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Arnie Newington

9:36 AM, 9th July 2019
About A week ago

Is Shelter’s Campaigns Director beginning to see the light?

I don’t think Shelter care about anything other than the headline and are quite happy to lie to get their own way. Not really the behaviour you would expect from a charity but you would expect of a political organisation which is what they really are.... Read More

Arnie Newington

8:40 AM, 9th July 2019
About A week ago

Homelessness - a Perfect Storm

Social tenants in the private rental sector doesn’t work.

The political risk is huge I have heard some politicians talking about the rent payment as a subsidy to landlords.... Read More

Arnie Newington

22:07 PM, 18th June 2019
About 4 weeks ago

Shelter's call to adopt Scottish indefinite tenancies model criticised

What landlords representatives should be saying is that the new PRT has come at a cost to tenants and there is now a bill going through The Scottish Parliament to introduce Rent Control.

Rent Controls would be a disaster and turn an affordability crisis into a supply crisis and it would be a mistake to follow Scotland down this path.... Read More

Arnie Newington

11:35 AM, 16th June 2019
About a month ago

Shelter ask for Landlords views

Reply to the comment left by Lyndon Whitehouse at 15/06/2019 - 19:29I think you are being naive Shelter see the government surveys regarding tenant satisfaction but choose to ignore it and label landlords rogues. What they want to do is say they engage with Lls and then misrepresent LLs to suit their agenda. A good example is what happened to the Wilsons on Panorama were he thought his views on the PRS would be shown but instead he was presented as a greedy, bullying, bogey man and Shelter presented as Tenant champions.... Read More

Arnie Newington

11:26 AM, 16th June 2019
About a month ago

I'm a landlord and a tenant

Interestingly it was very common during the financial crisis for people to be a landlord and tenant and the flexibility of the PRS saved a lot of people from going bankrupt.
The reason for this was because no one was buying so people who needed to move for say a change of job or a relationship breakdown were left with the choice of a fire sale or renting their property out and also becoming tenants elsewhere.
I think that if the proposed legislation goes through to make renting more secure then people will be unwilling to rent their house out as they may not be able to get it back.... Read More