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Gary Dully

9:08 AM, 30th October 2018
About 3 weeks ago

Tenants may soon be able to sue for properties not meeting basic standards

So if I understand this correctly, this will now offer the potential of giving an army of lawyers, the unique opportunity, to turn on the PRS and tie most landlords up in knots of litigation.

It all sounds so noble, but I have found that when you have to defend yourself against a spurious claim, the tenants solicitor not only attacks the reported fault, but also goes for uncompleted or omitted administrative bits of paperwork also.

Most so called accidental landlords won’t stand a chance.

For example: a tenant falls off his bed changing a lightbulb.
He didn’t use the step ladders, left at the property.

You will need the following.
1. Risk assessment for the step ladder he did or didn’t use.
2. An inspection of the step ladders each year to be certified.
3. A training book signature showing that the tenant has received relevant training in both using a step ladder and changing a lightbulb.
4. Planning permission for appropriate use of the property for rental purposes.
5. A gas safety certificate covering the period of the accident, plus the previous years.
6. A legionaries risk assessment
7. Training for changing a lightbulb and it’s recycling.
8. A certified inventory of the light bulb originally working.

You will then be given the opportunity to put right the works within a suitable period, a list of the medical professionals that your tenant intends to use to substantiate their claim and their approximate costs for reports or to “Settle” out of court.

Now you may think that this is where it ends, but it then moves on to the commission of your own solicitor to defend your case.

In the meantime your tenant is now off work with his bad neck and permanent scarring of his head that hit the wall as he fell.

This will easily be in about the £3500 mark, followed by his doctors bills of £1800, plus his solicitor charge of £3500, plus compensation of about £3000, plus money for potential future claims of epilepsy caused by trauma of the fall.

Now then Mr & Mrs amateur landlord, how are you feeling about your industry now or more importantly about this private members bill.

The only landlords able to comply and match the system will be big corporates and landlords with decent liability insurances.

What about you?... Read More

Gary Dully

17:30 PM, 18th September 2018
About 2 months ago

Are DBS checks reasonable for landlord licensing?

Cheshire East Council are now insisting on a basic DBS check also.
Apparently I'm on the run for licking my wife's ice cream choc-ice, in Blackpool, in 1983.

I never knew I was an arch criminal and being chased by Interpol. though.

My application may now be rejected.... we shall see.... Read More

Gary Dully

17:22 PM, 18th September 2018
About 2 months ago

2 hours by Bicycle or Helicopter

Cheshire East council are also asking for all licensing details and licenses already obtained by any landlord throughout the UK that are applying for a license through them.

I had no idea that it was deemed illegal to do so.... Read More

Gary Dully

16:26 PM, 11th September 2018
About 2 months ago

RLA - It’s time to root out criminal landlords

I am quite honestly sick to death of this organisation virtue signalling, instead of getting on with what it should be doing, which is promoting and campaigning for measures against rogue tenants, who systematically ruin the lives of good, honest, people that only have committed the crime of trying to improve their lives by offering a good, cheap and fair service to their fellow citizens, who are without the means or good fortune to be able to purchase their own homes.

Instead, it keeps jumping on the bandwagon of more beatings for landlords legislation instead of attacking the actual rogues who I doubt even have a gas safety certificate passed in the last 10 years, let alone an EPC, Legionnaires Disease Risk Assessment or electrical safety inspection.

There is already legislation passed to deal with these things, but unless you are on the radar already you can still go unnoticed by the authorities.

Even today, I have been told that one of my small HMO's requires a new standard of smoke detector certificate that is usually, apparently, required also by office blocks and high storey buildings.

Its a 3 bed semi detached in Crewe for gods sake, not Grenfill Towers!

Why is this continuing?

Smallpox, measles, diphtheria risk assessments will probably be next on the list.

The costs of compliance in this industry are multiplying at a phenomenal rate.

Watch this space.... Read More

Gary Dully

20:11 PM, 4th September 2018
About 2 months ago

Changed my mind landlord not moving now?

Tell the current tenant that his notice is final and cannot be revoked as it met the requirements of the prevention from eviction act 1977 part 2, para 5. Ie: it was for at least 4 weeks written notice and was in writing.

That entitled you to advertise and offer a future tenancy to someone else suitable.

The tenants tenancy legally ends at its conclusion. If he has lost his next residency he should consider damages for breach of contract with his future landlord, even if verbal, for loss of his home based on misrepresentation.

What would happen if it were for employment?

Would you take on a disgruntled employee or seek a better one?... Read More