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Neil Patterson

18:41 PM, 18th November 2019
About 20 hours ago

John McDonnell back-pedals on Right to Buy

Reply to the comment left by Dave Driver at 18/11/2019 - 16:32
Oooops fraudian slip lol... Read More

Neil Patterson

13:24 PM, 14th November 2019
About 5 days ago

Golden Handcuffs?

I don't think they can hold you to the new clause for previous contracts though. Unless maybe the previous contracts were explicitly detailed and named.... Read More

Neil Patterson

10:13 AM, 14th November 2019
About 5 days ago

Can I contract that any new tenant provides their own reference?

Hi Jamie,

Please see my editors notes above, but I think you are scuppered on the reference idea by "You cannot require them to enter a contract with a third party"... Read More

Neil Patterson

10:14 AM, 13th November 2019
About 6 days ago

Nottingham council to use landlord review website

Hi Ros,

I have not had time to check how they will or are covering the GDPR issue, but if a landlord has been falsely referenced I would rpeot it to the ICO immediatley as there is no way this would be compliant.... Read More