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  • tenant in situ

    Buying a flat with tenants in situ !

    2017-01-16 15:00:32

    A not uncommon question and we have quite a few articles worth reading on the subject including some of the perils. please see >>

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  • fair use

    HMO Gas and Electricity fair use agreement wording?

    2017-01-16 14:40:14

    Hi Giorgio, Tessa Shepperson of Landlord Law has agreements to cover this. Please see >> From Tessa's page: "My agreements I developed a ‘landlord pays the bills’ agreement several years ago at the request of one of my Landl

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  • lapse

    Gas Safety Certificate Lapse

    2017-01-16 14:28:34

    Hi Sarah, While the Gas certificate was out of date you may not have been able to issue a section 21 under the new deregulation act rules and you may not have been insured. However if there have been no accidents or issues and everything has all been checked and certified I think you should no

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  • management

    Management of properties via Ltd Co

    2017-01-16 14:14:43

    Hi Dillon, HMRC are very aware of the possibility of hiding rental profit through excessive management fees to a connected company or partner/relative. Therefore they will only allow reasonable charges to be paid eg up to a maximum of 15% in London, but there is no hard and fast rule on this.

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  • Transferring my share of our buy to let to my wife to save tax

    Transferring my share of our buy to let to my wife to save tax

    2017-01-16 11:29:19

    Hi, Hopefully nearly all your questions will be answered on our Declarations of Trust page under the Legal Advice tab above. Please see >> Please also see our tax advice page >> Snippet of D

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