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Jason McClean - Published on 03/12/2014
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I’ve worked out that if I’d have had the Platinum version of Landlord Emergency Cover I’ve just taken out on two of my properties over the last 12 months it would have cost me £139.98 and saved me £1,100 and a whole load of stress.

The Housing Charity “Shelter” seem to believe that whenever a tenant reports a problem they will get evicted and have even managed to convince some politicians of this. Given that the Bill they proposed was defeated in the House of Commons recently, perhaps this cover is the way forward? I doubt it will be made compulsory but I can’t think of a single reason why any GOOD landlord would not wish to have this cover in place!

As many of you will know, off the back of the insurance company sponsorship of my superbike racing team I managed to negotiate a GUARANTEE to beat any ‘like for like’ landlords insurance quote for Property118 members. The take up has been phenomenal and both the insurance company and the Property118 members who have taken up the challenge are delighted. For details click HERE Landlord Emergency Cover

I think I may have pulled another rabbit out of the hat in terms of Landlord Emergency Cover. This is complimentary to your normal landlord insurance policy, it is not a replacement landlord buildings and/or contents policy, but I think you will like it.

The cover costs from just £4.00 – £5.80 per property per month depending on cover selected. The tenant gets the insurance company details in case of a claim so if a problem occurs the tenant reports it to the insurance company.

A good example is a boiler breakdown. The insurers deal with the matter so that the landlord doesn’t need to get involved. The payout per claim ranges from £250-£750 depending on cover and you can have unlimited claims per year. Cover also extends to blocked drains, water leaks, lost keys etc. etc. I took out the Platinum cover at £69.99 per year because the £750 maximum per claim with unlimited claims will sort most problems.

But remember, this is not landlord buildings or contents insurance – it is emergency cover for breakdowns and problems.  Details of the cover can be obtained by completing the form below. Check the details for yourself, the website that you will be linked through to makes it really easy to understand.

Landlord Emergency Cover - MORE DETAILS




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