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john henderson

A month ago
UC email to Landlords is causing THOUSANDS to be HOMELESS!

I have 4 family units on HB but they haven’t gone over to UC yet. They all have some component of disability benefit as well.

They have been tenants from 4 years down to 2. So all long term good tenants.

When are these types of renters going to come under the UC umbrella? I am in Leeds / Bradford... Read More

john henderson

A year ago
Is a regularisation certificate required or important?

I am interested in this. I sold my last house 9 yrs ago and the loft space couldn't be classed as a bedroom because the stairs didn't meet regs fully, i think from memory. I bought the house 7 yrs previous and the owners had the loft converted. It was all done correctly, but i didn't have any paper work. The issue was the room couldn't officially be classed as a bedroom, but really anyone could tell it was in a good state.

I sold the house with no issues.

Fast forward to today and reading this and i wonder if the requirements for more paper work connected with the history of a house is now causing these stumbling blocks.

I would say they are not trying to mug you off if they have stated the room is not classed as a bedroom.

This is a potential bargaining tool, but if the house is lovely and priced right, go for it.

I would speak to the owners about how they went about converting the space though. Maybe get an engineer to interview about the build process. In 1994 regs on energy saving were less stringent.... Read More

john henderson

2 years ago
Suggestions after section 21 and house full of rubbish?

This has just happened to me and the legal beagles will put the willies up you. Time for a little common sense though.

Try and establish if they have really moved out and never intend on coming back. You will need to do some digging to get in touch with them. Usually they have just done a runner and that is that.

Obviously you could have a tenant who is playing the game and possibly trying to entrap you into pushing them out illegally. It is possible, but i don't think this is that common.

I had to push my tenant into vacating even though she had actually vacated. Her stuff was there, but in the end she left most of it behind so i was in the position of not knowing what to do. I got through to her dad and he confirmed all stuff was to be binned. It actually went to a charity shop. I was able to clean the house and put everything right (took 3 weeks of decorating and new carpets). I am owed £1700 minus the bond which was protected.

I could have gotten into the house 4 weeks earlier, but i just didn't know what action to take and so just left it to stew. The electric had also been hot-wired last dec apparently.

The house is soon to go on the market as i am not working in this area as much. It has been my most difficult case yet in 15 yrs.

Effectively the house had been abandoned and i think you have grounds to go in and sort out the property. what if the water had been left running ? You have every right to go in and sort out this type of problem. I really think in your case they have gone and probably left stuff they just don't need. Try and get through to them offering to drop of any stuff they still want. they may reply that it is all to be binned and so you have a green light in my book.... Read More

john henderson

2 years ago
Legal responsibility - N Power or Landlord?

This is very common, but you are fully liable for gas/elect used in that time and the charge per week for the meters.

always get the final move out readings of the tenants and then transfer the utilities into your name if keeping there property empty for a time. If empty for a month there will be no charge as it falls under their threshold to pursue money. Then it goes into a new tenants name.

In this case you have been paying the utilities for 9 months and there is no way out of it. You have been hiring their meters in this time. IF you used gas/ elect you will have to pay that as well.

£900 is an estimate and so your actual usage will be much lower. Just give them the move out readings you hopefully took when the tents left and pay the bill. Simple. Renting prepay meters is about £1.80 per week per meter. So for 9 months rental the standing charge will be £130 approx. Add in any power used and i reckon you should be paying £200-300 max.... Read More

john henderson

2 years ago
Expensive quotes for new build?

Have a look at the self build magazines. Here is one:

On their calculator an 80 sq/m 2 bed house in the south east will cost £120k if fully done by a builder, or £71k if you do 75% of the work yourself.

I would look into project managing the site and you will save at least £30k.

Timber frame is quicker and mortgage companies are fine with this type of build as it is pretty standard construction in the UK. Brick and block is slower, but builders are used to doing this work, so it often costs the same as a timber frame.

Because it is a new build do look into all the energy saving options as you have the chance to incorporate all those expensive retro fit ideas (solar, ground source heat etc) much cheaper. This will add value to the build, or if for rental you could charge more rent if energy was much cheaper for the tenant.

No VAT payable on new build. You will have to pay it on all purchases, but you should get a cheque from the tax man at the end of the job for all the VAT paid.... Read More