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Neil Patterson

3 days ago
Penalised by IF for renting?

Hi Craig,

I am assuming it was a residential mortgage to start with?

If the increased margin penalty is in the mortgage terms and conditions it is unlikely they will back down. You can of course make a formal complaint to the lender and then take it to the ombudsman which will cost IF £500, but I don't see them upholding the complaint in this instance unfortunately.... Read More

Neil Patterson

3 days ago
Annual Notice of Subletting Fee £90+VAT without any communication?

Hi Mike,

Unfortunately this seems to be quite common now and you are not alone!

You will need to read your lease contract carefully to see what it says about charges and how and when they can be applied.

There is also the leasehold advisory service to check out >> Read More

Neil Patterson

6 days ago
You're in Charge...

There have been several studies that suggest as Mark says 11% could be the optimum Corporation tax figure to maximise revenue and it has shown lowering the tax has increased the take in the last 5 years.

On the issue of big multinationals not paying UK taxes I think I saw an idea where you take their total declared profit worldwide, split it by the percentage of business or turnover they do in the UK and charge tax on that.

Universal basic income is also very interesting as an option to replace the welfare state and could be conditional as Mark said on some form of working after a period of time (totally not thought through yet though).... Read More

Neil Patterson

7 days ago
Letting to a Minor?

Hi Elizabeth,

Please read the full advice from Tessa Shepperson of Landlord Law >>

"If you want to grant a tenancy to someone underage, ALWAYS have an adult named on the tenancy agreement as a co tenant

Once the minor turns 18 you can then get them to sign a tenancy agreement in their own name

If you have any properties let to tenants in their sole name at a time when they were under 18, get them to sign a new tenancy agreement as soon as possible."... Read More

Neil Patterson

7 days ago
Section 42 noticed served to previous address?

Hi Victoria,

Please see section 7 above:

"Once two months have lapsed from the date of service of the section 42 Notice you should receive a Counter Notice from the landlord. If the landlord fails to serve a Counter Notice, the consequence is that the extension will be granted on the terms set out in your notice (i.e. potentially for the lower premium)."... Read More