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Neil Patterson

14:41 PM, 24th March 2019
About 8 hours ago

Fergus Wilson's response to BBC Panorama

Can you add

"I do not know what Mike Holmes comment was as it had been removed before I saw it.

I rather expect that he had not seen the email traffic exchange from the next tenant nor the witness statement from the Agent both confirming the availability of Hot Water! These have been evidenced to Property 118.

No one spends £30,000 trying to recover £1200. Clearly there was a loss of £30,000 inclusive of costs.

All I will say if the Council provided Good Advice resulting in Mr and Mrs Holmes spending 5½ months in Bed and Breakfast then I would hate to see Bad Advice!

Fergus Wilson"... Read More

Neil Patterson

9:17 AM, 23rd March 2019
About 2 days ago

Fergus Wilson's response to BBC Panorama

From Paul Shamplina:

"It made no sense to me, why Mr Wilson would of taken part in the programme. He was always going to be portrayed as an arrogant and greedy landlord, they succeeded in assumption, especially after edit. I agreed to take part in the previous panaroma with Richard Bilton to speak up on behalf of landlords on his previous programme about ‘Non Fault Evictions’ last year. Thats where the momentum for calls to abolish section 21s has come from.

I knew it was tenant focused and I explained in my 15 second interview that there is no such thing as ‘Non Fault’, there is always a reason why a landlord serves a section21 notice, 56% it’s for rent arrears or a tenant wanting to be rehoused by the council, or landlords selling because of Section 24 Tax changes. It always remains a last resort.

Unfortunately we all have to except the industry has changed, landlords do need to be adaptable. There has been unprecedented changes in the last two years. But I can predict that sections 21s will be diluted in the future, this is apparent, especially in the latest Long Term Tenancy consultation by the government, which I filed a reply on behalf of landlord action.

Section 21s are important for landlords on flexibility, but there is a definite case that some tenants should have greater security, especially families. 40% of tenants want longer tenancies. 98% of the time tenants end the tenancies.

This programme certainly hasn’t helped the landlords cause.

Paul Shamplina
Founder and director of landlord action"... Read More

Neil Patterson

11:05 AM, 19th March 2019
About 6 days ago

Fergus Wilson Panorama documentary - now available on iPlayer

I have added Fergus Wilson's comment on the programme into the main body of the article.... Read More

Neil Patterson

8:32 AM, 19th March 2019
About 6 days ago

Fergus Wilson Panorama documentary - now available on iPlayer

From Fergus Wilson himself:

"Fergus Wilson accuses the BBC of left wing bias!
The BBC is known as the Biased Broadcasting Corporation for very good reason!
Every time Richard Bilton is on a housing programme it is the same old gramophone record of the poor parents with Children with nowhere to go!
It is a subject close to his heart! However, he does the TV audience no good at all by talking up precious time showing tenants forced out and avoiding dealing with the Causation of the Problem!
No time was spent dealing with the prime issue of why are landlords leaving BTL in their hoards due to the punitive tax regimes being introduced for landlords by HMG.
I am slightly different as I am retiring due to old age but for those younger landlords exiting BTL it is because the Government has made it so unattractive.
I ran through the reasons why the Private Sector is no longer investing but it was cut out in favour of Richard Bilton’s same old song!
HMG needs to address just why the PSL is no longer investing.
It is time for Richard Bilton to be thrown on the scrapheap. He is out of time and out of touch!"... Read More

Neil Patterson

13:44 PM, 18th March 2019
About 6 days ago

Does bathroom with window need extraction fans?

Sorry Frederick it was just an example bathroom with window for illustrative purposes.... Read More