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The paradox of Section24

Reply to the comment left by Dr Rosalind Beck at <a href="<a href="15/08/2017&quot" rel="nofollow">">15/08/2017&quot; rel="nofollow"><a href="">15/08/2017">15/08/2017</a&gt; - 08:34"The commentators who have said landlords cannot increase rents as they are already at maximum frankly don't know what they're on about and don't understand that many/most landlords have never chased the last penny on rents."
Also if Tenants can't afford the increased rent they have the option to move to a lower cost property either a smaller property inthe same area or a similar size property in a cheaper area. Albeit with the upheaval and costs of moving home. It is those at the bottom of the housing ladder for whom these options do not exist, and therefore are likely to be made homeless.... Read More

Tell Shelter what you think!

Reply to the comment left by terry sullivan at <a href="12/08/2017" rel="nofollow">">12/08/2017 - 08:53I forwarded the link on to my MP asking him not to support a ban but just a cap on letting agents fees.
I got this response:
“Thank you. The piece starts with a gripe that cutting the fees will put administrators dealing with them out of works and continues with an account of how rents will rise to absorb the costs that are cut. I cannot justify opposing the fees on job creation grounds and would rather the often obscure charges levied, where they are really necessary, are reflected in rent since that will limit the scope for creativity on the part of those landlords who use them to increase returns.

MPs are past masters at creative reasons not to do anything and/or just toe the party line. I am surprised that he didn’t just dismiss it as “self-interest” on behalf of the author who is business development manager (Scotland) at tenant referencing firm UKtenantdata.... Read More

Tell Shelter what you think!

Reply to the comment left by Arnie Newington at 11/08/2017 - 16:52Can I suggest every reader sends this link to their MP and ask them not to support the ban. But support a cap.... Read More

What to do when taking on a benefits tenant?


Universal Credit + frozen Housing Benefit + higher taxes = more arrears + more hassle + lower profits (or even losses)... Read More

Guardian’s current onslaught against private landlords

".................... when landlords evict someone, they then house someone else, so they still provide the same amount of housing; they are not engaged in ‘buy to leave’ and leaving properties empty; but rather maximising the use of housing as is needed in a housing crisis".
This is something that Shelter, JRF, Crisis, Generation Rent overlook (or more likely choose to ignore as it doesn't fit their narrative). These organisations bang on about the Tenants costs to having to move properties but it also costs Landlords as well, the point being a Landlord will not evict unnecessarily as it will cost them a substantial amount of money to do so.... Read More