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Joint HMO tenancy - Can I just change the locks?

Reply to the comment left by H B at 28/05/2018 - 12:15
No I knew you could not just change the locks normally. I was thinking due to a technicality that if one joint tenant leaves it means the tenancy is over therefore you could call it a loophole if you will.... Read More

GMB Union warns business and blames policy not landlords!

One thing I always find bleakly amusing is those on the left bleat on saying how much the housing benefit bill is yet to omit to mention its their favorite social landlords getting around 2/3rds of it.... Read More

Landlord Law conference important update on Gas Certificates

What about when a tenancy becomes statury periodic technically its a new tenancy then? Then the before occupation issue is void, no?

This is ridiculous as even health hazard warnings you get told to do the repair within a set time and then if you fail to the local authority takes legal action (never happened to me but I understand thats the process). And thats much more serious potensionally, and this would effect landlords that have even done the check just simply failed to give the tenant a copy (or have 'proof' they did.... Read More

Joint HMO tenancy - Can I just change the locks?

Or a fire assessment is required if a hmo is individual tenancies but perversly if it is a 'joint' tenancy the fire assesment (if not the safety aspects) is not required.... Read More

Joint HMO tenancy - Can I just change the locks?

I was just curious because I am sure other hmo landlords who have 1 or more problem tenants on a joint tenancy rather than risk damage over the long 7-8 month eviction if it was legal(albeit frowned upon) to change locks if 1 tenant has left. I may not know all the ins and outs but I know a great deal more than some of the fellow landlords in my area some of whom own north of 50-200+ . Which having checked a chunk of their properties last year EPC rated are E year where as mine have been C for 6 years now. Having been in some of their properties by their tenants I note no emergency lighting (even where it is required in 3 stories or above again unlike mine. No contact details of the landlord (as required by Hmo management regulations 2006) I also note these bigger 'professional' landlords typically do not give 24 hour notice. My properties also have had Smoke/CO detectors long before the 'deregulation act' made it the law but not for 'social landlords' I note. I am aware of the archaic stuff such as if a tenant does not leave after the fixed term the landlord is liable for the council tax but not if your tenancy agreement states it goes to a 'contractual periodic tenancy'. I am aware of the legionella check which many of the landlords in my area seem unaware off... Read More