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Neil Patterson

22 hours ago
HMO or What?

Hmmmm sounds like one freehold building split into self contained flats so I would be unsure it really has planning permission based on what you have said?

I would double check that first personally.... Read More

Neil Patterson

4 days ago
OMG a cure for my front door OCD

The good thing though is that I have always locked it :)... Read More

Neil Patterson

4 days ago
Setting up a property management company?

15% would be the absolute maximum HMRC would likely let you get away with charging your portfolio if you are in London and less if outside.
Yes you would be adding to the costs of your portfolio and reducing its net profit for tax purposes. However, you need to think carefully about the economies of scale and the costs of setting up an agency, accounting fees and also don't forget the agency will be liable for corporation tax. Although VAT is unlikely in this scenario.... Read More

Neil Patterson

4 days ago
Is IPPR’s report “On borrowed time” pure fantasy or a cynical publicity stunt?

Dear Jamie,

This was my decision and I removed the words discretely as this did not detract from your point and I am sure there are readers that volunteer or work for charities that could be greatly offended.... Read More

Neil Patterson

5 days ago
Rent A Room - your views

It is partly a relief that the government did not go full rogue and try to take all tax relief away even for lodger type agreements.... Read More