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Gary Dully

2 weeks ago
IMLA blame 80% decrease in BTL investment on government policies

I tend to house some of the most unpleasant people our society has to offer.
I am currently evaluating all of my properties and those not performing are going to be sold off and my tenants will be dumped onto waiting lists for council houses that no longer exist.
The BTL market is now in deep trouble, It’s like watching a train crash in slow motion.
Section 24 isn’t fully implemented yet and we now have restrictions on lending via the horrendous red tape in obtaining a simple BTL mortgage.
Today I’m in West Yorkshire and I will be looking at selling off, a property there.
It has been wrecked twice by the tenants, who are now on a housing list, now evicted, unemployed and claiming every benefit they can get their grubby little hands on.
It’s not making enough money and probably has a bit of equity in it.
That’s another one that won’t be replaced.
That household have to be housed somewhere, it’s the law!
But it won’t be by me.
My letting agent says that there are many landlords now selling up and the rents are now rising at the request of remaining landlords.
They deal with the pleasant tenants, not the social misfits that I deal with, so for them to be worried, things must be bad.
For example, Liverpool are now cracking down into the HMO market with new proposed article 4 directives, with one aim in mind, which is to kill off the independent HMO landlord to try and fill the expensive chrome and glass student accommodation with as many people as they can.
I would suggest that they reconsider that idea and fast.
They have given planning permission for a market that doesn’t yet exist of over 88,000 student roooms.
What about families, seperated couples etc?
They will eventually become monuments of failure, they will be turned into wrecks by the scum I currently house.
I passed Byrom Point yesterday, just outside the Mersey Tunnel, the doors were filthy and it’s already looking grubby, from the outside.
It only opened last year.
There are now more being built and they will end up failing.
The ones not full will have space bought by the councils and they will mix some of these nutters with normal tenants.
That will mean gang rapes, drugs and beatings for anybody that gets in the way of their drug habit.
They haven’t evaporated into outer space, you politicians are idiots!
they still have to be housed!
This government and local councils haven’t got a bloody clue, they are attacking the people that bring choice, peace and tranquility to the rest of the housing market.
But I’m not the type of person that gives up on residual income.
I will probably move on to commercial, where if you don’t pay the rent, I can evict in weeks, as opposed to months in the residential market.
My attitude used to be that I provided a much needed service, I now feel that I am a victim of every moronic politician, stuffed into the Houses of Parliament and Town Hall.
Hey if you don’t want my investment money, that’s fine Mrs May, I can and will find a home for it elsewhere, you can now house the scum of the Earth and the taxpayer can foot the bill, you can eventually vilify the corporates and watch them leave the market in 10 years time, as their chrome and glass tower blocks turn into concentrated drug dens.
Corporates have no interest in being a social service and will make you pay for whatever you ask for, with a big fat invoice.
You had someone who housed some of the most ghastly tenants, ex offenders, arsonists, paedophilic scumbags and professors in lying through their teeth, you would never want to meet, spread out, buried amongst normal, pleasant folk, out of sight, out of mind, but you decided to attack my business and I will now move on to pastures new.
So watch out any remaining landlords, you have some of the most cringeworthy, scum in the tenant market, coming to a town near you and they are not very nice people.... Read More

Gary Dully

A month ago
New rent reporting system that links tenants’ rental payments with their credit report

Reply to the comment left by Joel Davis at 19/01/2018 - 00:10
There are no circumstances that should allow a tenant to withhold rent, unless done through the correct channels, which is the civil procedure rules for disrepair and the local council.

The number of tenants that rationalise breach of contract, by denying their landlords due process is simply out of control.

Last year I wrote off over £23,000 of bad debt.

Do you know how many properties could have been repaired with that sort of money?

Those tenants that paid on time have subsided rent dodging scum bags, who will use any excuse to avoid paying and they should at least be rewarded with an improved credit rating.

What should be addressed is how an evicted tenant gets away with no credit score damage if it was done through PCOL and you don’t use a bailiff.

It’s an absolute disgrace and farce.... Read More

Gary Dully

A month ago
Evicting tenant's girlfriend?

Stop being polite and get ready for a serious conversation with your unwanted tenant.

The lady who is in the house now has not gone through the right to rent check.
Technically, Your due for a nice penalty fine, for not carrying one out and so is the original Tenant.

Can she legally rent a property in England?

Is she a lodger?, if so can the original tenant give her 2 weeks notice as she would be on a license?

In addition the original Tenant requires an eviction notice and order from the county court.
The sublet Tenant or lodger has no legal tenancy from you, unless you have accepted payment, in which case she will have a tenancy by default.

The partner could make a claim of ‘implied trust’. Stating that the original Tenant said that he was prepared to share his tenancy and has since welched on their Agreement.

Worse still would be an illegal sublet, where she is paying him rent.

So get the original tenancy ended by a court order and before you apply, tell her that you intend to name her on it to be on the safe side.

Tell her, that his rent arrears will be claimed from her and her credit rating will be butchered, as you assume that he has obtained a tenancy by misrepresentation and fraud.

You estimate the damages claim to be in excess of £17,000+and you will be asking for an attachment to her universal credit or earnings.

That should cause a bit of a bowel movement, leave her to consider it over 48 hours and ask her if she would like to surrender the property instead, free of charge.

The price being a signature and an address of where your original tenant is residing.

Then do a search on the land registry for the owner and ask them if he is renting from them?
If he is, you can confront him and ask for his surrender, if not carry on with the court case.

It’s messy being a landlord isn’t it?... Read More

Gary Dully

A month ago
Universal Credit - Explicit consent no longer required!

What does this mean in plain English?... Read More

Gary Dully

2 months ago
Action to make the process fairer on debt rulings - What about Landlords?

Reply to the comment left by David Price at 03/01/2018 - 12:37
Happy new year David,

I am issuing the protocol, but you have to register to send the monthly income and expense nonsense.

I’m signed up and happy to kick arse.... Read More