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Neil Patterson

11:11 AM, 27th May 2022, About 10 hours ago

Living in my BTL - Consent required?

Yes technically the correct answer is you should get consent.
Although, I do not think this will be a big issue for your lender.... Read More

Neil Patterson

8:43 AM, 26th May 2022, About 2 days ago

Does this avoid being an HMO?

Hi Matt,

Firstly be very careful to understand your individual council's rules for registering as an HMO. They are often different to the official definition.

From what you have described there is no way you could prove this was your main residence and hence it was a lodger agreement.

Remember if it walks like a duck, sounds like a duck and looks like a duck it will be considered a duck.... Read More

Neil Patterson

16:06 PM, 24th May 2022, About 3 days ago

Can we move into our HMO?

Hi Stephen,
You pay CGT when you dispose of the asset, but as it will be your new main residence, depending on how long you live in it there will be PPR relief to calculate offsetting the final CGT bill.
I have included above the HMRC calculator for this but at the moment it is an unknown variable.... Read More

Neil Patterson

11:08 AM, 18th May 2022, About A week ago

Journalistic Support Required

Thank you for all your support Mick :)... Read More

Neil Patterson

11:07 AM, 18th May 2022, About A week ago

Seeking help - Debt owed for repairs?

You are likely correct that the exercise could be more for your satisfaction than getting the debt repaid and your costs back.

Have you tried Landlord Action?... Read More