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Gary Nock

7 days ago
The private rented sector is ready to help fix the 'broken housing market'

A very good article Ros. We are part of the solution not the problem. But as both political parties are coveting the youth vote / Generation Rent then landlord and letting agent bashing is seen as a vote winner. Until they realise that it is a vote loser depending on how well we get our message across. When I send my tenants a rent increase I tell them all the reasons why. May not change the way the tenant votes or feels about landlords but it's a start.... Read More

Gary Nock

2 weeks ago
All-Party Parliamentary group call for all landlords to fit CO alarms

Been fitting these in all properties for years. For what they cost it's not worth it. But with mains powered smoke alarms when tenants remove the body of the alarm to stop it going off they invariably break them. So its 7 year sealed battery smoke alarms for me now as they are cheaper to replace.... Read More

Gary Nock

2 weeks ago
Council desperation U-turning Government attacks on Landlords!

Great stuff. Nice to see the left hand if government working really well with local authorities - not. Will be sending this to my MP to show her what a cock up they are making in all this landlord bashing... Read More

Gary Nock

3 weeks ago
Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation and Liability for Housing Standards) Bill

And will this apply to local authorities and housing associations? No. Thought not. Labour Party / Momentum Class War Anti Landlord Rhetoric dressed up as "helping the JAMS"... Read More

Gary Nock

4 weeks ago
ICIBI to inspect Right to Rent

"The inspection will include an evaluation of the Right To Rent sanctions and the Home Office’s performance in issuing civil penalties, pursuing criminal prosecutions, removing illegal immigrants and data sharing with other departments of government.

The issues not to be covered by the inspection are discrimination, increased homelessness or displacement"

So all they are looking at is enforcement and not the intended and unintended consequences of this ill thought out legislation.... Read More