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11:51 AM, 22nd July 2020
About 3 weeks ago

Electrical Safety Certificate Costs?

£80 in leeds, could easily pay £100 as well. 3 bed semi.... Read More


9:36 AM, 25th March 2020
About 5 months ago

Empty Property, empty rental income and still face costs?

Reply to the comment left by Marcus Cassidy at 25/03/2020 - 09:29
I to have this issue but she has been delayed in moving out.

My main issue is with council tax. This should be reimbursed by the council. We need a temp exemption from CT.... Read More


19:52 PM, 1st March 2020
About 5 months ago

New area for me - Block of flats help?


I have now seen the building twice, an offer is in and i will not move from this offer. It is below what the owner is wanting, but the building is over priced.

The building and flats are in good condition, but there will be upgrades needed. The house is actually 8 flats with the potential to do an easy adaptation in the basement for a 9th flat, plus a more advanced conversion for a 10th.

The water feed is blue plastic and i think is about 50mm in size. However all feeds for the flats tee off this feed and each feed is done in 15mm copper. There is a self made manifold in the cellar for this.

The electric is one feed coming in and supplies 3 meters:

1 for the communal areas = landlord meter

1 for the main ground floor flat which used to be the landladys home.

1 feeding the other 7 flats. Each flat has its own coin meter in place and so the landlady pays for the electric and collects this way. Not ideal going forward, but i think i can get 7 new meters installed costing £250 each. So i need to think about this type of expenditure.

There are 8 combi boilers in the building. 4 are newish, but 4 are old. So these will need to be replaced going forward. These are all on their own separate gas boxes.

Ideally i would update the kitchens, so would budget about £750 per unit.

I can see an easy £10k update spend on the building, but this wouldn't cover the electric or water changes.

I would like to know from a few of the previous posters what they think about the electric and water. Would you change it or keep it as it is ?

Thanks... Read More


9:35 AM, 27th February 2020
About 6 months ago

Multi-Sale SDLT?

Yes, i can also see this happening and so what will happen is that house prices will jump upwards if SD is lowered. Sellers maybe hold on, but buyers need to get it done.... Read More


9:14 AM, 27th February 2020
About 6 months ago

Multi-Sale SDLT?

I am looking to buy a similar property. One freehold house, converted into 8 flats.

One conveyancer says the stamp is £28k.

Another switched on conveyancer says it is £14k with the multi buy relief OR £13k if treating it as a commercial purchase over 6 units.

Super complicated and i would say do more research and find a conveyancer who knows the rules properly.... Read More