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Lindsay Keith

10:29 AM, 9th April 2020
About 17 hours ago

RICS calls for Stamp Duty holiday and it's not a "Whim"

Stamp Duties and their like are the easiest and most lucrative taxes to collect. They do not require the degree of human intervention and ingenuity that happens between the top and bottom lines to provide a taxable sum. May a warm and kindly wind fill the RICS sails but I fear they will falter in the doldrums. To think a Chancellor will reduce or defer Stamp Duty (unless with a heavy and guaranteed price tag), especially this Chancellor who must get us all to pay the bills he is running up now is little short of delusional?... Read More

Lindsay Keith

10:35 AM, 4th April 2020
About 6 days ago

Government have created chaos in the PRS

Excellent letter. This illustrates so clearly what happens when someone seeking to do good interferes in a field of which they have no knowledge at all. Trying to be all things to all men does not work.

Forget the newspapers, landlords aren't sexy, that's little scruff pleading poverty "and the nasty landlord said...".... Read More

Lindsay Keith

20:39 PM, 22nd February 2020
About 2 months ago

Can our father change an Irrevocable Trust?

Following on from the excellent comments above, may I respectfully suggest that
1. You and your co- trustee brother organise that your father executes and registers Lasting Powers of Attorney for both Financial Affairs and Health & Welfare appointing you both as Attorneys to act jointly and severally?
2. Get your own legal advice regarding the Trust and 'irrevocable'? Ask Property118 for a recommendation as to expert Firm and any Barrister? We readers of your situation don't know the quality of the advice your father has received?... Read More

Lindsay Keith

20:22 PM, 22nd February 2020
About 2 months ago

Tenant claiming £10k damages?

I am a retired litigation solicitor but not with L&T expertise.
1. You MUST see an expert L&T Solicitor. No doubt Property118 may recommend one in your area. To go into court and defend yourself is foolish. As has been said a squillion times before, the legal dice is loaded against you. That loading against you gets worse if you represent yourself without expert (not just passing) knowledge of the legal issues and their elephant traps.
2. Whilst talking with your Solicitor, cover the reference point. Unless the law has changed, I don't think you are under any obligation to pass comment in a reference. I believe it is sufficient to say, "T was a T in my property at 1 Brick Lane from aa/bb/cccc to xx/yy/zzzz." If you pass any comment, it MUST be accurate. If you sugar the reference (for example, to speed him away) and the next Landlord suffers loss, then you are at risk of being sued by the next Landlord for damages and costs for providing an inaccurate reference.
3. Sorry to be a disappointment but our duty as commentators is to be frank and honest. Good luck!... Read More

Lindsay Keith

12:50 PM, 12th February 2020
About 2 months ago

Title restriction - Could Bank pull the plug?

Reply to the comment left by Dylan Morris at 12/02/2020 - 09:14
Did you do any due diligence regarding the solicitor's expertise before engaging him/her? I was never a conveyancer but acting for Professional Indemnity Insurers and other work showed me the wide spectrum of 'expertise' and the importance to check before you buy!... Read More