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15:59 PM, 13th August 2022, About 3 hours ago|
  The soaring cost of energy is causing hardship for many families, and is only set to get worse. Landlords need to keep communicating with tenants – and ensure their rents are protected.   Landlords face a “perfect storm” from potential rent defaults and rising mortgage interest rates this winter, as energy prices soar. Leading insurers say they are already seeing a growing number of rent defaults as families struggle to cope with the rapidly rising e
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8:17 AM, 13th August 2022, About 10 hours ago|
0™ urgently requires stock having let 80 properties in the last 4 weeks.  We have huge tenant demand and a list of 1000+ tenants who have registered their interest in the last 4 weeks. Exclusive to new clients™ is offering 3 months of free management on all properties let on the full management package at just 5% + Vat (£6%).   For this low price you get: Direct access to your property manager Properties l
12:02 PM, 12th August 2022, About A day ago|
The property investment strategies to focus on in a recession presented by Ranjan Bhattacharya at the Baker Street Property Meet. We're in for the worst recession the UK has seen, so don't waste your time and money on property strategies that won't work in the near future. In this video, I outline the single greatest opportunity to take advantage
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The average buy-to-let mortgage rates for some typical two-year fixed rate deals favoured by landlords have doubled since the start of the year, it has been revealed. According to Property Master’s Mortgage Tracker, the average rate for a typical £160,000 BTL mortgage fixed for two years for a Loan to Value (LTV) of 60% had more than doubled since the start of this year – from 1.69% in January to 3.43% in August....
9:52 AM, 12th August 2022, About A day ago|
Hello everyone, We had tenants for 4 years living in our 5 bed house next door. We got on very well and we were quite relaxed with them. Over time however, I came to realise that they were moving in more rodents in cages into bedrooms....
9:49 AM, 12th August 2022, About A day ago|
Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) are moving up the value chain as tenants demand better amenities, research by Paragon Bank has revealed. A survey of HMO landlords found that tenants today expect en suite bathrooms, larger rooms, high-speed broadband and quality furnishings....
8:45 AM, 12th August 2022, About A day ago|
The number of landlord possession actions in England for all court stages has increased compared to the same quarter of last year, the Ministry of Justice has revealed. In the latest data, they have compared April to June of this year...