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  • outrage

    Extreme Left academic and advisor to Labour shocks Landlord into response

    2017-01-10 12:06:24

    An excellent piece, like a previous comment, people can be blessed with a multitude of knowledge but no common sense. If Mr Dorling is so uncomfortable with the entrepreneur's of this country who create the wealth, why not move to North Korea and live in peace with his socialist/communist ideology.

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  • timescales

    S21 or S8 but no EPC – Which will be quicker?

    2016-11-28 13:44:32

    Hello Danny, we all make mistakes, I recently had a landlord approach me with the same situation, we went to court on a section 8 and were granted possession. I now manage all four of his properties. As I see it, you would not be able to use a section 21 as this is non fault and you would need to p

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