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10:59 AM, 24th June 2022, About 14 hours ago|
With inflation at a 40-year high, interest rates are at a 13-year high with more increases predicted, and higher tax bills it’s getting tougher for landlords with mortgages to make an annual profit on their rental income. For many landlords, this leaves them in an asset-rich, cash flow poor situation when running and repair costs are high. A lot of landlords are already choosing to sell some properties to use the equity to pay off mortgages to avoid the uncertainty of interest char
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10:58 AM, 24th June 2022, About 15 hours ago|
Backed by £150 million of government funding, Help to Build will enable people to overcome prohibitive mortgage costs to build a home that is tailored to their needs and in a community of their choice, with just a 5% deposit towards land and building costs. Help to Build will open for applications on Monday, making self and custom-designed homes an option for those who don’t have Grand Designs size budgets. Most people are currently priced out of this option because it can requ
10:50 AM, 24th June 2022, About 15 hours ago|
Over the past few weeks, I’ve been working on a petition to get RoPA actually implemented. After a bit of effort, it’s now live and ready for you to sign. It says … “Regulation of Property Agents has been requested by industry bodies for many years - and a Government working party investigated and reported - yet nothing has happened since. Ireland has a working system, which could be copied (why reinvent the wheel). The working group’s recommendations must be put into l
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10:54 AM, 23rd June 2022, About 2 days ago|
The Bank of England is giving you 100 days to use all your old paper Nifty Fifty £50 and £20 notes stashed away. Not that they will probably buy you a coffee at this rate of inflation by next year....
10:09 AM, 23rd June 2022, About 2 days ago|
The Homes for Ukraine scheme will allow children and minors under the age of 18 who have already applied through the Homes for Ukraine Scheme to come to the UK without a parent or guardian. After working closely with the Ukraine government...
9:55 AM, 23rd June 2022, About 2 days ago|
The long-awaited Government White Paper, ‘A Fairer Private Rented Sector’, has finally been released which, amongst other significant changes to the sector, confirms the abolition of Section 21 and starts to map out the future of evictions. Moving forward, landlords will always need to provide a reason for ending a tenancy...
15:06 PM, 22nd June 2022, About 2 days ago|
The Government’s White Paper “A Fairer Private Rented Sector” sets out proposals to allow tenants in private rented properties to keep pets. As always, the devil will be in the detail but things do not look hopeful for landlords trying to protect the value of their property....