Couldn’t make it up – Unless you work for the Guardian!

by Readers Question

13:19 PM, 18th July 2019
About A year ago

Couldn’t make it up – Unless you work for the Guardian!

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Couldn’t make it up – Unless you work for the Guardian!

Has anyone read this? ‘Poor tenants pay for landlords to live like kings

I guess not, as you will all be too busy stuffing your faces with caviar whilst spilling champagne in the back of your Bentley.

I need to get in touch with this guy to find out where the tax breaks are because I just paid 41% tax on my profits!

On the basis of this article alone surely the Guardian need to start random drug testing of their journalists.

I loved the part about Cornwall being so expensive, it dovetails neatly into Shelter’s video about the fake couple being forced to live in Cornwall.



Seething Landlord

12:55 PM, 19th July 2019
About A year ago

Reply to the comment left by Old Mrs Landlord at 19/07/2019 - 11:38
One might have hoped that the loony claptrap spouted by this journalist would attract ridicule but the comments to the article show that he has a large band of equally deluded followers who are outraged at what they see as the unfairness of capitalism. Their vitriolic frenzy and sense of entitlement are breath taking but I fear that they are articulating ideas that are shared by many on the left wing of politics. More worrying is that the current Government appear to be pandering to this vocal minority and swallowing their propaganda.


13:25 PM, 19th July 2019
About A year ago

Dear Mr Monbiot
Heres a couple of titles for the next article in the series:
"Poor people pay Tesco/ASDA/Morrison/Aldi/Lidl bosses to live like kings", or
"Poor people pay SSE/EDF/Eon/Scottish power bosses to live like kings" or,
"Poor people pay British American Tobacco, Marlborough bosses to live like kings or superkings"

Dennis Leverett

13:41 PM, 19th July 2019
About A year ago

Reply to the comment left by Seething Landlord at 19/07/2019 - 12:55
The truth is that there are huge amounts of Capitalist's out there that came from nowhere and worked hard for their success that give far more back to society than those numpties that have inherited their wealth and not known poverty. They don't brag about it and seek glory like the Georges of this world. What has he given to Society, George if you read this please let me know. My Dad was a Socialist, my Mother a Conservative and my older Brother a Communist we had nothing materially, but growing up life was good and certainly interesting. I'm proud of my "capitalist" achievements, nothing special, but hard worked for and very satisfying, I can hold my head high, can you George?.

Dennis Leverett

13:42 PM, 19th July 2019
About A year ago

Reply to the comment left by Gromit at 19/07/2019 - 13:25
Or donate to Shelter so Polly can live like a Queen.

Dr Rosalind Beck

13:44 PM, 19th July 2019
About A year ago

I just read that the boss of a social housing organisation called 'Sanctuary' receives about half a million a year. Where's his outcry about that?

Seething Landlord

13:46 PM, 19th July 2019
About A year ago

Reply to the comment left by Dr Rosalind Beck at 19/07/2019 - 10:53
Extract from Wikipedia: "Working as an investigative journalist, he travelled in Indonesia, Brazil, and East Africa. His activities led to his being made persona non grata in seven countries and being sentenced to life imprisonment in absentia in Indonesia. In these places, he was also shot at, beaten up by military police, shipwrecked and stung into a poisoned coma by hornets".

He obviously has the knack of making friends wherever he goes, not that I would necessarily criticise him for upsetting the authorities in those countries.

Appalled Landlord

15:05 PM, 19th July 2019
About A year ago

George Monbiot agreed to charity work over McAlpine libel

In apologising for the libel he wrote “I felt a powerful compulsion to do what I have done throughout my career: to help the voiceless be heard. But in this case I did so without any of the care I usually take when assessing and reporting an issue. I allowed myself to be carried away by a sense of moral outrage. As a result, far from addressing an awful injustice, I contributed to one.”

He has allowed himself to be carried away again in the Guardian article. Among other nonsense he described rents as a private tax, whipping his supporters into a sense of moral outrage, and fuelling their hatred of landlords - the very people whom he admits are needed for the foreseeable future.

So if they are driven to sell up by his nonsensical rhetoric and clamour for lifetime tenancies and rent controls, and more poor people are made homeless as a result, Monbiot can look down on them and see that, “ far from addressing an awful injustice, I contributed to one.”

Phil Hayward

8:31 AM, 20th July 2019
About A year ago

This man grew up in a very privileged household and therefore has no real idea of what it takes to become a successful landlord. Those of us who started life in an unprivileged way, who started with nothing, personally I grew up in a council flat, will know how hard life is. You make your own successes, your own way in life and it’s tough. This bloke knows nothing. He is a spoilt privately educated brat who tricks Guardian readers into thinking he’s fighting for the working classes. He’s a fraudster and a menace to decent hard working folk like you and me. Google him! He’s an utter contradiction within himself and is just hiding his privileged up bringing and fooling the masses who don’t know him.

Mark Alexander

8:45 AM, 20th July 2019
About A year ago

Take a look at the Authors Wikipedia page

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

George Monbiot comes from a highly privileged background.


9:47 AM, 20th July 2019
About A year ago

All LL don’t seem to be aware we are in very dangerous times. Can no one else feel the atmosphere in the country?

We are beneficiaries of the 2008 financial blow up and mass printing of money. All home owners are, but the consequence of supporting one half of society has made life harder for the have nots.

This is why we are hearing real political thought constantly in all the medias about rebalancing this unfairness.

Eg, this week on Jeremy vine they were genuinely discussing a Jeremy Corbyn led idea of seizing all private schools and passing them over to the state. Bang, no private education.

We have the idea out there that tenants should have the right to buy a rented property. Does this also mean at a big discount like council houses?

Has anyone seen the videos on utube about ANTIFA in the USA disrupting day to day life in cities like Portland? The climate protesters are doing the same here and getting quality airtime on channel 4 news.

I am worried and I am not in a position to get away like mark has done.

Our economy still over spends by £25 bn and we have an over hang of £1.6 trillion to pay back. What happens at the next down turn in the 2020’s?

One idea pushed around is to not use QE at the top of the system next time but to stuff it in from the bottom. This would mean giving everyone over 18 £10-20k to use as they want. This sounds radical but we are living in radical times and it seems not many people actually see this.

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