Landlords Insurance GUARANTEED to beat any ‘like-for-like’ quote

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Operated on behalf of Property118 by The Property Insurer in conjunction with Discount Insurance, our brokers GUARANTEE to beat the premium you are quoted elsewhere on a ‘like-for-like’ basis. What’s more, by using our recommended Landlords Insurance providers you will also be helping to fund the running costs of so you save money and our community benefits too. Everybody is a winner. click here

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Landlords Buying Group Insurance Renewal

Insurance Renewal

By the time your insurance renewal falls due you may well have forgotten about our Price Guarantee. Therefore, if you give us your contact details and renewal date we will make sure you are contacted by our landlords insurance team a couple of weeks or so before your next policy is due for renewal. If you don’t give it a try you will never know how much you might be able to save so you might as well complete the form now. click here

Rent Guarantee Insurance

Rent Guarantee Insurance (RGI) is a form of insurance generally provided by organisation who provide professional tenant referencing services.

The purpose of the insurance is to guarantee rent whilst the tenant is in possession of the property. If the tenant falls more than a month in arrears the insurance company will usually pay for all costs legal and Court costs associated with organising an eviction, plus the rent to the landlord until vacant possession is achieved. click here

Sublet Insurance

SUBLET INSURANCE is needed by any landlord that does not have directly enter into a tenancy with a person who is paying rent to somebody else to live in one of their properties.

If you have an agreement with a housing association, company or individual that rents the property to a third party tenant and arranges the tenancy agreement, then you need SubLet Insurance. This is subletting.

In terms of landlord insurance, this is not covered by a normal policy.  click here

Landlords Emergency Cover

This is complimentary to your normal landlord insurance policy, it is not a replacement landlord buildings and/or contents policy, but I think you will like it.

The cover costs from just £4.00 – £5.80 per property per month depending on cover selected. The tenant gets the insurance company details in case of a claim so if a problem occurs the tenant reports it to the insurance company. click here

Tenants Insurance

We recommend all tenants buy contents insurance. From your tenants perspective it’s a good idea if their deposit is important to them, and I have yet to find a tenant who doesn’t care about money!

One glass of spilled red wine, a pan carelessly placed on a kitchen unit or a party that gets a bit wild and the cost of the damage could very easily wipe out a deposit, and more. click here

Insurance For Your Own Home

We worked hard to bring you a price guarantee on landlord insurance with our buying group, because that is our business and passion. Now we have a fantastic offer for your own home insurance to save you money as well.

We have teamed up with The Property Insurer and Discount Insurance to bring you a price leading home insurance offer for your own home. click here

Life Insurance

In the event of the death of a borrower, even if it’s a joint mortgage, it is usually well within the rights of a mortgage lender to call in their loans. This is more likely to happen post credit crunch as several lenders closed their doors to buy to let lending and want to recover as much money as possible. Lenders still active in the market can now lend money at far higher profit margins so there is every incentive for them to call in their loans in the event of death too. click here

Most landlords go for a 10 year term on the basis that it is reasonably likely that property values and rents will have risen to a point where refinancing at 50% LTV is possible without a requirement to inject further cash. This is NOT advice.

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