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We have 5 properties (a mix of family let and HMOs) which we currently own and manage in a general partnership. All the properties are unencumbered (no mortgages) and we wish to incorporate our business via s.162. So far, so clear. The next hurdle is to either go down the BICT route necessitating two or more legal instruments per property or transfer the properties to the limited co. at the Land Registry. Either way, there will be existing AST agreements in force where the cont
11 hours ago|
"We have received evidence that civil penalties are not strong enough to deter landlords who are prepared to commit the most serious offences, and fines issued through the courts are often insufficient to make prosecutions worthwhile. We believe local authorities should have the power to levy more substantial fines, which might stand a chance of breaking the business models of the worst offenders. Further, local authorities should have the power to confiscate properties from those la
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After the death of our parents, my brother and I inherited a property which we have been renting for almost 30 years and considering selling for as many years. It is still registered to just my brother and I. We both have families now with two kids each, the youngest soon to turn 16. Our proposed plan: If the property was reregistered with the land registry in all eight names we could surely use eight times CGT allowances? This would then minimise the CGT liability and reduce i
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The very things I love about property investing are often the things others can’t stand! For me, buying and holding or buying and selling go hand in hand. I would never buy a property I couldn’t sell for a profit and I would never buy one I couldn’t rent with a strong ROI! This helps safe guard against changes in the market. I've said it more times than I can remember buy for the long term, but take short term wins. Everyone has heard the phase, turnover is vanity and pro
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Council Flat has CATEGORY ONE HAZARD Mould & Nottingham City Council are doing nothing about it for a whole year. Yet Nottingham Selective Licensing wants us Landlords to do all our houses within 3 MONTHS! Dear Councillors &...
2 days ago|
IF you own more than one let property then you could save money and improve cover by buying a landlord portfolio of insurance. If you own multiple properties, there are benefits to buying the insurance all together as discounts can be applied that single properties do not attract....
3 days ago|
The Guardian has sunk to new lows this week with the publication of the most vehemently anti-landlord article, by Rhik Samadder (such an expert in the field that none of us have ever heard of him), that I have ever seen published by a national newspaper....
3 days ago|
Do I need to pay the standing charge for electricity on an empty BTL when the previous tenant changed it without my permission and they do not have a contract with me. It has never happened before. I told them by phone I did not want their service....

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