Wise Business Accounts for non-resident UK landlords

Wise Business Accounts for non-resident UK landlords

16:10 PM, 9th December 2021, About a month ago

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As a result of Brexit, several UK banks started closing banking facilities for clients living in the EU from Spring 2021. These included Nat West, Barclays, Coutts, RBS and several others.

Property118 ran an article about this to seek feedback from landlords who had been affected. There were several comments posted by landlords and their recommended solutions overwhelmingly supported opening an account with Wise (previously known as Transferwise).

As a result of this, Property118 contacted Wise, the outcome being that we have now partnered with them.

Wise are able to open business accounts for people living in most Countries within extremely quickly, (including the UK and all EU Countries). They can also open business accounts for UK and overseas Limited Companies in a fraction of the time taken by their competitors.

For UK landlords who are resident overseas, Wise business accounts also provide many other advantages over those previously available from UK High Street banks. These include:

  • Extremely low cost currency conversion
  • Easy to open online
  • Online banking from day one
  • Cards issued within a matter of days
  • Easy to integrate into mainstream accountancy software to minimise time spent of reconciliations

For more information and to open your Wise business account today, please click the button below.



For every account opened as a result of this article, Wise will contribute £70 towards the running costs of the Property118 forums.