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9:41 AM, 22nd June 2024, About 31 minutes ago|
Renting your property to charities that sublet to vulnerable tenants can seem like a benevolent and socially responsible thing to do, coupled with the reassurance of ‘hands off’ passive income guaranteed for a number of years. However, landlords must be cautious and well-informed about the potential pitfalls. Inadequate and outdated tenancy agreements, improper subletting arrangements, and legal non-compliance can lead to significant risks and complications. Renting your prope
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9:39 AM, 22nd June 2024, About 33 minutes ago|
As we edge closer to the next general election, housing has become a pivotal issue in the political arena - beyond our usual daily bubbles. The housing crisis, affecting millions across the country, is set to be a significant talking point, with each party vying to present the most compelling solutions (of course). Do you believe any of them? The Labour Party’s Vision Labour has pledged a transformative approach to tackle the housing crisis head-on. Their proposal centres aro
15:51 PM, 21st June 2024, About 18 hours ago|
In a direct video addressed to Generation Rent’s Ben Twomey and Angela Rayner, Nottingham landlord Mick Roberts argues abolishing Section 21 will harm tenants. Labour has promised to immediately ban Section 21 and clampdown on ‘unscrupulous landlords ripping off tenants with extortionate rents and lurid living conditions’. However, Mr Roberts emphasises that abolishing Section 21 could impact tenants, pointing out that some tenants actually ask for Section 21 notices the
9:05 AM, 21st June 2024, About A day ago|
On Monday night (24th June) at 8pm, I will be running my 90-minute live online training about how you can achieve all of your property goals, much quicker than you thought possible, by using his Ultimate Property Investor, 3-step process....
0:07 AM, 21st June 2024, About A day ago|
Nearly half (47%) of HMO (house in multiple occupation) landlords rely solely on their rental income for their livelihood, a survey reveals. The research from buy to let lender Landbay also found that almost a third (30%) of participating landlords owned HMO properties...
0:06 AM, 21st June 2024, About A day ago|
Rising rents and stagnant benefits are creating a financial squeeze for private renters in the UK, with a study revealing more than a third (35%) are struggling to afford their rent. The research by the TDS Charitable Foundation surveyed more than 2,000 tenants and found a big rise in financial strain compared to last year....
0:05 AM, 21st June 2024, About A day ago|
With the general election approaching, there needs to be more clarification from the Labour Party on its plans for improving the private rented sector, Propertymark says. The move follows news of Labour adding more detail this week to its manifesto....