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Hamish McBloggs

12:25 PM, 6th October 2020
About 2 months ago

Landlords pay for Council incompetence

I shopped a scumbag landlord to the LA about 10 years ago.

When I say scumbag, I mean nasty, dangerours, aggressive, greedy, intimidating, under the radar, tax evading, maintenance free ignorer of any health and safety utter total bastard scumbag landlord.

But because I had no evidence to support my accusations and no tenant had complained there was nothing that could be done.

I hope things have changed.

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Hamish McBloggs

9:11 AM, 23rd September 2020
About 2 months ago


For some it may be cheaper to leave a property empty.

If the numbers/risks for tenanted vs no tenant are close would voting with feet and withdrawing rental properties from the market as and when possile have a more immediate effect?

Perhaps coupled with publicising the move to the LA and MP?

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Hamish McBloggs

21:23 PM, 16th September 2020
About 3 months ago

Government must U-turn again to help landlords

I will drop the price of my last property by 20% if an MP buys it and my capital gains tax is waived.

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Hamish McBloggs

13:04 PM, 13th September 2020
About 3 months ago

Tenants to be protected by government through Christmas and winter

Fraud, blatant fraud - police aren't interested. I have been there.

Anti-social behaviour - it's basically unprovable but it's still my fault. You can be fined but get no support. I have been there.

LL will be left hemorrhaging money in civil courts.

MP's are permitted to own BTL properties. Infact I propose they be positively encouraged to invest further in order to demonstrate that we are all in this together. Even further, as part of an MP's job description should become 'you must purchase and operate at least one BTL property and if told to buy more by your whip then you will do as you are told'.

But all future MP's BTL's must be subject to the following additional preconditions by law ... because they are MP's and must demonstate that we are all in it together and we would want them to be a mere mortal LL

1. They can only chose from tenants we have fallen out with.

2. Courts and LA's must never know a property is owned by an MP. MP's will be restricted to using agents/representatives. We wouldn't want them accused of any form of favouritism.

3. When things don't work out with a tenant, MP's can only use (anonymously) those organisations we have to rely on. A list can be provided rather than those with deep pockets engaging their own disproportionate legal teams. We wouldn't want them using their position.

4. They can only purchase BTL's in 'failing' areas.

5. The maximum value of a BTL can be set at the area's average.

6. We, the public, can request statistics on evictions, time waiting for a court date, number of fines issued by DPS for rounded deposits, company structures, tax, profitability, capital gains ...

7. Independent and unbiased oversight by Shelter

MP's can then begin to 'lead from the front' and being at the 'coal face' perhaps, just perhaps begin to understand.

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Hamish McBloggs

12:45 PM, 27th August 2020
About 3 months ago

This is a Joke - Judges rule EPC served?

Reply to the comment left by Denise G at 26/08/2020 - 11:38

Like all of the ones I have come across Box is free for personal use.

One is supposed to pay for business use.

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