Guaranteed Rent to Rent Lease Contract Templates

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If you operate a “Guaranteed Rent” business model (AKA “Rent to Rent”) and would like to purchase a professionally drafted lease to offer to property owners then look no further.

Having recognised a need for this contract template we teamed up with specialist commercial property and contracts solicitor, Justin Selig of The Law Department which is regulated by The Law Society.

The lease contract templates, guidance notes and notices are now available for immediate download for just £97 exclusively via

The reason the contract templates are so competitively priced is due to economies of scale, the real cost of drafting a contract of this nature is thousands. Sufficient pre-orders of the contract template via Property118 made it viable to produce the documents and to share costs to arrive at this incredibly low figure.

If you are a property owner and you are being offered a “Guaranteed Rent” deal which allows your tenant to sub-let then this lease template is also for you as it protects your interests too. If your tenant wants permission to sublet and you’re being offered a Company Letting Agreement or an Assured Shorthold Tenancy, that’s the wrong contract and should sound warning bells.
Guaranteed Rent to Rent Lease Contract Templates now available for download

Order the "Rent to Rent" lease contract template.

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