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11:38 AM, 14th January 2022, About 2 days ago|
Homeowners who leave properties empty while pretending to let them to holidaymakers will be targeted by HMRC under the new rules that holiday lets must be rented out for a minimum of 70 days a year to qualify for business rates. The changes will target people who take advantage of the system to avoid paying their fair share towards local services in popular destinations such as Cornwall, Devon, the Lake District, Suffolk, West Sussex and the Isles of Scilly. Currently, owners o

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10:18 AM, 14th January 2022, About 2 days ago|
I am a first-time Landlord and the Letting agent does not respond to my hand-delivered twice repeated letter regarding a tenant complaint. As I live in the same block of flats, I dealt with the tenants' failed immersion heater within 2 days. I wanted the agent to write to me saying what the tenant said so that I would have a paper trail, as the tenant can be overbearing verbally. Obviously, the agent doesn't want a paper trail, as they only were employed to secure a tenant. Thi
10:10 AM, 14th January 2022, About 2 days ago|
There is a new Government consultation on reforming the leasehold and commonhold systems in England and Wales. It seeks views on reforms to the leasehold and commonhold systems, following recommendations in the Law Commission’s leasehold and commonhold reports published in July 2020. The non-residential limit for collective enfranchisement - The non-residential limit for right to manage claims - A nonresidential limit for individual freehold acquis
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8:40 AM, 12th January 2022, About 5 days ago|
While I was out on a walk my tenant tried to contact me to say her boiler had broken down and the emergency breakdown co I was insured with would not attend without my permission even though the tenant offered to pay the £70 call out fee....
11:09 AM, 11th January 2022, About 5 days ago|
When starting out as a landlord 10+ years ago, I used letting agents to find tenants. One extreme annoyance was having to carefully read through (and often modify) each agent’s own tenancy agreement. After a year, I stopped using agents and worked with my own template agreement that I drew up with the help of a solicitor Fast-forwarding to late 2020...
11:00 AM, 11th January 2022, About 5 days ago|
Bearing in mind all the issues that can arise, even things as simple as a rent increase meaning it becomes invalid to enforce on the guarantor (never mind rent arrears and damage!), does anyone do their own checking and document issuing for guarantor agreements between parties or do you use a company/other professionals?...
12:04 PM, 10th January 2022, About 6 days ago|
Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities Michael Gove has warned developers that they must pay to fix the cladding crisis. Mr Gove has today written to industry giving them a deadline of early March to agree a fully funded plan of action including remediating unsafe cladding on 11-18 metre buildings...