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Mark Alexander

8:55 AM, 17th July 2019
About 15 hours ago

How should we go about a change of letting agent?

Reply to the comment left by Mark Alexander at 17/07/2019 - 08:32
Further note, if your agents are not Members of an Ombudsman I suggest that it should be safe to switch immediately. If they try to sue you for breach of contract your defense is a good one, i.e. they are not members of a redress scheme, which is illegal and subject to a fine of £5,000, hence you have switched to a compliant agent. They would be shooting themselves in the foot by trying to enforce their contract, which would probably be regarded as null and void anyway if they do not subscribe to a redress scheme. Your other reasons for switching would be secondary to that and probably of no interest to a Judge.... Read More

Mark Alexander

8:32 AM, 17th July 2019
About 15 hours ago

How should we go about a change of letting agent?

In the first instance you should follow the complaints procedure of your agent and their Ombudsman. There are likely to be penalties for switching agents unless the Ombudsman upholds your complaints and rules that penalties should not be applied.

Also see Read More

Mark Alexander

15:57 PM, 16th July 2019
About A day ago

Illegal HMO- Do we advise Council?

I agree with Neil and Adam... Read More

Mark Alexander

8:58 AM, 16th July 2019
About 2 days ago

Would it help the situation if I become a live in landlord?

Hi Sophie

I agree with everything Neil has said.

I totally understand the angle you are considering, but given that the AST was created prior to being a live in landlord is a bit of a grey area to me. Live in landlords do have more rights, but the situation you have described is far from the norm.... Read More

Mark Alexander

9:48 AM, 15th July 2019
About 3 days ago

Transfer property to SPV limited company?

Hi Terence

The Stamp Duty alone will probably result in the transaction you have outlined not being commercially viable. This is because the company would have to pay £14,000 of SDLT.

You would pay also pay CGT on the uplift in value. HMRC has an excellent calculator to help you work this out - see

Transferring to a Limited Company is just one of many tax planning opportunities to be considered to establish the optimal holding structure for your rental property(ies). However, without a full Fact Find, which is part of our consultation process, I am unable to offer you further guidance.

If you would like to book a Tax Consultation please see the link below. Read More