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Too Honest? – We Shall See


You may have read about the problems I’ve been having with a property I own in Halifax – LINK. Here’s an update  The local agents who it’s been let with for years still haven’t been able to get it rented. Despite owning a stake in and the fact that they manage most of my… Read more

Rent To Rent Insurance


Rent To Rent Insurance has been incredibly difficult if not impossible to place until now. To a great extent this is because insurance underwriters have struggled to source sufficient data to establish risk profiles. However, the success of AirBNB and similar websites has resulted in enough comparable risk information becoming available. Based on high demand… Read more

Property118 Action Group Win At The Court of Appeal


In this article we reveal the detail of:- The history behind our legal action against West Bromwich Mortgage Company The Court of Appeal ruling and the knock on implications Other legal action campaigns we would like to take on as representative actions Details of the Property118 business model moving forwards Our business plan How Property118 intends to… Read more

Investor Update for Property118 Portal Limited


Here’s a sneak peak into our new business plan which will impact  all UK buy-to-let landlords, not just regular Property118 readers and investors into Property118 Portal Limited. Please be sure to read the comments too. We are looking to launch a new business model offering similar services to a Trade Union, albeit for buy-to-let landlords. … Read more

Is Landlord Licensing Compliant In Your Area?


You may well have seen the latest articles posted by Larry Sweeney which highlight the flaws in the Liverpool Landlord Licensing scheme. If not you can READ THEM HERE. If there is a sufficient level of interest Larry is prepared to meet groups of landlords throughout the UK to expose the flaws in Landlord Licensing schemes introduced… Read more

Property118 Landlords Association – should we?


Having raised over £500,000 to take West Bromwich Mortgage Company to the Court of Appeal it has been suggested by numerous Property118 members that we should become a Landlords Association. Sentiment appears to be that a group with courage to take legal action against rogue mortgage lenders and poor decisions made by Government is seriously needed… Read more

New Tax Strategy For Accidental Landlords


For those new to buy to let and considering the letting of their current home, in order to buy another for themselves (usually at a higher price) there is a way to avoid the 3% SDLT surcharge on the more expensive property by following this strategy. Create a new limited company and sell your current… Read more

QNUPS structure – Viable for Buy-To-Let landlords?


QNUPS? Just suppose you could pay a flat rate of 20% tax on gross rental income regardless of how much profit you receive. Then sweeten the deal by removing any potential for capital gains tax and/or inheritance tax. In a nutshell, that’s what can be achieved by using a QNUPS structure to invest into Buy-To-Let. … Read more

Beneficial Interest Company Trusts – Avoid Refinancing When Incorporating


Many of the landlords I have spoken to about incorporation (to avoid the effects of the new tax changes) have also spoken to their accountants. By using section 162 incorporation relief, many now realise they are in a position to avoid the implications associated with Capital Gains Tax.  A generally misconstrued perception of most tax advisers is… Read more

2015 Finance Bill Receives Royal Assent


18th November 2015 may well be marked in history as the beginning of the end for most private buy-to-let landlords.  Restrictions on the amount of financing costs which can be deducted by individuals, partnerships, trusts and personal representatives when calculating their income from a property business are included in the Act (s 24). The amount of… Read more


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