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I have just seen that challenging councils for what you believe in is certainly paying off. "Barnsley Council have received a proposal to legally challenge the Council’s decision to take forward the Selective Licensing scheme in the four designations of the borough. Whilst we believe that the grounds for the decision can be evidenced, we believe it to be good practice to review information stated and report findings back to cabinet as soon as is reasonably practicable before
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Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham was speaking at the Residential Landlord Association’s Future Renting North conference and suggested an amnesty to rid Manchester of 'rogue' landlords. This is part of the Mayor's plan to introduce a good landlord scheme working with the RLA to tackle the ‘epidemic of insecurity’. The amnesty would include purchasing properties from landlords that were unwilling or unable to bring their rental properties up to the required standard. N
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David Salusbury, the former Chairman of the National Landlords Association (NLA), the UK Association of Letting Agents (UKALA), and of mydeposits, died on Saturday 21st April 2018, following a short illness. He was aged 74. After a successful 30 year career with the Royal Air Force, David joined the then Small Landlords Association (SLA) in 2001, later becoming Executive Chairman in 2003. As Chairman he was charged with turning the association into a national representative bod
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I have a lovely video I received from my letting agent today which would go well towards the argument that tenants should be held accountable for criminal damage to properties. The house was taken back after being abandoned and the tenant must have left their dog unattended as its covered in dog feces. Whilst in one corner we have the government and its continued landlord bashing, (tenants have many votes and landlords few) and in the other corner Jeremy Corbyn - the less said the
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Please kindly sign my petition to change the rules for the Housing element part of universal credit. I am a social landlord who is being affected by the poorly thought out rules for the housing element part of universal credit....
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We purchased a house as a BTL in 2014 for £120,000. It’s now worth around £177,000 we only got the place so our daughter had some where to live after divorce The mortgage owed now is £56,000, and we would like to give the house to our daughter and she get a mortgage for the £56,000 outstanding...
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I am told that ALL organisations, including private landlords (and their contractors), will have to be GDPR compliant by 25th May 2018. I have attending training on this and I’m getting contradictory advice from different GDPR professionals. About 4 weeks ago I was told that there is no need to register with the ICO...
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Hi there, I want the tenant’s mother to provide a guarantee and indemnity (not just a guarantee). Does any kind member have a sample document I could use? Many thanks Seaworthy Editors Note: An indemnity creates a primary obligation ie the indemnitor is directly liable for any loss....

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