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10:03 AM, 17th May 2024, About A day ago|
The impending passing of the Renters (Reform) Bill spells trouble for tenants and landlords, warns a legal expert. Ian Narbeth, a commercial property lawyer and BTL and HMO landlord, tells Property118 in a video interview that can be seen below that some Tory MPs have “woken up too late” to the damaging effects the Bill will bring. Mr Narbeth also explains the big problem that councils are causing by telling tenants threatened with eviction to stay put until the bailiffs ar
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10:04 AM, 17th May 2024, About A day ago|
So, another week in landlord land and another slew of stories highlighting how bad landlords are for selling up - but there's no perspective of WHY landlords are choosing to sell. And there's a good reason for that. No one, literally no one, cares about the why. They only care about handing control of rented properties to tenants via the Renters (Reform) Bill, without considering the implications. First, we had the National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA) flagging up g
11:38 AM, 17th May 2024, About A day ago|
A report commissioned by Labour has called for a major overhaul of the private rented sector (PRS), including the creation of a National Landlord Register and measures to prevent rent rises. There are also calls for Section 21 'no-fault' evictions to be abolished and a bid to discourage PRS landlords from leaving for the short-let and temporary accommodation sectors. And there needs to be more social housing built, the report says, with an acknowledgement that planning policies
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2:22 AM, 17th May 2024, About A day ago|
Hi, I am a long-term property investor, buying properties often at auction, refurbishing, renting and holding. I am a RICS surveyor and CIOB Construction Manager so I have some good general knowledge. I have recently bought a property which had been empty for about three years and had an EPC rating of F...
1:12 AM, 17th May 2024, About 2 days ago|
Hello, Since 2017 I have rented a small 2 bedrooms terrace house with garden to a couple. They had 3 children in the last 5 and a half years. The wife complained to me that the house was now too small....
0:04 AM, 17th May 2024, About 2 days ago|
Hello, A bit of a half-baked story from the BBC (shock horror!) – see the video below – but you can contact them to make a comment, which I have done and I would urge you to do the same....
0:02 AM, 17th May 2024, About 2 days ago|
Hello, I used an agent who issued a tenancy agreement for a tenant on DSS. She lives there with her husband and kids, which the government knows that she is single. She is sub-letting the house to raise funds for her husband to buy a house....