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11:19 AM, 3rd December 2019
About 3 months ago

Pivotal landlord votes

To get my vote, politicians need to do one thing - give me tax relief at my highest rate of income tax against mortgage interest, for every penny I spend on solid wall insulation and replacing my boilers. And it don't mean tax relief after they've added mortgage interest to my profit. I mean at the profit level I actually earn after paying my mortgages. To expect us to decarbonise hard to treat homes out of the profits we are currently taxed on is impossible.... Read More


21:19 PM, 20th November 2019
About 3 months ago

Location Independence - the lifestyle of Mark and Svetlana Alexander

Hi Mark, You and monsieur Smith have already helped (thanks) and I'm working towards my next phase/s of planning. I will be in touch.... Read More


20:07 PM, 20th November 2019
About 3 months ago

Location Independence - the lifestyle of Mark and Svetlana Alexander

Hi Mark and Svetlana,
A very timely post for me - having bumped into a dear friend and semi-retired landlord colleague today, who said his only regret was leaving it too late to retire. That set me thinking. As I approach 60 after 25 years hard slog building my portfolio as a landlord, I have faced year-on-year challenges and reconfigurations of what the market and government expect and take from us... Today we are faced with bringing our properties to carbon neutral by 2030. I fully endorse such an aim, but I'm tired. I've done everything expected of me to the letter so far. It's time for the next generation to take the mantle. I have worked hard for my living, I have invested into my pension (my houses) and I have worked smart (which involved keeping abreast of a lot of diverse information). I face new challenges: - taxation of my gains without regard to index linking and taxation of my profits without regard to my costs in mortgage interest repayments (and now carbon improvements). In addition I face taxation of my estate if I try to protect my offspring against the negative economy we now live in. Thus the taxation of my profits is in direct opposition to the taxation of my capital growth. Until my portfolio reaches sufficient capital growth I cannot walk away, as taxation on selling will lose me everything I have worked to earn. However, if interest rates increase, I will be forced into paying tax on a loss!! This is the conundrum of our industry for those caught in the middle. One of the only ways to resolve this dilemma is to move to tax-gentle countries (I have my eye on Portugal). The current political climate is terrifying - as landlords we are political punchbags, and yet we are increasingly being asked to fill the void for hard-to-house tenants that local authorities cannot accommodate. We are being asked to fund the cashflow of the DSS system of vulnerable tenants in the hands of a bureaucratically broken system. I personally am so grateful for your lead, your braveness and clear thinking on the persecution we now face. I don't wish to 'run away' from taxation, I am not google or Amazon, I don't want to evade tax per se, only unreasonable tax. I just want to reap the reasonable rewards of my lifetime of investment - not just of mortgage money, but my time for my tenants in creating good quality housing and services. I want to semi-retire and give work to others to keep what I have worked so hard to create going. Without those like you finding their way through the maze, it would be a difficult journey right now!... Read More


10:04 AM, 5th June 2019
About 9 months ago

AST's signed on line - how do you make that work?

We used docusign for all of our student tenants and we included any parents who needed to sign too. It was a very effective system - especially for tenants who were abroad when they needed to sign. We also use GOCARDLESS to collect rents by direct debit. Their fees are reasonable and it integrates with Sage to make life easy processing rents and deposits.... Read More


14:24 PM, 11th May 2019
About 10 months ago

Tenant complaining of rats and that I can't turn up?

Rats sometimes nest in properties and that is unlikely to be the tenants’ fault. I would prefer it in my home if callers don’t call unannounced and I try to give my tenants the same courtesy. If you are meeting a pest control guy there then usually you would know in advance, granted this might be a last minute phone call, so difficult at times. I usually ask workmen to give me enough notice to let the tenants know. Dealing with the issue is relatively cheap and will win you brownie points as a landlord. Leaving it will do the opposite. For me it’s not a matter of what’s legal, it’s a matter of commercial sense. Retained tenants save a lot of hassle... Read More