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Paul Hickson

11:58 AM, 4th May 2018
About 3 years ago

My own landlord's GDPR policy

Hi Robert,

If landlords use an agent to manage all tenant agreements etc does the landlord or just the agent need to register and have this privacy policy in place you mention?

Paul.... Read More

Paul Hickson

8:55 AM, 23rd June 2016
About 5 years ago

EU Referendum - Landlords Reactions

I believe there really is strength in numbers whether in trade, jobs, security and borders that a vote to leave can never achieve. 'Leaving' really would be risking everything especially as there is no credible economic or political plan if we do so. None! Our union of European countries has helped keep the peace and balance of power in a continent long damaged by conflict and tyranny - I want to keep it that way and I know my father (WW2) and my grandfather (WW1) would want that too. I believe it is better for Britain to be inside the EU, leading, reforming and making the rules, rather than being outside and powerlessly having to submit to them.

I don't want to put the unity of our country at risk by pushing Scotland towards the exit door. And I'm concerned about the consequences for northern and southern Ireland too. The EU is a rational response to globalisation whilst the campaign to leave represents the worst aspects of a 'Little Englander" mentality. That's not for me!

I honestly believe the case for 'leaving' is a smokescreen of fantasies, wishful thinking and half truths. Despite some of the valid criticisms we have of the EU, I believe the case for remaining is still positive and compelling. I'm not going to give up on Europe by voting to deliberately damage Britain's economy and blight our future for at least the next decade.... Read More

Paul Hickson

10:16 AM, 19th March 2016
About 5 years ago

Tea anyone?

Here is my response to Mr. Mabbutt's email ......

Dear Mr. Mabbutt,

Thank you for your email however - no thanks!

I should like to point out that my family no longer support the Conservative Government due to the very poor and ill-judged fiscal measures being taken by George Osborne without, in our opinion, any proper consultation. One gets the impression that he makes it up as he goes along and he is certainly antagonising a great many voters not just because some of his measures are unpopular but because they are simply so obviously wrong!

Osborne’s clause 24 (concerning buy to let properties) is one case in point. It effectively removes the ability to deduct finance costs from gross rental income, after other allowable expenses, in order to arrive at a taxable profit and this will adversely affect thousands of people who have based their pension provision on buy to let property investments as I have done. All businesses should be entitled to deduct the finance costs of running a business. I fail to see why 'private landlords' should be prevented whilst 'incorporated landlords' may continue to do so. It is unfair and a totally unexpected attack by a government I trusted and actually voted into power. What a fool I look now!

Many landlords will have no option but to sell up or increase their rents as this law could result in bankruptcy (especially if interest rates go up as the effect is then magnified. Has anyone in government bothered to do the mathematics?). In either case tenants will be adversely affected too as this will mean they are effectively paying this extra tax within an increased rent or, in the worst instance, they will lose their rented home if it has to be sold by the landlord who can longer afford to keep it. There are likely to be a catalog of unforeseen consequences as a result of this poorly judged action (unforeseen by George certainly!!). I would expect the Chancellor of the Exchequer to have been far more astute even if he has no honour or sense of fair play.

So I am afraid there is absolutely no chance that I will be donating £20 for your mug … whilst the Chancellor tries to make a mug out of me!

Kindest regards,

Paul Hickson

PS. Should Mr. Osborne take the honourable route and resign, please let me know and I may reconsider my position.... Read More