

Really dont see the big deal though. Worst case scenario ive ever had to do is get the gas re-piped out to suit the new appliance architecture and it's voids.

Changing to an electric set up is going to be a costly installation especially if you dont have a 32amp dedicated cooker outlet in place and I can't see being necessary- I've never had to do it.... Read More