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11:37 AM, 2nd December 2021, About 12 hours ago|
Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, commissioned a report from the Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) to look at ways of simplifying the collection of Capital Gains Tax and IHT. The OTS had recommended in the report that CGT be increased in line with income tax rates to 20% at the basic rate and 40% at the higher rate. At the same time also decreasing the annual exemption amount to only £2,000. However, the treasury has declined to take the CGT proposal forward or make any changes to IHT

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11:15 AM, 2nd December 2021, About 13 hours ago|
Market analysis by real estate debt advisory specialists, Sirius Property Finance, has revealed that the level of social housing being built not only hit a 13 year high prior to the outbreak of COVID-19 but social housing as a percentage of all homes built also hit its highest levels since 2015/16. The analysis of the latest dwelling completions data by Sirius found that the total number of homes delivered to the UK market hit 210,984 in 2019/20 before the pandemic stopped the ind
11:01 AM, 2nd December 2021, About 13 hours ago|
The Shelter press release below is critical of the winding down of the evictions ban and living costs inflation: Since the Covid restrictions began to lift in June 2021, more than 1,000 callers a day have contacted Shelter’s emergency helpline in England, new data reveals today. The charity’s free helpline, which is part-funded by M&S Food, has been inundated with more than 60,000 people ringing in need of urgent support and advice between June and October 2021. Of those ca
10:02 AM, 2nd December 2021, About 14 hours ago|
9:21 AM, 1st December 2021, About 2 days ago|
Like many we were attracted to the idea of property ownership, ‘another way of hedging’ was our MO, we could keep the property for 10 years and then sell make a few bob, pay some tax and all’s well that ends well....
9:12 AM, 1st December 2021, About 2 days ago|
The NRLA has welcomed the Welsh Government’s announcement of a new £30 million funding pot as part of a plan to end homelessness. Local authorities are expected to be able to use this funding to support a nationwide private rented sector leasing scheme....
10:38 AM, 30th November 2021, About 3 days ago|
As 2021 draws to a close, Belvoir’s pandemic report reveals the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on the UK rental market. “Earlier this year Belvoir commissioned property expert Kate Faulkner to review data from the Belvoir rental index as well as quarterly surveys of offices during the pandemic and beyond....
10:25 AM, 30th November 2021, About 3 days ago|
The Welsh Government will announce a new £30million funding pot over five years for local authorities. Under the Private Rented Sector Leasing Scheme, private property owners will be encouraged to lease their properties to local authorities in return for a rent guarantee and additional funding to improve the condition of their property....