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Lindsay Keith

11:20 AM, 15th July 2020
About 17 hours ago

Once in a generation opportunity to reboot the market in favour of tenants!

Reply to the comment left by David Price at 15/07/2020 - 10:20
That will never happen!
No disrespect to the Great Khan but what planet does he live on?
Has he got ambitions to be the next Labour leader?... Read More

Lindsay Keith

12:09 PM, 10th July 2020
About 6 days ago

I told the police they were not allowed back to the property?

Reply to the comment left by SimonP SimonP at 10/07/2020 - 11:23
SimonSimonP is correct.
Steven's position seems dreadfully muddled. Remove the muddle and the irrelevant bits. Who drew up the presumably 10 years Lease, was it stamped etc.? Surely not a 10 years AST, I was never a conveyancer, does that creature exist?
Respectfully suggest he ought to go to a different lawyer with solid experience of professional negligence. I write as a former PI Insurance defence solicitor. Not wishing to seem overbearing, Steven must take ALL his papers with him along with diary notes etc., a good memory and his partner! Be advised, a good PI Insurance Solicitor will not be cheap but do you want your property back or its value if you have been stitched up by provable negligence or are you prepared to just grin and bear it? Do your sums!
It is about 50 years since I handled any criminal work but my memory suggests the bail giver may specify where the bail receiver may or may not stay or go to.... Read More

Lindsay Keith

8:29 AM, 2nd July 2020
About 2 weeks ago

Are we overlooking anything?

I don't know where you are located but I have used ODT Solicitors LLP in Brighton who have relevant expertise.... Read More

Lindsay Keith

8:45 AM, 13th June 2020
About a month ago

Still working on the new claim form N5B - give me strength?

This is what you get from an underfunded Justice and Courts system constantly chased to produce reams of forms do deal with ever-increasing demands from self-important legislators trying to get a gallon out of a half-pint pot. It is the natural consequence of unthought through cuts, cuts, cuts to the 'Justice' system that is now the laughing or is it weeping stock of the legal profession? It can't be much fun working for such an organisation that is for ever being told to 'slim down'?
And this is a Government that trumpeted it would recruoit 20,000 'more' policemen and women? Ignore that they would only be replacing the 20,000++ thrown away with all their training over the previous few years, most by that most useless of Ministers the Maybot?
They make you lose the will to live.... Read More

Lindsay Keith

10:49 AM, 5th June 2020
About a month ago

Preventing wider access of direct payments will be detrimental to UC tenants

Is this not a simple denial of basic economics? For the very best of reasons, T may say rent is back of queue, well after food on table. But, to put it crudely, that does not need to be best steak and premier cru to go with it? Rent punted to next month's payout, next...?
Common sense suggests to pay rent direct, then T can enjoy perhaps not best steak but (my favourite) shepherd's pie and a glass of decent beer. And the rent never gets a muddling place in the queue?... Read More