Become a Property118 Affiliate

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We pay Referral Commission of up to £2,000 + VAT per client

If you work with Property Investors, we have an LOT more in common than you might think.

Like you, we want landlords to be as successful and profitable as possible, because it results in more business for us all and a much stronger economy as a whole.

The core business of Property118 (in conjunction with Cotswold Barristers) is tax planning for property business owners.

Barristers cannot pay referral fees, but we can – up to £2,000 + VAT per referral in fact!

To expand our business, we have created an Affiliate scheme for Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers , Accountants, existing clients and anybody else who can help to spread the word about the work we do to assist landlords and other property investment entrepreneurs.

Our most popular service is helping property investors to form a Smart property company structure, where multiple classes of shares with different voting, dividend and capital appreciation rights can enable property investors to pay significantly less Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax.



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