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    I have been investing in property since 1989 and I still learn something new every day.

    In 1990 I co-founded a commercial finance brokerage. It started in my bedroom and went on to rank #38 in The Times Profit Track 100 in 2008. I retired from broking in November 2009 at the ripe old age of 41.

    My profits from my former business were used to build my property portfolio. It started slowly and took me nearly 6 six to save a deposit to purchase my second property. However, as my brokerage business continued to flourish and property values started to rise I was soon able to raise more deposits to expand my portfolio, which now provides the majority of my income and financial independence to allow me to focus on my chosen objective; to share best practice amongst UK landlords and letting agents.

    Property118 started as a hobby in January 2011 as I have an active mind and was not ready for retirement in the way most people think of retirement. I tried sitting on a beach but very quickly got bored, I needed a new challenge.

    My definition of retirement is doing less of the things I don’t like and more of the things I do. People say I’m still a workaholic but the truth is I love what I’m doing so to me it’s not work at all :)

    Within just 6 months of launching Property118 over 100,000 UK landlords and associated professionals had subscribed to my newsletter. Shortly after that Property118 became a Google News feed and has gone from strength to strength ever since.

    The Property118 website is funded entirely through donations and sponsorships.

    Our Google News status means that every article we produce ranks on Google page one for at least three days for our chosen keyword phrases. Many articles stay on page one for several years which means that landlords and letting agents continue to find us when they search the internet. Try it for yourself with keywords such as “Good Landlords” or “Deed of Assurance” :)

    Like all good landlords I am reliant upon good tenants. I see them as my customers in that they look after me when I look after them. I have developed a strategy to find and retain long term tenants. I ask just three things of them:-

    1) Respect your home
    2) Respect your neighbours
    3) Pay your rent on time

    I’ve made plenty of mistakes on the way, I prefer to look upon them as learning experiences though and that’s why I share them here. It’s far more cost effective to learn from other peoples experiences than it is to learn from your own mistakes.

    I hope you enjoy reading Property118 and that you will join in the discussions. If you have no experience or just want to raise a question that’s great as I still learn things as a result of the answers other members post as comments every single day. If you are a very experienced landlord or letting agent please share your knowledge. What I’ve found is that by sharing what I know, others will share an alternative perspective. Often this influences my thinking. Remember, no matter how good you are there is always going to be something new to learn.

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