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Edwin Cowper

20:56 PM, 21st December 2019
About 2 months ago

Our right of way blocked by a conservatory built by neighbour?

I would go to a good solicitor. Someone who is aggressive. Someone who really fights for their client. The law here (if the facts are correct) is quite clearly in your favour. But you need the right solicitor to get a result. Someone additionally needs to consider whether additionally you can use self help, and what that can be.... Read More

Edwin Cowper

11:55 AM, 7th September 2018
About A year ago

Leasehold Houses Scandal

As a lawyer with a great deal of residential leasehold properties, I suspect that a lot of the work carried out did not require permission from the landlord. The landlord has merely taken the opportunity to charge some poor unsuspecting tenant who applied because he/she thought he had to.
An example of likely non-chargeable work is changing the units in the kitchen.
Even if there was some electrical change it is unlikely a charge should be made.
These statistics need to be looked at very carefully. And there should be general advice on line at - say - Which to cover this area... Read More

Edwin Cowper

12:21 PM, 16th June 2018
About 2 years ago

Is completion date agreed in writing when we exchange contracts?

Buying off plan - especially flats - is one of those things where anyone needs a good experienced lawyer. Leasehold especially is a minefield in itself. I did this work for nearly a year and almost nothing else. The number of issues that arose was incredible. Some of the new build flats I had to advise my clients not to buy. As a result of issues I raised the legal paperwork for several whole developments had to be re-written.

So I suggest you get good legal advice now - ask the person has he/she done new build leasehold off plan, and if so how many times?

Even if you are buying a part of a leasehold development second hand you need a good experienced lawyer who knows what he/she is doing. Having the right to sue a lawyer is no substitute for the lawyer getting it right... Read More

Edwin Cowper

13:38 PM, 16th April 2018
About 2 years ago

Ground rent school boy error?

You have been advised of the legal way of proceeding. However, why buy an extension unless you've got a short lease?
Why not approach your landlord direct, and say "I will pay x to you now and you reduce my rent to £25 pa for ever".

Most of us are in it for the money.

The worst the Landlord can say is No.

If you get a deal is do very brief standard deed of variation.

I've no idea whether there are any tax implications from your point of view.

On reflection, there may be a simpler legal way of doing agreement - you need advice on this - a deed / doc saying he and his successors won't enforce any rent (its called the High Trees Case - equitable promissory estoppel)

Regards... Read More

Edwin Cowper

11:23 AM, 3rd March 2018
About 2 years ago

Equality laws could affect "no benefit tenants" policies

First of all, because this is in the County Court it is not a precedent binding in law. It might be used to help persuade another court to make the finding but thats all
Secondly, we don't know what was argued in the court. There are - as has been pointed out - several good reasons why such a tenant may not be accepted
There may be more women than men (but the report refers to single women and single men. It does not refer to married or cohabiting women), but the decision may have been on other basis - as raised, could the person pay the rent at the levels required?
Point taken about complete bar out of benefits.
Until a case like this goes to the High Court or above there is nothing binding on County Courts... Read More

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