My own landlord’s GDPR policy

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3 weeks ago

My own landlord’s GDPR policy

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My own landlord’s GDPR policy

GDPR is something that WILL affect almost every landlord in the UK. The new legislation comes into effect on 25th May 2018, by which time all landlords (and other businesses) will have to have registered with the ICO and have a GDPR Data Protection Policy.

We have spent the past couple of months preparing for the implementation of GDPR, and have now finalised our GDPR Data Protection Policy, (which is worded specifically for a residential landlord business).

If any Property118 readers would like a copy of our GDPR Data Protection Policy, to perhaps adapt and adopt for their own landlording business, we are willing to email this to them FREE of charge.

If you would like to receive a copy of the ready made GDPR Data Protection Policy, and information about other GDPR documents, please email:



Gwen Davies

3 weeks ago

I would be grateful to receive one of these. My email address
Thank you

Hamish McBloggs

3 weeks ago

Does a landlord have to inform past tenants of the privacy policy?

Examples of information that could be held beyond the end (or assumed end) of a tenancy:

Passport - right to rent checks. Kept for a year

Evidence - A tenant has gone without signing an 'end of tenancy' agreement. We know from other discussions here that unless the tenancy is formally terminated they can come back at any time.

Legal - Court evidence- debt recovery

Legal - HMRC - 7 years (although I was told firmly the other year that despite shredding records at 7 years, HMRC will go back as far as they like)

There must be many more ...


Dear Robert,
Thank you for doing this.
Could you email it to me:
Thank you very much in advance.
Kind Regards

Alex Pawlowski

3 weeks ago

Hello Robert, as an estate agent we are putting our own GDPR guidance for landlords, I would like a copy of yours please, I'm sure there may be points which could improve mine.

Regards, Alex.

Paul Hickson

3 weeks ago

Hi Robert,

If landlords use an agent to manage all tenant agreements etc does the landlord or just the agent need to register and have this privacy policy in place you mention?



3 weeks ago

I would appreciate a copy please. My Email address is

Janet Carnochan

3 weeks ago

Hi Robert
Please can you email me a copy to

Joan Hurley

3 weeks ago

Hello Robert,
Would be most grateful if you could email me a copy to
Very many thanks,
Joan.. H.

Mark Lynham

3 weeks ago

i have done one but would be interested in reading yours in case i have missed anything

Jan Martin

3 weeks ago

Hello Robert would you email a copy please.
Thank you .

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