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Section 21 no-fault possession claims down nearly 5000

Reply to the comment left by Old Mrs Landlord at 20/04/2018 - 11:21I should add the tenants are on a Statutory Periodic Tenancy and we don't really want to issue a fresh tenancy if it's avoidable.... Read More

Section 21 no-fault possession claims down nearly 5000

Another question regarding gas safety certificates. We have tenants in a property with no gas supply. We are about to have gas central heating installed and intend to provide the necessary certificate when the installation is commissioned. However the tenants have already been in the property for more than two years so we are unable to comply with the legislation as it stands. Would this mean we are unable to use a S.21 notice should we ever so desire? What should be our course of action at the time of commissioning of the gas heating and also if it ever becomes necessary to evict these tenants?... Read More

"Local authorities should have the power to confiscate properties"

Reply to the comment left by Chris Daniel at 19/04/2018 - 12:11The exmple you give of non-compliant locks is a difficult one to avoid given that tenants have the right to change locks without landlords' permission or knowledge. Problems are also caused when tenants object to thumbturn locks as their young children can let themselves out without the parent being aware, an issue raised by Mick of Nottingham (surname slipped my mind). As with tenants who refuse entry for gas cert. inspections, we are being placed in positions where it is impossible to comply with contradictory rules and are damned whichever course of action we take. No wonder so many are deciding enough is enough but this is just too much.... Read More

Old Mrs Landlord

A month ago
Mortgage Express transfer to Rosinca Mortgages - anyone else?

Reply to the comment left by Puzzler at 11/03/2018 - 18:45
Thanks Puzzler, I'll print that out and keep a hard copy to refer to. Then I'll experiment to see if it works on here as well as in Word docs., but I'm too tired now and anyway haven't got anything to say that requires an accented word. It's twenty years since I've been in an office environment and all my skills are rusty or outdated so I appreciate your taking the trouble to post that feedback.... Read More

Old Mrs Landlord

2 months ago
Nottingham Council follow up letter - Making 350 homeless

Also Lady Justice King's comments, paras. 78 and 79 "regulating management, use or occupation does not allow the application of conditions that regulate the condition and contents of a house or what facilities and equipment should be available".... Read More