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It's usually far more effective to learn from other people experiences than is it to learn from your own mistakes. "Readers Questions" are some of the best read articles on If you would like to seek the opinions of other landlords and letting agents why not submit a Readers Questions article of your own. We will not reveal your identity if you don't want us to. Any guidance offered by Property118 members is obviously done so in good faith and at no cost. It must not be construed as professional advice, even if the person offering the guidance is professionally qualified. It's good to know that you are not alone though and a bit of guidance can often be useful. No question is a silly question. If a question has been answered before we will let you know and point you to a link. We may ask you to post your question on another thread if it's been well commented on previously by people in similar situations or we may set up a brand new thread and bring it to our readers attention by including a link in our Newsletter. It needn't cost you a penny either :) Please see the form below. If you can't see the form please CLICK HERE

Stamp duty liability on primary residence for unmarried couple about to separate


I am a landlord and I have been living with my partner in the same jointly owned property for 13 years. We are now separating and she is happy for me to take over the property as I have been paying for it for the past 13 years anyway. My current mortgage lender has done… Read more

Is this conspiracy to commit fraud?

I used a sourcing company to source me a newbuild flat. I was given assurances by the sourcing company that the property would be “mortgagable” before I exchanged contracts. The properties have now been built, however, we have been unable to obtain finance. We have used the in-house mortgage broker, as recommended by the sourcing… Read more

Call from 60 year old deceased tenant’s ex-partner?


I received a call from someone saying they were my long-standing 60 year old tenant’s ex-partner. She told me that, since he died in his sleep a week ago, she and his daughter have nearly finished clearing the flat and are just about ready to hand back the keys. From our brief discussion and her… Read more

Letter – why S24 loan interest relief restrictions force sale

I need to give my tenant notice to quit and sell my property so that I am not affected by the S24 loan interest relief restrictions. Does anyone have a letter they would be willing to share which they’ve used to explain to a tenant why selling his home has become necessary (especially one which… Read more

Prospective guarantor passes credit check but does not have a UK address

As a result of finally having run out of fingers to burn off in recent years I am now taking an altogether more pro-active stance with my letting agents at the pre-tenancy stage. In particular, I now require sight of all of the tenant provided documents as well as the full results of the credit… Read more

Regulated Tenant dies with no known relative in UK

I have just been informed that a long standing regulated tenant has passed away. A friend of his called and with no answer forced entry with the aid of the police. The tenant was a very private man in his middle 90’s. I have had a few tenants die in situ before but with relatives… Read more

Step sons want to take possession of fathers house


My dad has just received a letter from his second wife’s sons claiming that they have the right to make him leave the home he has lived in and maintained for the last 45 years (he’s 88 now) and to make him pay back rent as well. They have sent a letter of Pre action… Read more

SDLT for Limited companies

My company owns 50% of a leasehold flat and has agreed to purchase the other 50% for £57,500. I was extremely surprised to hear from my solicitor that “SDLT is payable by all companies at the rate of 3% when acquiring a property at this level.” He also stated that he was taking advice on… Read more

Definition of ‘single household’?

The head lease on a 2-bedroom flat that I rent out says: ‘Not to use or suffer to be used the Demised Premises for any purpose whatsoever other than as a private residence for occupation by a single household . . . ‘ Due to problem with some lettings, particularly those involving students, the management… Read more

Concerned I am not named on insurance?

My landlord owns the freehold of the building and he also owns the estate agents on the ground. He insisted that the flats are insured via his insurance supplier, and it’s not expensive.. Should the insurance docs at least mention us that we own them etc.? I worry that they think he owns them and… Read more

Are Councils legally allowed to force a Tenant to challenge/appeal a repossession order already issued?


I recently had to seek an eviction order to repossess a property on grounds of Section 8, ( substantial rent arrears) and dereliction of the property. The order was granted and as tenant failed to leave, bailiffs were booked to call. This was due to done on Wed 14th, 2017. On Monday the 12th, June,… Read more

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