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Gary Dully

10 hours ago
Landlord Reactions To The 2017 Autumn Budget

Reply to the comment left by steve p at 22/11/2017 - 14:03
In Liverpool we get battered from day 1, it’s the same in Flintshire so it’s a postcode lottery.

I think I might end up being a rough sleeper just in time for the next phase of Section 24.... Read More

Gary Dully

A day ago
Illegal possession due to tenant being sectioned?

Your friend appears to be seriously ill and as such is protected from eviction by the law.

The mere fact that this landlady has attempted to evict your friend in such a manner, is a criminal offence.
By not serving adequate notice and doing it correctly, can be classed as harassment of her tenant.
They also have a tenancy agreement in place that should lay out what notice should be given.

Google the prevention from eviction act 1977 and read part II, section 5. Validity of notices to quit.

I am sick of landlords getting away with this, when I have to go through the nightmare of a section 8 notice, followed by a court hearing and finally a bailiff. (Approximately 5 months) to do it legally.

The grounds for eviction would be the committing a criminal offence, but it is a discretionary ground and the circumstances would be taken into consideration by the court.

Now on the other hand, why has the landlady been so aggressive?
Is this not a first indiscretion?

It doesn’t matter if your friend shot down a jumbo jet full of blind orphans, he is still entitled to a court hearing, if required, before he can be evicted.

I have had to evict a tenant that got 15 years for attempted murder, which was racially motivated and he won’t be coming back.
But you still have to get a court order, unless the tenant surrenders the tenancy or offers a written notice period of at least 4 weeks. (It took me nine months)

It’s not impossible, but if your friend doesn’t get his day in court, his landlady is in big trouble.

They are called no win, no fee solicitors and they will ream that lady another body cavity if she breaches the rules.

Accelerated possession will take a minimum of two months duration, if your friend doesn’t leave, she will need a court order, followed by a bailiff, (5 months approx in total).

It’s nice to hear that he isn’t in rent arrears, I would suggest that he keeps it that way.... Read More

Gary Dully

6 days ago
Agent letter evicting UC tenants read out by Corbyn in PMQs

The next attack letter should be Section 24, using Mr Corbyns constituants as an example of rent rises required just to pay the additional Tenant Tax.

He might get an education in how businesses work at the same time.
If he says it, all his MPs will say it as well.... Read More

Gary Dully

A week ago
The Police and Council have moved my tenant without telling me?

This is called Abandonment.

If the property is in England, there was legislation passed to deal with it - see

If the property is not in England, there is only a repossession order route in Wales.

In Scotland, I ain’t got a clue.

If you don’t do it properly, the Tenant can come back at any time and claim their home back.... Read More

Gary Dully

3 weeks ago
BofE Base Rate increased 0.25%

Time to get the Section 24 spreadsheet out again and a bunch of Section 13 notices.... Read More