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11:09 AM, 14th September 2021, About A week ago

Shelter claim 45% of private renters are victims of illegal actions

Shelter ought to 'consider their position', as is said in other circles such as politicial misjudgment? At least acknowledge publically and for the record that they have morphed from a body helping the helpless into a left wing mouthpiece using tenants as their ammunition?

They are already past where a left wing extremist leader drove the RSPCA, where even the supine Charity Commission might have had to call them in for a ticking off about wasting donors' money on futile prosecutions?... Read More


14:26 PM, 10th September 2021, About 2 weeks ago

Help - Tenant won’t move out of unsafe building?

Without trawling the legal tomes, what authority do the council have to fine a landlord who is trying to do what they both want, move the tenant to allow the landlord to make safe - and then presumably restore the tenant?
Could the local County Court be helpful to list for tomorrow the appropriate appplication to move the tenant?... Read More


15:20 PM, 6th September 2021, About 3 weeks ago

Reclaiming lost rent - Tenant perspective?

As a retired solicitor, I have to suggest write off to experience and the lesson is check better next time before handing over money? £450 is far less than it will cost you to pursue the matter through the Courts, think of time etc., physical and mental wear and tear etc.?... Read More


12:09 PM, 25th August 2021, About 4 weeks ago

Dropped a pole on the neighbour's roof?

I regret this retired solicitor after about 50 years working in the insurance sector agrees You are liable!

Your report regarding your neighbour's attitude ('replace roof if not exactly matching, he may push for new roof, costly???) tells me this is not a friendly 'accidents will happen and let's shake hands over a hundred quid' incident. You MUST report to your household insurers asap and in any event within their deadline if possible. Household insurers are very experienced in these matters, they will instruct loss adjusters to contact your neighbour, take the potential heat from the situation and agree the way forward.

Consider with your insurers if you have legal expense cover and whether it is worth chasing your policy excess Unless it is substantial I suggest you write it off to experience and a lesson as to whom you employ next time?

DON'T get personally involved, it will last until after Christmas 2022 if you do! And inevitably cause bad blood. Neighbourhood cases are the bane of the world!... Read More


10:34 AM, 14th August 2021, About a month ago

How do I increase the Lease on my 4 Nottingham Council flats?

1. You own the Leases to 4 separate flats, same freeholder, Local Council.
2. Each has the remainder of a 99 years lease.
3. See competent experienced Solicitor (not the Premium rubbish) and instruct them to do the necessary to get Lease extension.
4. I was a Consultant there and would recommend ODT LLP Solicitors of Brighton, they did a job for me, excellent. Not the cheapest but cheapest is not best, think of Premium etc.?... Read More