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paul landlord

21:37 PM, 15th March 2019
About 5 days ago

'No DSS' listings banned on Zoopla

Again this situation is ridiculous and will help nobody. It will waste dss homeseekers time as well as causing them additional misery- at the end of the day if I choose not to rent to dss then I won't, they just will be told they've been unsuccessful (not they've been unsuccessful because they're dss). Not being allowed to let the applicants know in advance they dont have a chance... well what a waste of everyones time. And the government claim to be helping these people? If thats their attempt at help I'd hate to see them purposely try to frustrate!... Read More

paul landlord

22:25 PM, 15th February 2019
About a month ago

Am I wrong to insist on signing a new contract in person?

I always insist on signing up face to face on check in day. I wouldn't consider doing it any other way (having taken a holding deposit prior). It ensures that all paperwork is signed up correctly, monies are taken with receipts issued, the tenant is fully aware of the workings of the property and gives us the chance to start a relationship (with a small r) on the right footing which is invaluable. The tenants like the personal touch too. I do self manage I dont like a faceless agent with a one size fits all approach. For me i see it as 38 different properties, 38 different sets of tenants, with 38 different sets of personalities and problems. Worked for me since 1995. Horse's for courses tho i suppose.... Read More

paul landlord

8:23 AM, 6th February 2019
About a month ago

Shelter's Income and expenditure figures highlighted

I find it interesting that prs landlords are attacking the Alliance for attempting to do something to to mitigate the smashing of our business doled out by seemingly all quarters. Attempting to expose Shelter for what they are may indeed prove counterproductive (so far not) and treated as something to be ignored (quite possibly happening). But do the critics have other bright ideas? If so I would say join the Alliance, put your own ideas forward to the organisation and shape the direction of the Alliance action. If not maybe at least put some action forward on 118 we can move forward with. If not I would say stop being an armchair umpire criticising people who are trying to defend our business or back off. Put up or shut up please.... Read More

paul landlord

20:38 PM, 12th January 2019
About 2 months ago

Direct payment of Universal Credit to landlords - Online system being developed

Reply to the comment left by AJ at 12/01/2019 - 11:07
Yes thats right. The tenant leaves without landlords knowledge, is uncontactable and it becomes apparent they have left. The housing benefit without question reclaim the money from landlord- not being aware your tenant has done a runner doesnt cut it. In a similar vain the tenant can take up a new tenancy elsewhere giving you a notice date. However they run both tenancies for weeks without your knowledge as its convenient for them to 'do up' the new property (read badly decorate) the new residence whilst living in yours. They transfer across and then give the benefit a move date suiting the new tenancy. The council will not accept anything as evidence of them still occupying your property at that time- hands out 'pay us back the overpaid rent' and thats the first you know that the tenants have screwed you... Read More

paul landlord

19:32 PM, 14th December 2018
About 3 months ago

And the landlord vote goes to - Please vote again

Would vote conservative and feel aggrieved at having to do so but it's the only chance of keeping the dangerous Corbyn and his cronies out. A vote for anyone else is throwing a vote away at best (It's a two horse race), and at worst is dangerous as could allow labour in- frightening. Conservatives sold us out, labour want to crucify us, UKIP no serious policy only a thinly veiled racist National Front , lib dems- hold on whilst I laugh. I would suck it up and vote tory, much as it may stick in my throat... Read More