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john henderson

13:31 PM, 9th August 2018
About 3 months ago

Selective Licensing in Leeds at £825 per property!

Reply to the comment left by Richard Harrison at 08/08/2018 - 10:07
I think mark will send you my email to make contact... Read More

john henderson

9:02 AM, 8th August 2018
About 3 months ago

john henderson

8:50 AM, 8th August 2018
About 3 months ago

Selective Licensing in Leeds at £825 per property!

Yes Richard I spoke to them on Monday as I nearly choked eating my breakfast.

The actual cost is for the 5 year term and about £675 if you join the leeds rental standard . I was a member but they changed the scheme last year so I didn’t rejoin.

I will have 3 properties affected.

I called them and filled in the questionnaire. Get this filled in with your objections as it seems this info will be looked at.

I spoke to the housing team and explained it was a bad idea but asked if they had ever thought about using carrots as well as sticks. So reward good landlords with warm good houses against the ones who do nothing. This scheme could easily do this.

I also have the email of every landlord and agent on the private rent scheme so maybe I need to do a block email.

I am up for working as a unit, maybe we can get in touch privately.

John... Read More

john henderson

15:34 PM, 14th May 2018
About 6 months ago

UC email to Landlords is causing THOUSANDS to be HOMELESS!

I have 4 family units on HB but they haven’t gone over to UC yet. They all have some component of disability benefit as well.

They have been tenants from 4 years down to 2. So all long term good tenants.

When are these types of renters going to come under the UC umbrella? I am in Leeds / Bradford... Read More

john henderson

22:26 PM, 13th February 2017
About 2 years ago

Is a regularisation certificate required or important?

I am interested in this. I sold my last house 9 yrs ago and the loft space couldn't be classed as a bedroom because the stairs didn't meet regs fully, i think from memory. I bought the house 7 yrs previous and the owners had the loft converted. It was all done correctly, but i didn't have any paper work. The issue was the room couldn't officially be classed as a bedroom, but really anyone could tell it was in a good state.

I sold the house with no issues.

Fast forward to today and reading this and i wonder if the requirements for more paper work connected with the history of a house is now causing these stumbling blocks.

I would say they are not trying to mug you off if they have stated the room is not classed as a bedroom.

This is a potential bargaining tool, but if the house is lovely and priced right, go for it.

I would speak to the owners about how they went about converting the space though. Maybe get an engineer to interview about the build process. In 1994 regs on energy saving were less stringent.... Read More