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Charter for rent cheats

Something like "Reposit" may become an alternative to a deposit. I know roughly how it works but I don't know if once the Tenants have paid the 1 weeks premium that they then have any incentive to ensure a claim is not made against their policy (i.e. an increased premium for being a higher risk).... Read More

Is government thinking of disallowing operating costs, and for companies as well?

..The Government DO know what is going to happen to the PRS - we've been telling them ofr the last 2 years!!!!
They just won't believe it (and therefore won't act) until it actually happens. There's been too many groups crying wolf when a budget is cut/frozen which have coped or even improved e.g. police.The PRS will survive but it's going to be a lot smaller. Probably half the current size.... Read More

Nottingham Council follow up letter - Making 350 homeless

You couldn't make it up. They drive out Landlords and then have spend (via NCH) £10m to house 50 families. Read More

I am having to make 350 people homeless this year!

Reply to the comment left by Luke P at 08/03/2018 - 07:57
................. a new round of consultations (aka kick it into the long grass for a few years).... Read More