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10:32 AM, 8th January 2020
About 2 weeks ago

Boyfriends/girlfriends: Is it now an HMO?

I had an HMO at one point in Croydon. The tenancy agreement stated "no overnight stays". This was to avoid any guest staying there permanently & did not really mind overnight stays.

It is virtually impossible for a landlord or the council to police this or prove this as, even another tenant living in the property, would have to be very watchful to establish that the guest has actually stayed over night and would have difficulty proving this without having CCTV in the offending tenant's room.

I would have thought the Tenancy Agreement with a clause stating the maximum number of people living in the room or basically saying no over night stays would be sufficient.... Read More


10:00 AM, 2nd January 2020
About 3 weeks ago

Rent guarantor's liability beyond fixed term?

If the guarantor, is responsible for all tenancies whilst renting from you, you must inform the guarantor that a periodic tenancy has arisen and that the guarantor is still responsible for the new tenancy that has arisen.

I once made a money claim from a guarantor where rent was due during the periodic term. The claim went to a hearing and although, one of the clauses read as “agree to pay all monies that may become due to the Landlord according to the terms and conditions of this Tenancy and any other subsequent tenancies”, the judge did not allow for the guarantor to be responsible during the periodic term as, the guarantor was not informed that a new tenancy had arisen. The judge did not even allow me to appeal against the decision.

On searching the internet, you will see that the guarantor has to be informed of any subsequent tenancies.... Read More


13:19 PM, 24th December 2019
About a month ago

Crisis Waiting to Happen

I have been in the business for almost exactly 25 years and now, just cannot wait to get out of the business and have already started selling.

There is just far too much against landlords and the service they provide has been totally undermined.

In the 25 years of renting, I have never used a section 21 notice to evict a tenant for no reason and in virtually all cases has been for non payment or rent.... Read More


23:42 PM, 1st December 2019
About 2 months ago

Tory candidate slammed for 'Tents' comment!

Reply to the comment left by RODNEY CRABB at 23/11/2019 - 08:01
Hi Rodney
Thanks for the advice. I take it you mean in respect of the solicitor. Is that correct?
Sorry for the late acknowledgement of your post.... Read More


11:14 AM, 20th November 2019
About 2 months ago

Tory candidate slammed for 'Tents' comment!

I would have said that in most years I lose more than £6600 but this year has been an exceptionally bad year due to tenants not paying their rent and have a tenant owing me over £11,000 who is due to be evicted and several over £5000.
I also potentially have to pay legal costs of around £35,000 on just one case where I tried evicting a tenant using a section 8 notice and he was represented by a legal aid solicitor and barrister where the case ended up being a litigation case. This major financial loss was also due to my solicitor being useless and negligent and causing me to pay 3 times the deposit as he was so bad that he negligently left the deposit documentation out of the bundle. I am now looking for a solicitor who can act against a negligent solicitor on a no win no fee basis. If there are any out there, please contact me.
In respect of damages to properties, I have been lucky in that I believe only two were deliberately wrecked since I first started renting although, many have been left in appalling states.
Fortunately, after all this I still manage to make a living even after paying the tax but now after almost 25 years intend on getting out of this business.... Read More