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Monty Bodkin

12:29 PM, 24th July 2021, About A week ago

Should I proceed with offering a tenancy agreement?

Reply to the comment left by Paul Shears at 23/07/2021 - 22:55I don't know anyone who would guarantee my rent as a tenant
So that blows me out of the water as a tenant."

Why, would you fail tenant referencing as well?... Read More

Monty Bodkin

12:31 PM, 23rd July 2021, About A week ago

Monty Bodkin

10:27 AM, 23rd July 2021, About A week ago

Should I proceed with offering a tenancy agreement?

"the referencing company has suggested that I proceed with a guarantor, which the candidates are unable to provide."

If people who know them don't trust them enough, why should you?

As a secondary point, where did they get a year's rent in advance from and what happens when it runs out?... Read More

Monty Bodkin

19:51 PM, 8th July 2021, About 3 weeks ago

83% of PRS tenants are happy with their homes

83% of private renters were satisfied with their current accommodation.
And yet the attacks by the anti-landlord industry is always on the easy target private landlords providing that accommodation.
The criminals exploiting slum accommodation don't participate in the niceties of the English Housing Survey, they just rub their hands at the ever increasing useless legislation and bureaucratic licensing against decent landlords.... Read More

Monty Bodkin

10:55 AM, 6th July 2021, About 4 weeks ago

A kinder way to deal with tenants who are not paying rent

"When faced with non-paying tenants, most landlords tend to think of eviction."

No they don't, they try and work with the tenant to get the rent paid.

Eviction is the last resort.... Read More