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Lindsay Keith

9:44 AM, 7th September 2019
About 2 weeks ago

Oxford using plane with thermal imaging to catch beds in sheds

I am mildly surprised the Human Rights Industry haven't picked this up? Snooping, Invasion of Privacy etc...?... Read More

Lindsay Keith

12:03 PM, 20th August 2019
About 4 weeks ago

Stamp on 50% inheritance buy out?

1. Excellent advice.
2. Make sure you and your wife have up to date Wills also. (There are an astonishing number of wealthy/IHT-liable folk without Wills)
3. Depending on how much £ is involved and how may be your respective wealth situations, explore grandchildren / nephew/niece trusts?
4. Forgive the obvious message: whoever you consult must know what they are talking about, don't go 'cheap and cheerful'.... Read More

Lindsay Keith

9:48 AM, 13th August 2019
About a month ago

Liverpool landlord harassment - Shocking and horrific!

What a truly ghastly position!
1. Write to the Top Man or Woman at Liverpool
2. Copy AND write to MP and invite Question in the House (cc to Housing Minister or whoever is the appropriate payroll MP)
3. Engage the Press
The above are free.
4. Not free is to consult an expert in procedural issues (be very careful here, a wrong choice WILL be disastrous) as to whether LGO/Judicial Review is either available or appropriate. Property 118 may guide your choice?
5. Be aware that badly run Police and Local Authorities bear grudges. I've put that in the Not Free section for obvious and sad reasons, such miscreants hate to be exposed. Those portrayed here seem poorly trained institutionalised lazy cowards, weak bullies but not corrupt in the criminal or financial sense?... Read More

Lindsay Keith

12:34 PM, 2nd August 2019
About 2 months ago

Should I sell or take a Lifetime BTL mortgage ?

Corral is right. Read, mark and digest!
I am well aware that I seem to inhabit the minority in disliking intensely Equity Release and such like contracts involving in compound interest. That rolls up at a frightening rate over just a few years to destroy equity and for nothing left over. I wear a former professional indemnity legal hat.
At 65 and with the benefit of ever increasing medical magic, you may live another 30+ years. Keep in mind the cyclicality of property prices. For each downturn there follows an upturn. It's up to you to assess your needs and to get the best qualified property advice. Put the phone down on the shyster who offers 'free' reviews of this and that, they are only interested in parting you from your nest-egg.
Whatever you do, don't touch any form of Lifetime Mortgage, Equity Release or however the same dreadful product is wrapped up and sees compound interest ramping up along with swingeing penalties for early redemption. Such contracts have the smell of the next mis-selling scandal. After the insurers and banks have used up all their reserves (your money from increased premiums and charges) set aside for PPI claims, they will then have to come in time for more to bail out the victims of Equity Release. The 'victims' are the customers (e.g.: you) themselves and disappointed beneficiaries whose predecessors were improperly advised to take out the Loan from Hell.
Faced with an army of complainants and their ambulance-chasing lawyers turning them into claimants, banks and insurers generally cave in and submit to the 'buy them off' syndrome.
It may take for ever and an age but this perhaps pessimist sees only wailing and clamour in the impending daaarknesss!!! And the same ball rolls again.... we never learn.... Read More

Lindsay Keith

14:02 PM, 1st August 2019
About 2 months ago

Lifetime BTL Remortages for people over 75 years of age

Write me off as an old miseryguts but a lifetime in the Law suggests that there may be somewhere a disappointed beneficiary or several who will be less than excited at the dissipation of the family home in equity release contracts' rolled up interest etc., so they receive nothing from their ancestor's estate. It doesn't take a maths genius to see compound interest rolling up fast along with penalties for early redemption. I am also well aware from work in the professional indemnity and Disciplinary Tribunal fields that too many of our professional brethren's file notes are inadequate, especially regarding their advice to applicants for these loans as to the merits or otherwise and the consequences of entering into such a binding contract. Some legal firms refuse the easy money to act in such matters as they share my gloomy view that Equity Release may in time take over from PPI as another milch cow for disgruntled claimants, meritorious or not. So, be very careful if any of your readers are invited to 'assist' the target client!... Read More