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Reasons for not selecting tenant and claims of discrimination?

Reply to the comment left by sam at 09/03/2018 - 22:40
Because you are a good man and these people have enough hardship already... If he is able to pay your rate...
Saying that, anyone who is confrontational at the first meeting, does not make it to a shortlist anyway.... Read More

Virgin Money "expect to enter the specialist BTL portfolio landlord market"

Apart from Virgin Money , who are planning to enter Portfolio Landlords Market, who else is there? Thank you.... Read More

Equality laws could affect "no benefit tenants" policies

Reply to the comment left by Richard Mann at 26/02/2018 - 12:49
We actually have a student house and they keep 2 rat pets and 2 snakes (veterinary students). Zero problems so far.... Fingers crossed.
It is of course reflected in AST.... Read More

Equality laws could affect "no benefit tenants" policies

I have replied to that BBC article (on a form below it) along these lines:
"Maybe it is worth asking why Landlords do not want benefit tenants? From statistical point of view benefit tenants are more likely to run into arrears, damage the property (repairs sometimes worth thousands of pounds), not move out when served eviction (most of them will follow Shelter advice and live rent free to up to 40 weeks), effectively stealing from landlord.
Perhaps biased BBC should also consider the recent war on landlords leading to eviction due to selling or to substantial rent increase, caused by idiocy of Section 24 (tax on fictitious profit). Would HB tenant be able to afford such increase? This is forward thinking on the home provider's side.
BBC seems to forget that majority of lenders prohibit benefit tenants. Maybe Government should address that issue first? The government who would work with LLs and banks to provide an inexpensive mortgage on condition that the property will be rented to benefit tenants and rent will be paid directly to landlord will have a big win in election. But of course the need of rich cronies have to be addressed first. Tenants in a grand scheme of things do not really matter much to the Government"... Read More

Do you have student accommodation or developments to sell?

So it is coming... destroying small student-oriented landlords in favour of big, rich boys, exactly what Georgie-idiot-boy wanted. It is significant that they are coming from USA, isn't it? They will be our new masters, instead of that 'horrible, undemocratic EU'.... Read More