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Welcome to the landlords blog of Mark Alexander, founder of Here I share my experiences as a landlord since 1989 and updates on my goal to create “The Best Property Website Ever”. I also review products and services used by my fellow landlords.

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Landlord Incorporation Explained On Video Interview With Ranjan Bhattacharya


This 10 minute video interview about landlord incorporation was recorded in April 2017, just before the doors were opened to what is believed to have been the UK’s largest landlord tax conference ever.  When you watch this video you will learn about the legislation which can mitigate capital gains tax when a landlord business is… Read more

Halifax Druggies Making This Lovely Flat Unlettable


After nearly 30 years in this business and being the founder of Property118 and run the forum since 2011 I thought I had encountered most problems. However, this is a new one for me. The picture above is my “problem property”. It is in Queensway, Halifax, West Yorkshire HX1. My tenant has moved out because… Read more

Fancy being part of the Property118 marketing team?

Fancy being part of the Property118 marketing team?


We are offering a money making opportunity for people to help us to promote a proven Property118 product, and without you having to provide any up-front capital whatsoever. This isn’t a “job”, it’s the beginning of a small business opportunity. It’s a project you will be able to do in your own spare time and… Read more

Fees refunded if HMRC decline your non-statutory clearance request


The biggest risk landlords can take when incorporating their business is to believe what they are told on the basis that it’s what they want to hear.  Tax planning is perfectly legal providing you follow the rules, including legislation known as GAAR which is an abbreviation for General Anti Abuse Rules. Famously, Lord Tomlin said on… Read more

Landlord Tax Planning Presentation in PowerPoint and Printable PDF formats


This is the presentation Mark Smith, Cotswold Barristers and I delivered at the Baker Street Property Meet on 26th April 2017 (as pictured below), but with lots of extra bonus slides.  379 landlords attended the live event and people were still asking us questions well into the early hours, hence the extra slides. This is… Read more

How Angie and Dan Could Have Saved £280,000


Angie and Dan are very successful landlords by most peoples’ standards. By 2015 they had amassed a property empire worth £10,000,000 with only £4,400,000 of mortgages. That’s just 44% LTV.  For several years, Dan and Angie had been drawing just £90,000 between them and using the rest of their profits (after paying tax at 45%)… Read more

Landlord Tax Planning Presentation in PDF Format


Whether you are looking to grow you business or to downsize and pay down loans, this presentation will reveal opportunities to save tax.  By popular request we have reproduced the presentation given by myself and Mark Smith at the Baker Street Property Meet in PDF format. This means you don’t need any special programs to… Read more

The best strategy if you’re planning to sell some properties to pay down debt


Normally, if you sell your properties you will realise a capital gain, which is the difference between the purchase price and the sale price. This gain is then added to your income and if you’re a higher rate tax-payer you will pay CGT at a rate of 28% of the gain.  However …. Did you… Read more

Was this the biggest landlord tax planning event ever?


The picture below was taken at the Baker Street Property Meet on Wednesday 26th April 2017. A reported 379 high net worth private landlords are featured in this group “selfie”. It’s not too late to see the presentation, or to watch it again. We have added several extra slides too based on the questions asked… Read more

A Few Extra Tickets – Be Quick!


    We’ve got a bigger room at the same venue so we have a few extra seats available. This event sold out over a week ago and is going to be the biggest landlord networking event this year. If you are extremely quick you might be lucky enough to book one of the remaining… Read more

Incorporation Relief – Do You Qualify?


Try our 60 second wizard – see below. If you qualify for incorporation relief, this could be your Golden Ticket to:- Wash out all capital gains to date, meaning that the starting point for tax when you sell your properties will be their value today To avoid the tax consequences of restrictions of finance cost… Read more

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