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11:44 AM, 26th January 2023, About 11 hours ago|
A Conservative MSP is calling on the Scottish Government to declare a 'national housing crisis' after it was revealed that 47,000 people are homeless in the country. The data from the Scottish government also reveals that 30,000 people are stuck on social housing waiting lists. Miles Briggs, the housing spokesperson for the Scottish Conservatives highlighted the issue in a Holyrood debate and blamed the SNP for presiding over a housing crisis. He also expressed concerns duri
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10:38 AM, 26th January 2023, About 12 hours ago|
Hello, a S21 was issued to a tenant with expiry in mid Dec. I then contacted my insurance to progress the accelerated process. They contacted the legal company that I have cover with as part of my policy. They have come back to me stating S21 is deemed invalid and that they will not progress for the following reasons: The tenancy deduction clause has not been included in the prescribed information I cannot see that a hard copy of the DPS T&C’s has been provided to th
10:19 AM, 26th January 2023, About 13 hours ago|
While there are homes to buy, tenants will struggle to rent due to a lack of rental stock and high demand, new data shows. The information and marketing services company TwentyCi has published its End of Year Summary Report for 2022 which reveals that the residential lettings sector has seen a significant decrease in the supply of homes. This lack of supply has hit renters hard as the average monthly rent is now £1,652, an increase of more than £200 since 2021 and almost £30
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15:09 PM, 25th January 2023, About A day ago|
The festive period is over, and as we head towards the second month of 2023, the year has well and truly begun. For many landlords, 2022 was a mixture of tough decisions, calls to action, and the realisation of a potentially rocky road ahead....
14:56 PM, 25th January 2023, About A day ago|
So scrolling through Facebook, Insta or TikTok you’ve properly been bombarded with wanna-be gurus reciting the power points of the developer field views website on this new ‘groundbreaking’ SAVE TO BUY scheme (Side note) why do these people think reading word for word off a website...
10:00 AM, 25th January 2023, About 2 days ago|
The current turmoil in the rental market shows no signs of slowing down with UK rents in the fourth quarter of 2022 hitting an all-time high, increasing 13% year-on-year, according to a new survey. The flatshare site, SpareRoom...
3:37 AM, 25th January 2023, About 2 days ago|
I consider my landlord to be a perfect Gentleman and have been renting the same property for nearly two decades without any issues whatsoever. That was until I received the letter below from him a few days ago. I don’t know how to respond or what my options are....