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9:07 AM, 19th July 2024, About A day ago|
So, where do we begin? The Renters (Reform) Bill is dead, long live the Renters' Rights Bill! But is it better or worse than what the Tories had planned for the private rented sector? Well, I think the prospect of bringing in rent controls should alarm landlords everywhere. I'll come onto the other issues later, but the prospect of tenants objecting to rent rises will lead to a huge issue. Of course, lots of them will object - they don't care if their landlord can afford their
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8:31 AM, 19th July 2024, About A day ago|
Hi all, I’m experiencing problems with gas/electricity suppliers inventing invoices for non-used services. One of my commercial tenants stopped using gas about 8 years ago and informed the suppliers. They did not receive any further invoices until a month ago. They are stating a small amount of this year's standing charges but also over £1000 for an imaginary previous bill. The meter was never removed. I have another recent example of a friend/property developer who has o
8:57 AM, 19th July 2024, About A day ago|
Private renters say they are happier with their homes, compared to those in the social housing sector, the English Housing Survey reveals. The survey, which covers 2022/23, found that 82% of private tenants were content, in contrast to the 74% satisfaction rate reported by social renters. This trend extends to the services provided by landlords, with 76% of private renters expressing satisfaction compared to 64% of social housing tenants. Planned reforms to the rental market w
0:02 AM, 19th July 2024, About 2 days ago|
Hi, I own a terraced house that is split into two flats, each single bedroom and each let to a single person. They share a front door to the street, a small lobby and a staircase to a landing, off which are the individual (fire) doors to each of the two flats....
0:01 AM, 19th July 2024, About 2 days ago|
The housing market shows promising signs of improvement, according to new data. The Acadata House Price Index for June reveals that house prices are just 1.6% lower than a year ago, now standing at £360,175. Acadata says a Labour government and the Bank of England potentially cutting interest rates will help boost the housing market....
9:17 AM, 18th July 2024, About 2 days ago|
Landlords have another battle on their hands with news that the Renters’ Rights Bill will pick up where the Renters (Reform) Bill failed to deliver. Despite a 2019 manifesto pledge, the RRB was binned by the Conservatives after Rishi Sunak called a General Election....
9:13 AM, 18th July 2024, About 2 days ago|
Propertymark is calling on the Labour Government to provide clear details on how it plans to abolish Section 21 ‘no-fault’ evictions under the Renters’ Rights Bill. It is also calling for a legal mechanism to prevent the court system in England and Wales from becoming overwhelmed....