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Landlord Reactions To The 2017 Autumn Budget

Reply to the comment left by Richard U at 23/11/2017 - 12:33
I agree that if an incentive will come up somehow, it will be for their cronies, unmortgaged Landlords, who are of course not affected by Section 24. I also wonder what will happen with students' lets... Students do not want to sign up to more than a year, generally it is 50 weeks, with two for repairs and refurbishments. No chances for any incentives, so again they will be paying through the nose, as fewer LLs will decide to rent to them... Abolishing S24 is the only way to incentivise LLs.... Read More

Landlord Reactions To The 2017 Autumn Budget

Reply to the comment left by Jamie Moodie at 22/11/2017 - 18:29
Of course, it goes without saying. If someone is not a FTB, for example had a studio, sold it and after some time buys again, will not qualify for zero stamp duty (I think). That will be the base how to charge BTL.... Read More

Landlord Reactions To The 2017 Autumn Budget

Reply to the comment left by Sami Houmrani at 22/11/2017 - 16:43
'Little more tax' (Section 24) is going to kill a number of your fellow landlords...
Win win situation indeed... Read More

Will you be hit by the Budget?

Just read City am about budget prediction. You guessed that - it looks like another attack at PRs: "But landlords should watch out: it's thought the new rule will be financed by an increase in stamp duty for buy-to-let properties" - new rule being 0% stamp duty for FTB. Link: http://www.cityam.com/276009/budget-2017-uk-predictions-you-can-expect-chancellors... Read More

Should student landlords offer All-Inclusive Bills in 2018?

Interesting article. We are renting to students and are actually not sure if they would like such package. That is something to explore further, for sure.
Just one note - I would leave out a broadband from that mix. The reason being - every time a provider has a problem, or the students smash a router, or something else unexpected happen - you (the Landlord) are responsible. We know how many outages Virgin has in our area (other providers are not better) and every time we phone about our broadband it takes hours to solve. We do not need that activity repeated with every student house, at an ungodly hour. Definitely something to think of.... Read More