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Joe Armstrong

3 months ago
Access to my tool shed - Who Is in the wrong?

Hang on...there's something about this rings a vague bell...reminds me of something I heard about complications arising from not giving the tenant full access to and enjoyment of all of what constitutes the premises? Was this not raised already? If I was a stroppy tenant I might say I want that area calculated as a percentage of the property and have that percentage of the Poll Tax/Community charge payed by the landlord. Also what if there was an insurance issue? Please forgive me if this is a load of rubbish !... Read More

Joe Armstrong

8 months ago
Open Letter to HMRC - Clarification of "BUSINESS"

Reply to the comment left by "Mervin SX" at "20/06/2017 - 13:26":

I'm with Mervin. Myself and countless others own one or two properties. Constantly prodding the HMRC about this issue will probably result in them 'clarifying' the situation by just saying: 'Okay then, if you let a property... its a business. Pay up.' That would create extra income for them and be just another broadside to clobber the PRS. People won't go near it with a barge-pole soon.... Read More

Joe Armstrong

10 months ago
Bad Tenants Register for irresponsible lifestyles?

A bad tenant register (or good tenant register) is a FANTASTIC idea. But; haven't you noticed a deluge of rules, regulations, restrictions and obstacles making life more difficult for private landlords? Not until the pendulum is allowed to swing back the other way will any such register be allowed to be introduced. You can get a bad credit rating if you miss the window-cleaner, but that's the world of finance. As a tenant you can cost your landlord thousands, commit criminal damage, deposit filth for him/her to dispose of at their cost then disappear after lying to the neighbourhood about fictitious problems with the property and no-one bats an eye. Who cares about slander when it's a private landlord on the receiving end? I have bitter experience of ALL of this and more. People have NO sympathy for private landords. Only other landlords do.... Read More

Joe Armstrong

A year ago
Am I self employed?

I asked the HMRC about this about a year ago. What they said was pretty much as detailed by Neil Patterson above. In fact he's made a pretty good job of outlining what I was told. My properties are fully managed by agents - I wouldn't know my tenants if I met them in the street. Therefore....thinking about it like that, property is for me an investment. Just like ISA's, shares, or Premium Bonds - and you wouldn't call people with these forms of investment self-employed. Mind you given the rate at which we're brutally and spitefully savaged by 'legislation' its maybe only a matter of time eh?... Read More

Joe Armstrong

A year ago
Vandalism of Period Features

Reply to the comment left by "Jack Ass" at "13/01/2017 - 15:24":

Well, with your comments and my gut instinct I'm probably going to keep it. Thanks!... Read More