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alex pawlowski

19:03 PM, 13th January 2021, About A year ago

Tax Consultation Testimonials

My story is very similar to :Keith Mason, 14th February 2020.

But I'd like to add that following clause 24 and as a portfolio landlord, I have researched and agonised for the best part of two years whether or not I would benefit from incorporation. So I paid 118 for the initial fact find and report and recommendations, then took that to a respected accountant who's words were something like ' a very clever strategy which will break even within 3 years through tax savings and the rest is GRAVY'
My next step will be IHT planning with 118 as the succession of my business is very important to me.
Also Mark will buy you a lunch if you visit him in Malta.........who said there isn't such thing as a free one :-)... Read More

alex pawlowski

11:58 AM, 4th May 2018, About 4 years ago

My own landlord's GDPR policy

Hello Robert, as an estate agent we are putting our own GDPR guidance for landlords, I would like a copy of yours please, I'm sure there may be points which could improve mine.

Regards, Alex.... Read More

alex pawlowski

12:10 PM, 24th February 2017, About 5 years ago

My correspondence showing complete Ministerial lack of understanding!

As a landlord and letting agent in the Midlands, that could have been me writing that,
I also wrote to my local MP Julian Knight for Solihull twice and got the same generic standard 'toe the party line' response.
We are making every effort to let our tenants know the reasons behind the 'tenant tax' to get them on board and help us to put further pressure on, but like so may Government policies, I feel they will not concede they have made a mistake.
Excellent letter though Lyndon.
Alex, Ferndown Estates.... Read More

alex pawlowski

12:06 PM, 10th January 2017, About 5 years ago

Extreme Left academic and advisor to Labour shocks Landlord into response

An excellent piece, like a previous comment, people can be blessed with a multitude of knowledge but no common sense.
If Mr Dorling is so uncomfortable with the entrepreneur's of this country who create the wealth, why not move to North Korea and live in peace with his socialist/communist ideology.... Read More

alex pawlowski

13:44 PM, 28th November 2016, About 5 years ago

S21 or S8 but no EPC - Which will be quicker?

Hello Danny, we all make mistakes, I recently had a landlord approach me with the same situation, we went to court on a section 8 and were granted possession. I now manage all four of his properties.
As I see it, you would not be able to use a section 21 as this is non fault and you would need to produce all of the necessary paperwork.
Using a section 8, grounds 8,10 & 11 you are stating a breach of contract and would not require the EPC. I was not asked for it.
But please tell me you have an AST, deposit protection cert. and right to rent if they moved in after February 2016.
Alex Paul.... Read More