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Mark Alexander

20:14 PM, 16th January 2019
About A day ago

Is Class 4 NIC due on a UK property tax return?

Reply to the comment left by R S at 16/01/2019 - 20:04
Sadly, the HMRC manual you have quoted is at odds with this one

Professional advice is becoming a must these days, and it is essential the person giving that advice has professional indemnity insurance... Read More

Mark Alexander

20:07 PM, 16th January 2019
About A day ago

Is Class 4 NIC due on a UK property tax return?

The forms to register a partnership with HMRC do make defence to NIc’s and allude to them being compulsory. However, the forms assume a trade applies, which is rare for a property investment business. Accordingly, class 2 NIC’s are optional. See the link I posted to the ICEAW website above, which explains this is far greater detail... Read More

Mark Alexander

9:56 AM, 16th January 2019
About 2 days ago

Is Class 4 NIC due on a UK property tax return?

Reply to the comment left by AA at 15/01/2019 - 18:26
I'm not at all surprised that you're completely bamboozled, I was too when I first looked into this and I've been in the business of property, finance, tax and law for three decades!

The article that Mark Smith (Cotswold Barristers) and Neil Barlow (Pacific Limited Chartered Accountants) were referring to in the comments Neil Patterson has quoted first appeared on the Tax Faculty website of the Institute of Chartered Accountants England and Wales. A link to that article can be found below. Read More

Mark Alexander

13:59 PM, 15th January 2019
About 3 days ago

Mark Alexander

17:50 PM, 2nd January 2019
About 2 weeks ago

Guardian accuses Landlords of 'ripping off' Councils

I always find it interesting to read that Maggie Thatcher is responsible for selling off the Council Housing stock.

Did the champagne socialists who followed reverse her policy? Did they re-borrow all the money the Conservatives reduced the National Debt by to reinvest into building new Government owned housing stock?

No! They did not!

Instead they sold off the Nations Gold and wasted that money too, and then handed number 10 and 11 back to the Conservatives with an even bigger deficit.

To be fair though, the Blair years were the best years to make money I’ve known in my lifetime.... Read More