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11:17 AM, 18th May 2021, About 13 hours ago|
Private sector tenants are leaving London in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. According to new research, landlords renting properties in London were the only ones in the country to report that tenant demand had fallen more than it increased. A survey of National Residential Landlords Association members, conducted by the research consultancy BVA-BDRC, found that 56% of landlords with properties in Central London saw tenant demand fall in the first quarter of 2021 compared to the

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11:02 AM, 18th May 2021, About 13 hours ago|
I am looking to make a claim for carer allowance, having had to retire at 63 and to move back home to care for elderly ill parents. My company pension is not included in the rules for carer allowance. However, rental "earned income" is and there are questions about it in the form. Having googled various sites, as usual, it seems there is no direct clarification from the DWP, and it is a decision maker's right to make the call. From what I have read if my properties were in a Ltd c
10:52 AM, 18th May 2021, About 13 hours ago|
I wonder if anybody can assist me? I applied for possession in accordance with s21 in January after first applying to the Court in March 2020 in respect of a normal AST. Eventually, after numerous errors by the Judge, I was granted a possession order in April. The tenant is 6 months in arrears, so I applied for a Warrant of Possession.  The Court has now come back to me setting out a hearing for leave to enforce a possession warrant. I can’t see having looked into it that the C
9:27 AM, 18th May 2021, About 15 hours ago|
9:21 AM, 18th May 2021, About 15 hours ago|
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16:02 PM, 17th May 2021, About A day ago|
The pandemic-related debts of tenants and landlords should be “top of the Housing Minister’s in-tray”, according to the National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA) following the formation of a new Welsh Government. In the wake of the Senedd election on 6 May...
15:54 PM, 17th May 2021, About A day ago|
I have had an application from a very young lady (only just 18, but she is due a baby within the month) for a two-bed flat with her partner. While she has the Rent In Advance & Deposit, I am wary that if the partner leaves her...
15:46 PM, 17th May 2021, About A day ago|
I have a tenant who is now on a periodic agreement with terms requiring monthly payment. He is a terrible payer and I would normally look to evict him, but it is not so easy at the moment. He has just requested to move to weekly payments...
11:39 AM, 14th May 2021, About 5 days ago|
House prices are predicted by many to fall following the end of the stamp duty holiday and tax bills are high. If you’re a portfolio landlord, now could be the perfect window to sell part or all of your buy-to-lets...