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10:25 AM, 3rd August 2021, About 14 hours ago

Tenant declining access for surveyor until post eviction?

Reply to the comment left by NewYorkie at 02/08/2021 - 14:05
My experience is although it IS the correct route (and everyone should be held to account for their actions), sometimes it really is a case of throwing more good money after bad.
A lot of these people know the system and have ways around avoiding everything so it may be financially better not to pursue. I hate having to let these buggers go, but sometimes not worth the stress, hassle etc as as soon as you think you get close ..something else crops up (like they move again) and then you are one step back again....... Read More


10:06 AM, 3rd August 2021, About 14 hours ago

Should I sell at 75 and if so how should I go about it?

I used National Residential to sell a property last year. Yes, swift, and not an issue if you have a tenant in situ as they take it all on, but the reality is you do pay for this as what you get will be lower than if you perhaps sold via a more traditional route (ie estate agent). What you do have to bear in mind is that the bog standard estate agent will probably only be used to selling vacant properties so their clients (unless investors) wont be attracted.
I am currently selling another property using Strike online agency. Tenant in situ but it is being pitched at investors so I'd thought I'd give this a go as its Zero fees etc. No offers as yet.
Other option is to serve your tenants one by one a S21 then when you get vacant possession, sell then. If empty they may me more attractive on the open market to FTB or BTL ?... Read More


17:11 PM, 30th July 2021, About 4 days ago

Next Step ICE complaint?

UPDATE - payout!

After endless emails, and eventually getting them to see sense, (thanks Bill am sure some of your wording helped) UC have now paid out for the FOUR months of no rent owed.

All this because the tenant couldn't be bothered to send them/show them a copy of the TA to confirm his claim.
If only there were a VERY BLEEDIN' SIMPLE PROCESS whereby a LL could simply send a copy of every TA to UC at the start of the tenancy/claim as PROOF.
Well jeez that's a good idea that will take seconds but save vast time, effort and piggin' stress.
AUGH!!!!... Read More


14:33 PM, 30th July 2021, About 4 days ago

Landlords need more help to reach EPC rating C by 2025

carrying on with the thread...just been reading up what tod with the EPC on a tall Victorian semi. Although not listed the outside character is part of the appeal so I'm not going to external insulate (plus well known issues of endemic issues with this practice).
Internal insulation is a nightmare, disruptive to tenant in situ (BTW is a LL supposed to rehouse a tenant as a result of this disruption when legislation takes hold??) .

I've read up about the latest 3mm thick thermal lining papers. These are incredibly effective especially when then painted using insulating paint additives which give a combined 40% reduction in heat loss and stop condensation damp as well. Is this another insulation option instead?... Read More


9:56 AM, 30th July 2021, About 5 days ago

Landlords need more help to reach EPC rating C by 2025

Reply to the comment left by Pete England - PaTMa Property Management at 29/07/2021 - 21:06In THEORY a great idea if the LL is able to show for each property how he has assessed the emissions/eco status and can show how this is reflected in benefit to the tenant. Each property based on its own merits to the best standard it can be for both the planet and tenant's and LL's pocket. Perfect scenario.
REALITY any 'licencing' of your property with the LA for this basis will be pointless. They will have no idea what to do with the paperwork, be unable to assess anything or take a blinding bit of notice of how you conclude your findings. Its just too much effort and common sense required. LA's just want a tick list and if the LL doesn't tick all the boxes its short shrift to a fine. The LL didn't get to this 'standard' - LL at fault. Whack out a fine, end of.
No time lost in worrying about digesting any info sent by the LL (as we don't actually care about tenants really we just need them off our lists), so an easy 'cash in' exercise. I'd love to see how any LA's or UC would say to a tenant 'I am sorry but we wont pay the rent on the property, (even if the LL is willing to take you on a a highly risky tenant), as it has has been shown it is not a C rating. Instead we will keep housing you at emergency rates which is five times more than the private rent until such time as we find accommodation that could save you £50 a year in heating bills'.
Maybe I am becoming anti establishment in my old age, but the idea that the LA are out to help and assist these days is a crock of the proverbial. Its a total 'fine, nail and reap' culture now and in this instance the cash cow is the private LL.
As good as a LL as I am doing my best for every tenant and the longevity of my properties - I shall not be willingly sticking my head above the parapet to be shot at!
Maybe the way forward is to have in the contract a VERY clear disclaimer that says the tenant is completely willing to take on X property on the basis that the LL has shown a complete and full open assessment of the balance between the law, the eco standard possible for the rental property in question at the time of rental, and the annual costs to the tenant. All has been explained to the tenant and the tenant has decided via PERSONAL choice to rent this property as a result.
I'd love to see how a court case against a LL for failing to comply would stack up especially if it meant the tenant may face eviction from a 'illegal let'. The property owner AND the tenant on the same side? LOL!... Read More