General Election 8th June – Who on earth do landlords vote for?

by Property 118

A year ago

General Election 8th June – Who on earth do landlords vote for?

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General Election 8th June – Who on earth do landlords vote for?


We are asking all landlords to complete this Poll.

We are also extremely interested in your views so please post comments.

For example, you may well despise what the Conservative Government has done and you may well mistrust them but will any other party be better?

If landlords vote for minor parties might this hand a win to Labour?

Do you think a coalition Government is likely, and if so between which parties?

Which party would you least prefer to be elected and why?

Could not voting hand this election to Labour?

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I'm thinking of spoiling my ballot paper although I would prefer to soil it.

Gary Dully

A year ago

It's simple

Vote UKIP - it's the best of a bad job.

We should not reward any government that introduces discrimination based upon occupation, so that excludes the Tories, labour, the greens and the liberal undemocrats.

If you vote Tory, you are signing your own btl death warrant.

Neil Patterson

A year ago

I looked up Hobsons choice but that did not fit either!

"A Hobson's choice is a free choice in which only one thing is offered. Because a person may refuse to accept what is offered, the two options are taking it or taking nothing. In other words, one may "take it or leave it." The phrase is said to have originated with Thomas Hobson (1544–1631), a livery stable owner in Cambridge, England, who offered customers the choice of either taking the horse in his stall nearest to the door or taking none at all."

Reply to the comment left by "Gary Dully" at "18/04/2017 - 12:36":

You got it! Or failing UKIP a independent I would add, sadly most wont do the former and hardly any will do the latter.

Neil Patterson

A year ago

Sorry I meant to write June but got carried away with too many Mays !

I live in a safe Labour seat. My local MP spoke out against Corbyn and resigned from the Shadow Front Bench and says to me that he is in favour of supporting landlords. He passes on all my letters when i ask him, but doesn't do much more and I've never heard of him actually speaking out in favour of us. He's not like the idiots in the Labour Party though - like Siobhain McDonut who commented that she wanted the 'tax relief' for landlords to be restricted even more... On balance I will probably vote Labour therefore, as it won't be a vote for Corbyn's policies and, like I say, my vote really won't matter anyway as people here are on automatic pilot to vote Labour.

Reply to the comment left by "Gary Dully" at "18/04/2017 - 12:36":

Probably UKIP.

But I've just written to the Chairpersons of the six UKIP regional offices in Wiltshire suggesting that there are up to 2m Landlords votes to be taken from the Tories if they had some Landlord friendly policies.

If you're inclined towards UKIP then can I encourage you to do the same, if enough of us write they might just get some kind of message!! then click your region and then county.

Reply to the comment left by "Barry Fitzpatrick" at "18/04/2017 - 15:30":

Response already from the Chairman of the Swindon UKIP group requesting a meeting.

Obviously dangling the prospect of ~2m Landlord votes is tempting given UKIP polled ~4m votes in the 2015 General Election.

Monty Bodkin

A year ago

I'm quite optimistic about it.

Osborne brought in section 24 for his own political ends, aided by some anti landlord geography students at the treasury who think they deserve to buy a penthouse flat in Knightsbridge.

For a capitalist party it is a bollox policy.

No serious economist supports it.

It is highly likely Theresa May will win easily. One of the first things she did as PM was to sack the weasel Osborne. She couldn't reverse all his poison at once as her position was too precarious.

That all changes with a strong mandate.

Looking forward to the Autumn budget.

Mark Alexander

A year ago

I sincerely hope I'm wrong but I think Jeremy Corbyn will be our next Prime Minister.

Now before you shoot me down, please consider this.

The Tory Government has upset a huge percentage of its core voters.

Let's assume 20% of them chose not to vote or instead they vote Green, Lib Dem or UKIP and everybody else votes as they did in the last election.

The outcome would be a landslide victory for the Labour Party.

If that happens we could see rent capping and right to buy introduced into the PRS.

I dare not sleep, the prospects of this will give me nightmares!!!

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