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Tax Planning is the core business activity of Property118 Limited.

Our landlord tax analysis software is used by 100’s of accountants throughout the UK to compare their clients current structure to what the tax position would be if the business was transferred to a Limited Company.

We made it incredibly easy to use, although it can appear quite daunting at first glance because it performs literally thousands of computations which would take weeks to do using a regular calculator, and that’s assuming you are a fully qualified accountant specialist in property taxation.

All YOU have to do is enter details of your properties and the share you own in them, plus details of any other income you have, and the software will produce a side by side computation to show you the difference between staying as you are or incorporating your business. You will see how much tax you will pay each year in both scenarios and also calculations of the effective tax rate based on your income from all sources.

You can also “stress test” your portfolio to see how interest rate rises and other external factors could affect your profits. The new tax legislation is, of course, built into the software.

You can even add factors into the calculations such as inflation on rents and other costs with just a few clicks on your keyboard.

The software also calculates how much your net sale proceeds would be if you were to sell-up and what the costs of incorporating your business would be, including CGT and SDLT. The software is even smart enough to tell you what tax reliefs you are entitled to and you can even stress test future tax bands and tax rates if numbers are your thing.

To download a copy of this software (for personal use only) comes at a one-time investment of just £97.

Our guarantee of total satisfaction or your money back applies.

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