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Andy Bell

12:34 PM, 5th September 2018
About a month ago

Section 21 - The Bigger Picture not seen by Citizens Advice

If CAB also state how many of these complaints are valid and the responsibility of the LL it would be much more compelling. Or would their report just fall apart ?... Read More

Andy Bell

15:24 PM, 8th May 2017
About A year ago

General Election 8th June - Who on earth do landlords vote for?

What a diverse lot we are!
I'll be voting Labour, despite the media version of Corbyn which I admit is worrying but seeing past that, the reality of Labour government is more like stability than the other options.
I'm concerned for my tenant's welfare and type of society we live in. (This can be translated in to their ability to pay rent and live decent lives).
I live alongside my tenants in the same streets, it's getting tougher all the time for them, with a knock on effect to me. After 20 years renting, this last 6 months I've had to evict tenants for the first time and use the courts to pursue debts for the first time. With the conservatives policies, brexit, section 24, universal credit ect. I'm more concerned with my viability as a Landlord more than ever before.... Read More

Andy Bell

18:40 PM, 17th November 2016
About 2 years ago

Treasury response to Section 24 report by Dr Rosalind Beck

I'm so far from "wealthy" that I've got factor in the effects on Child Tax Credits and my children's student finance. Will the mortgage costs still be deductible for these means tested calculations?

Have they added the thousands of smaller landlords in my situation to the 1 in 5?... Read More

Andy Bell

13:42 PM, 7th October 2016
About 2 years ago

No Judicial Review of section 24 for landlords

Another 2 potential effects for Landlords with children, especially for those well in the 20% tax band who thought it won't affect them.

1. Loss of tax credits
2. Loss of student finance grants (based on household income)

Is it still just 1 in 5 Landlords affected?... Read More

Andy Bell

13:50 PM, 6th October 2016
About 2 years ago

Overcharging to tighten nut?

Reply to the comment left by "sam " at "05/10/2016 - 22:40":

No I'm not rich. And neither are the tradesmen. If they are legitimate professionals there are a lot of expenses, vat and un-billable hours that takes a huge chunk out of that.

It seems that most folks want a top class professional service at black market rates.... Read More