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11:54 AM, 18th January 2022, About 45 minutes ago|
Minister for Rough Sleeping and Housing, Eddie Hughes, confirms Social housing residents will be better protected as part of a review to ensure they are listened to. The review on qualifications and professional training will drive up standards by making sure social housing staff are better equipped to support tenants, deal effectively with complaints, and make sure homes are of good quality. The Social Housing White Paper Professionalisation Review will explore the qualificati

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11:48 AM, 18th January 2022, About 51 minutes ago|
I would like to hear other members opinions on HMO room sizes. I understand that national standards for room sizes for singles over 10 years old is 6.51sq m so that should include adults as well. I have two rooms in an HMO which are 7.6sq m and 7.0 sq m respectively and below the minimum room sizes required by the council who have issued my HMO licence and whose room size requirements exceed national standards. Is there anything preventing me from renting both rooms out to one
11:37 AM, 18th January 2022, About An hour ago|
I am an executor of an estate that includes a property that is currently empty. Probate has been entered, but a caveat has stopped this process. In addition to this, the title deeds are missing, so there could be many months before if and when probate is granted that the house can be sold. In the meantime, may I rent out the property, with the proceeds going into the estate? It would make sense to use a letting agent to keep matters professional. Who would I need permission
11:31 AM, 18th January 2022, About An hour ago|
16:04 PM, 17th January 2022, About 21 hours ago|
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14:03 PM, 17th January 2022, About 23 hours ago|
I hope I can ask about two things at once here. Firstly, as a private landlord, I don’t have an office that is always open during office hours. If my tenants lock themselves out, just how quickly should I be expected to respond?...
11:48 AM, 17th January 2022, About A day ago|
Following a couple of years of ‘major works’ costing so far £1m in a block – it has as expected by the leaseholders gone very badly wrong! Covid didn’t help, but the major issue was with the works to the 1930’s critical windows....
11:36 AM, 17th January 2022, About A day ago|
Low interest rates for equity release mortgages, coupled with rising house prices, have made it much more cost-effective for over-55s to release funds from their properties. Many over 55s, who were going to downsize in order to release equity in their property...
11:27 AM, 17th January 2022, About A day ago|
I have a tenant who wants to retire from his business, and he has an employee who wants to purchase the business/goodwill and goods and take over the lease. It has been established the lease cannot be assigned, so I have agreed in principle that I will accept a new lease with the proposed new tenant....