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Neil Patterson

12 hours ago
What costs for damage and repairs can I claim?

Hi Munro,

If you go to arbitration with TDS you only have to prove the cost of the damages not that you have already repaired the damage.

You will find their website very helpful I hope.... Read More

Neil Patterson

13 hours ago
What costs for damage and repairs can I claim?

Hi Munro,

I was at the recent Landlord Law conference where TDS gave a lecture partly on this subject.

They gave an example of arbitration on a damaged carpet and explained why it is always helpful to have receipts provided so it is much easier to give an accurate award for damage based on age and cost and life expectancy of the carpet.

EG if it was a cheaper carpet 9 years old with a 10 year life expectancy then the award for damages would be much less than a better quality brand new carpet.... Read More

Neil Patterson

15 hours ago
The Management Company Director who wields absolute power!

Hi Maria,

What a sorry scenario of needless conflict.

You have clearly taken quite a lot of legal advice already. The only obvious, but far from easy solution that springs to my mind is you need to get the majority of leaseholders on your side and force the change.

From what you say it will clearly be only a matter of time before she falls out with a sufficient number.

I know you probably have already, but it is worth checking out the Leasehold Advisory Service >> Read More

Neil Patterson

16 hours ago
Property insurance - Change of tenant circumstance?

Hi Jack,

I will ask our own Landlord Insurance partner and experts Jason or Tom to comment on your question for us 🙂... Read More

Neil Patterson

3 days ago
Electric shower or combi fed shower in a tenanted property?

Hi Tony,

Like you I am not a big fan of electric showers as they always seem a bit weak and temperamental in maintaining a constant temperature. Mixer showers from a hot water tank as long as you have pressure seem far more consistent, but I am not familiar with how they work using Combi boilers.... Read More