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Reply to serious flaws in BTL article by The Economist

Reply to the comment left by Martin Roberts at 23/02/2018 - 18:40
£20 a day - good grief I paid that for a day's hire of a carpet shampooer! Then I worked out our own daily rate for a similar value property and it's exactly the same.... Read More

BBC Panorama to debate Section 21 no-fault eviction featuring Landlord Action

Thanks for trying to put a balanced view anyway Paul. Those doing the editing have an agenda which was clear from the introduction and all the way through.... Read More

BBC Panorama to debate Section 21 no-fault eviction featuring Landlord Action

Reply to the comment left by Mandy Thomson at 22/02/2018 - 11:27
Your final sentence sums up my judgment on this. It is, as you say, a call to arms cynically calculated to stir up public indignation. We who are knowledgable on the subject can read the sub-plot and work out, despite vital facts not being revealed, what the real causes of eviction in these cases must have been. The lay person, however, will take the picture presented as the full story and be incensed that the poor tenant can be treated in this way and start or support petitions for the withdrawal of S.21. Having seen similar 'investigations' into other subjects of which I have some knowledge I also am growing sceptical about just how objective and in-depth other Panorama programmes have been.... Read More

BBC Panorama to debate Section 21 no-fault eviction featuring Landlord Action

This smells like a concerted attempt to whip up public demand for removal of Section 21. Unashamed propaganda with enormous bias towards tenants and zero explanation of Section 21, let alone exploration of the reasons for its use (other than showcasing a landlord who was evicting for unauthorised changing of utilities suppliers and installation of a satellite dish plus irregular rental payments), just constant repetition of "no fault" and even stating that retaliatory evictions take place and will increase rather than pointing out that they are illegal and the tenant has redress. One tenant had failed to pay rent because of benefit reductions or benefits not keeping pace with rent required, but this was cited as not the tenant's fault as she had "done nothing wrong". Obviously from her point of view that was true but from the landlord's point of view it is a breach of contract which can't continue indefinitely. There was no mention at all of S24 and the new tax regime making landlords bankrupt or forcing them to increase rents or sell up, all about the landlords' "power" over their tenants' lives. I assume Paul Shamplina's comments were severely edited as he came over as having sympathy for those he was paid to evict. One evicted tenant was allowed unchallenged to say she had received nothing at all in exchange for £40,000 of rent. Nothing except four years' accommodation in a three bedroom house that is, with all the maintenance done for her! It looks as though S21 is on borrowed time and we are heading for the Scottish system, which does at least allow for eviction after three months' arrears and when a landlord needs to sell or move into the property himself. How lifetime tenancies are going to work for student accommodation though I can't imagine.... Read More

Mortgage Express transfer to Rosinca Mortgages - anyone else?

On the subject of the thread, I am just thankful that we only ever had one MX mortgage and managed to repay it on maturity. Some of the experiences of other borrowers I have read about have been horrendous and influenced our decision to pay off a Northern Rock mortgage early.... Read More