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Gary Nock

14:20 PM, 31st May 2019
About 3 weeks ago

New AST questions post June 1st

Hi Fiona.
1. It is normal practice to name all persons over 18 on an AST rather than as " permitted occupier" which carries no legal weight and leaves the landlord in limbo if they need to evict. If the wife after moving in says she has a part time job and gives her husband £10 a week towards the rent then suddenly she is a tenant. If an eviction notice is only issued against the tenant ( husband) and not the wife
(permitted occupier) when she turns up at the hearing and says she contributes and is a tenant then hubby is evicted but not wifey. And then wifey lets him back in.

So thats why everybody is a tenant over 18.

2. The CPI clause is rubbish. It isn't law and prevents landlords increasing rent to market rate. Have it took out and use a Section 13 Notice to increase rent instead.... Read More

Gary Nock

0:03 AM, 23rd May 2019
About 4 weeks ago

Gary Nock

12:57 PM, 13th May 2019
About a month ago

Has agent any responsibility for referenced tenant?

Hi Ken. Usually in these circumstances
unpaid rent is a landlords occupational hazard.However it also depends whether or not the agent has acted in a diligent and professional manner by thoroughly referencing the tenant and giving you their opinion as to suitability. If they have and the checks were okay then there's not a lot more they could have done except chase the tenant. If seen to be negligent they should be insured against client loss via professional indemnity insurance. I would also check that the agent is a member of a Property Redress Scheme and Client Money Protection which should be on their website and on their literature. CMP protects landlords and tenants from loss in the event that an agent becomes insolvent or otherwise does not pay over rent received from tenants. And also check that the tenants deposit has been protected.... Read More

Gary Nock

14:14 PM, 4th May 2019
About a month ago

Tenant complaining of rats and that I can't turn up?

Hi Vinny,
'She’s complaining that I don’t have a right to show up and knock unannounced. I’m not asking to enter, but just to ask questions"

She is right. This should be in your tenancy agreement. 24 hours notice is required. In relation to the rats - its unusual to get rats in an attic. And if your inventory does not mention rats there should be a clause in your tenancy agreement which states that if there is an infestation after the start of tenancy and its not down to a hole in the roof or other structural defect then it's down to the tenant. As for the electric bill. It's just the tenant throwing a hissy fit but it indicates that she may well be trouble. Do not visit unannounced, take a witness if you do and make notes and confirm by letter. If you are unsure of your rights and responsibilities in this matter seek legal advice or use an agent.... Read More

Gary Nock

10:10 AM, 4th May 2019
About a month ago

30% of tenants in Scotland don’t aim to ever own a property

If this is replicated in England then there will be a lot of disappointed tenants as supply continues to dwindle (as landlords exit the sector as per the recent RLA survey) and demand increases. Section 24, stamp duty increases, tenant fee ban, and Section 21 abolition means that landlords are getting out. The mad scrabble for Generation Rent vote winning "policies" means that the exact opposite to helping those who rent will happen. And hidden in the recent voting figures will be the two million landlords who have been shafted by both Labour and Tory politicians. I just want to see Heather Wheeler MP get her just desserts and lose her 12000 majority come a general election.... Read More