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10:09 AM, 14th June 2019
About 4 days ago

Shelter ask for Landlords views

I have completed and left my contact details. I would also consider writing a blog.
I would like to show the side of land lording which is not well appreciated. The high development / upfront costs we bear and then take a rent over time to repay our activity.
This is how life is supposed to work in all areas, but shelter doesn't seem to appreciate this fact. It's the same for a student. You invest in education, load up on debt (nowadays), but over the longer term you repay the debt and make a surplus over your lifetime that you would not have accrued had you not done the education.
This is certainly how the housing works in my mind and this model should not be denigrated. Shelter need to understand this fact. I assume they want to focus on the hyper hard working landlords who have 100 houses approx and now appear super rich and arrogant. We need to get them to focus on what effort got them to this position. It seems rich / successful people in society nowadays are demonised because it all seems so easy and they have excess wealth.

So i would certainly like to write a blog detailing a before and after photo shoot on houses i do up. Each one takes 6 months work and i will renovate most things - D/G, new heating and electrics, new bathroom and kitchen, new plastering and decoration, improvement of insulation and vapour extraction, landscaping of garden, any roof problems solved etc etc.

I do all the work myself and will sometimes have a labourer. I don't get paid for all this work, but in the long run it keeps my costs down and overall return higher.... Read More


20:04 PM, 30th May 2019
About 3 weeks ago

DWP - Universal Credit landlord engagement newsletter

What is a secure email address ?

I use gmail. Is this classed as secure ?... Read More


22:14 PM, 20th May 2019
About 4 weeks ago

Could the Conservative government be driving Landlords to the Brexit Party

I am hoping the Brexit party develops into a true no. 3 political party in our system.

The two party system is dying and we need new parties to step into the breach. I just hope we start to get the non PC politician back into power. We need common sense to steer our country onto a positive path.

I think at the moment the Brexit party doesn't really have properly thought out policies on many areas of governance. They know they are needed and they are going to just try and get on and make an impact and address the bigger issues as they move on and gain some decent power. They have my vote any how.... Read More


21:53 PM, 2nd April 2019
About 3 months ago

Eviction order and one way ticket to Greece?

I had this situation 3 yrs ago nearly now.

She had no intention of moving back into the property and i had to really force some action from her. I eventually got through to her dad and he said she had no intention of going back.

I had to get rid of all her furniture and she sent me a text saying she had taken everything she needed. I didn't get an official surrender, but i took it that she had.

I wasted weeks dithering about waiting for her to surrender. I think the majority of tenants do not know the ins and outs of tenant law and all they have done is mess the LL about and do not really want to see them again.

I listened to the advice team at the RLA, and it was to get official confirmation if i can. In the end i took the action i needed. The whole house had to be repainted, all carpets replaced as literally covered in piles of dog poo and the rent owed was 2 1/2 months. I still intend on going after her in the small claims, but i knew she was on benefits for a good while so didn't pursue it. Probably not worth doing it, but i do want a CCJ against her as something. You can register a CCJ against this guy on this address.... Read More


10:16 AM, 10th January 2019
About 5 months ago

Terrible time with council tenant and shock at how law treats landlords

What a shame this has happened.
Unfortunately you have come up against the sizeable minority in this country who do not work, their families have never worked and they know how to play the system. These tenants must be avoided like the plague.
I have been there and done it many times. I usually manage to make the tenancy work because i am a hands on landlord, but i am now much better at screening out these really dysfunctional families and so i don't have any on my books at the moment.
I always ask for a guarantor. Usually they cannot provide this and so they will move on. This is a very important filtering tool.
Being a landlord works well when things run normally, but once you get a dysfunctional tenant life becomes very stressful.
Are you able to name the local authorities in question ? It would help others if so.... Read More