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Recommended Accountants?

Hi Joe,
All the partners at property118 have used Pacific Ltd accountants for over 20 years and they also work with many Property118 tax consultancy clients and readers.
If they can look after Mark then they can look after anyone 🙂

You can use the contact form at the bottom of the article if you wish to get in touch.

I also recommend you read our tax planning page in full as well. Please see >> Read More

Neil Patterson

2 days ago
Advice needed - Freeholder keeps charging for same piece of work

Hi Michael,
The Freeholder/Management company has a duty of care to use the maintenance funds responsibly.

You will need to contact them to ascertain exactly what has happened in this instance and if you are not happy you can call a meeting with the fellow leaseholders and the Freeholder and management company.

If most leaseholders are in agreement you can force a Right to manage (RTM) and take over the management of the block with a new company in place, but you would need to be sure it is worthwhile especially considering the work involved.

For more information I would recommend you visit the government reference site The Leasehold Advisory Service >> Read More

Neil Patterson

A week ago
Advice - Tenants subletting on AirBnB

Hi Andre,
One of the most important things to check out first is your Landlords Insurance as you may not be covered if it is discovered to be run as an AirBnB.
Please also see our tenant eviction page >> Read More

Neil Patterson

A week ago
LSE call on Chancellor to reform Stamp duty

Unfortunately it is going to be very difficult to get any tax reduction through this current parliament.... Read More