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13:36 PM, 27th May 2022, About An hour ago|
Last year, because interest rates were so low and many landlords were incorporating, landlords weren’t thinking of selling. This year however tells a completely different story. Mortgages have shot up following high interest rates, leaving an innumerable amount of landlords with impossibly large bills. The bottom line is: some landlords need to sell. As a landlord myself, I’ve also been living and breathing this, having had to personally downsize by selling 75 properties and k
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13:34 PM, 27th May 2022, About An hour ago|
Thursday night Simon Zutshi delivered massive value, as expected, on his brand new live training all about “How to use Creative Finance to grow your property portfolio”. We have had a number of people contact us, to see if they can gain access to a recording of this Master Class because they want to go through the content again given that Simon packed in so much valuable content into the 90-minute training. Unfortunately, there will be no recording released, but the good ne
11:30 AM, 27th May 2022, About 3 hours ago|
Hi everyone. I am lending my daughter the money to purchase a 3-bed house while she's away studying at university. She will/intends to rent 2 of the rooms and 1 rented in a self-contained annexe. The question is does this make it a lodgers agreement or an HMO that requires licencing? Many thank
11:09 AM, 27th May 2022, About 4 hours ago|
10:37 AM, 27th May 2022, About 4 hours ago|
Can someone please help me to clarify a valid date to end a tenancy in section 21? I have a standard AST tenancy which was created in 2013 for initial 12 months and then becomes a periodic tenancy....
11:11 AM, 26th May 2022, About A day ago|
Analysis from Key Later Life Finance ahead of the Platinum Jubilee shows house prices have increased 138 times in value during the Queen’s 70 years on the throne. Average house prices were £1,891 in 1952 at the start of her reign and are now £260,771...
10:55 AM, 26th May 2022, About A day ago|
Zephyr Homeloans, the specialist buy-to-let (BTL) lender owned by Computershare, has reintroduced a seven-year fixed deal into its mortgage product range. The lender said it is offering 3.79% on a seven-year, fixed rate, standard buy-to-let mortgage at 65% LTV for properties with an A to C rated energy performance certificate (EPC)...
8:39 AM, 26th May 2022, About A day ago|
I own a 3 bed flat, in my name, not a Ltd company. When the current tenancy ends I am thinking of letting two rooms out to individuals and retaining the third as a study/bedsit for myself. I pay council tax on my own family house where I reside most of the time....