Do you recommend your tenants to buy insurance?

Mark Alexander - Published on 13/11/2014
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I recommend all my tenants to buy contents insurance, and in this article I will explain why and where from.

From your tenants perspective it’s a good idea if their deposit is important to them, and I have yet to find a tenant who doesn’t care about money!

One glass of spilled red wine, a pan carelessly placed on a kitchen unit or a party that gets a bit wild and the cost of the damage could very easily wipe out a deposit, and more.

The other reason tenants should consider insuring their own contents is the very same reason you insure yours, valuable items get lost, stolen and broken every day!

The reason some tenants don’t buy insurance is a perception of cost. What if you could GUARANTEE the premium they are quoted would be the cheapest in the market, on a like for like basis of course!

Well now you can!

The same “like for like” price GUARANTEE also applies to your landlords insurance, your home insurance, rent and legal protection and any commercial buildings you might own.

Check it out for yourself and by all means get you tenants to do the same. If you/they buy via this website then not only will you be saving money, you will also be helping to support the running costs of Property118. This is because we have a profit share deal with the providers 🙂

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