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Mark Alexander

An hour ago
RLA call for credit referencing agencies to include rental payments

If all landlords and agents used agencies to collect rent by direct debit this would be possible.

When a tenant signs a lease they are committing to X number of payments over the term of the lease.

Government could insults on all rent being collected by direct debit via approved agencies, of which there could be many.

These agencies could also cooperate with HMRC to discover tax evaders.... Read More

Mark Alexander

2 days ago
Transferring BTL deposits from my trading company to SPV?

Reply to the comment left by simon garforth at 15/08/2017 - 16:05Hi Simon

I can provide you with the guidance you need, please see our tax section.

Given that you are in the same industry as East Online Accounting Ltd (you may well have heard of them) I thought you might be interested to read the testimonial that Jaques Steenkemp, their managing director, posted on Property118 following the telephone consultation he had with me - see below.

"We at Easy Online Accounting Ltd, specialise in looking after contractors and SME’s, and we pride ourselves with the excellent personal service we give our clients, as well as providing easy online solutions to our clients for managing their accounts. We are always on the lookout for ways to help our clients, and that is why we contacted Mark, to gain a better understanding of the options available to our clients, as well as some other property related questions we had. And are we glad we did! How refreshing it was talking to someone who could answer our questions! Mark could relate to everything we were asking. His knowledge and experience is off the scale. He not only answered our questions, he pre-empted other questions we had, and provided additional information he knew would be useful to us. We are very grateful for the hour he spared us, and will definitely be contacting Mark again in future."

His testimonial is posted in the comments on the page linked below. There are many others you may also wish to read. Read More

Mark Alexander

3 days ago
Sale and Rent Back Court Case Wreaks Havoc

Reply to the comment left by Trevor Cooper at 14/08/2017 - 11:43Hi Trevor

You would need to ask the FCA about that. I do not profess to be an expert in this area of law.... Read More

Mark Alexander

4 days ago
A few questions on a development opportunity we have

Hi Andy

There is another excellent thread you might like to engage on in regards to these questions because several property developers already subscribe to it.

The link is

In regards to financing, I suggest you make contact with Brooklands Commercial Finance. Details via the link below.

For Tax Planning Advice, please see our main tax section via the "View All Sections" button at the top right of your screen.... Read More

Mark Alexander

4 days ago
Sale and Rent Back Court Case Wreaks Havoc

Reply to the comment left by James Fraser at 13/08/2017 - 19:12I wrote an article explaining "The History of Sale and Rent Back" and how the current legislation came about many years ago.

I will be re-publishing it in our newsletter tomorrow but in the meantime, the link is below for all those following this thread. Read More