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21:24 PM, 15th August 2022, About 4 hours ago|
Incorporation of your Buy To Let Properties has its obstacles. In this video, Alex Norian from Property118 and I will tell you the 4 obstacles Buy To Let Landlords face when they incorporate and how to tackle them. Please click on the video below: [gravityform id="525" t
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15:27 PM, 15th August 2022, About 10 hours ago|
Ben Beadle of the NRLA has managed to have a much-needed article in support of the PRS published in the Telegraph on Monday 8th August. I don`t know how he managed it but with any luck, there may be follow-ons. Entitled “The next prime minister needs to undo the damage unleashed on landlords” it puts the landlords' perspective for a change. If any Property118 members
9:42 AM, 15th August 2022, About 15 hours ago|
Hello everyone, How do I identify the freehold owner of a 999-year leasehold, 2 bed terraced property? I would like to buy the freehold. Also, is it possible to get a ground rent of £1.60 per year to be removed from a leasehold property if it is not being collected? Thank yo
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9:26 AM, 15th August 2022, About 16 hours ago|
Hello everyone, My 4 bed Victorian terrace in Leicester, a big university city, has been rented to students for 7 years through an agency. Last year was a struggle to rent and there have been no viewings for the next academic year starting in September....
15:32 PM, 13th August 2022, About 2 days ago|
The soaring cost of energy is causing hardship for many families, and is only set to get worse. Landlords need to keep communicating with tenants – and ensure their rents are protected. Landlords face a “perfect storm” from potential rent defaults and rising mortgage interest rates this winter...
8:00 AM, 13th August 2022, About 3 days ago|
0™ urgently requires stock having let 80 properties in the last 4 weeks.  We have huge tenant demand and a list of 1000+ tenants who have registered their interest in the last 4 weeks. Exclusive to new clients™ is offering 3 months of free management on all properties let on the full management package at just 5% + Vat (£6%).  ...
17:01 PM, 12th August 2022, About 3 days ago|
The property investment strategies to focus on in a recession presented by Ranjan Bhattacharya at the Baker Street Property Meet. We’re in for the worst recession the UK has seen, so don’t waste your time and money on property strategies that won’t work in the near future....