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Neil Patterson

9 hours ago
Advice on delay to contracted tenancy start please

There is an answer to this on the Landlord Law Blog by Tessa Shepperson.

Please click here for full article and details >>

"If you signed a tenancy agreement then this is a legally binding agreement which has been broken by the landlord – who is liable for the things done, or not done, by his agent.

You are entitled to be put in the position you would have been in had the contract been properly performed. So you are entitled to the refund of all additional expenses incurred by you. Such as additional removal fees, hotel expenses etc."... Read More

Neil Patterson

2 days ago
Help to renew an AST please

Hi Ania

From Paul Shamplina's article on the Deregulation act >>

"Landlords who took a deposit on an assured shorthold tenancy (AST) after 6th April 2007 and correctly protected and served the Prescribed Information to their tenant do not need to reissue the Prescribed Information to the tenant on future renewals of the AST, or if the AST rolls into a statutory periodic tenancy.

This is so long as the tenancy details haven’t changed (i.e. landlord, tenant and property information) and the deposit remains in the same tenancy deposit protection scheme.

Prescribed Information can include details of a person representing the landlord. The act confirms that where an agent has protected the deposit on behalf of the landlord, the agent’s contact details may be provided in place of the landlord’s."... Read More

Neil Patterson

3 days ago
Directors of block sell assets to themselves undervalue and evade fair share of annual service charge!

Dear Alan,

I am not an expert in this area and hopefully others will be able to add some assistance.

However, I have been researching the Leasehold Advisory Service and the alternative dispute resolution section is interesting as most avenues seem to end in First-tier Tribunal

See >>

"Alternative Dispute Resolution

Where appropriate the Tribunal should seek to bring to the parties’ attention the availability of any appropriate alternative procedure for the resolution of the dispute which may include mediation and if the parties wish the Tribunal should seek to facilitate the use of the procedure.

Tribunal hearings are open to the public and their decisions can be seen at the Tribunal offices. LEASE provides a schedule of decisions with access to the full text of the determination. Tribunals can determine a wide range of disputes, including:

disputes about the terms and price of buying the freehold or extending a lease;
disputes about the liability to pay, and reasonableness of, a service charge, an administration charge, or an estate management scheme charge;
disputes relating to building insurance;
whether it would be appropriate to appoint a new manager in a block of flats;
whether a residential long lease (primarily of flats) should be varied;
disputes relating to the right to manage;
alleged breaches of a lease prior to a landlord serving a notice under Section 146 of the Law of Property Act 1925; and
whether a dispensation should be granted in respect of the consultation requirements under Section 20 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985."... Read More

Neil Patterson

6 days ago
Confusion about Stamp Duty

Yes correct that is an old table and it is now 3 years for refunds of main residence purchases... Read More

Neil Patterson

A week ago
Confusion about Stamp Duty

Hi Gay,

If you are replacing one principle private residence for another regardless of how many other properties you have you do not pay the additional 3% surcharge for second homes.... Read More