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Dennis Leverett

13:50 PM, 25th March 2021
About 2 weeks ago

Gas safety certificate should be a legal requirement for all households?

I understand the thought behind it but I was Corgi registered for a few years because my business at time demanded it. As with electrical inspections, I could inspect today then tomorrow some idiot could do something stupid making it all a waste of time. I have seen many extremely dangerous adaptions done by idiots. Possibly make it a requirement when a property is sold, that sounds more sensible. Please no more money grabbing schemes its the tenant that will have to pay but no-one pays for our time to get it all done.... Read More

Dennis Leverett

16:05 PM, 12th March 2021
About a month ago

Can I complete replacement electrical work as a landlord?

One thing to bare in mind, you may do the best job ever but your lovely tenant decides to alter something to what you did and electrocutes himself because he forgot to turn off the power first. His lovely partner then tells the authorities that only days earlier you came round and did some work on that socket. Your word against his/hers but you did actually do something albeit good and can't deny that. Had it have been tested by a qualified electrician you would have been covered but I bet your liability insurance won't cover you. I had A Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom business for 25 years and we did all our own electrics, complete ring mains etc. and had it inspected by the local council who then were only allowed to charge a max. of £90.00 for domestics, whereas an electrician would have charged about £200.00. There was always a joke that the tester would say "I can see your not qualified electricians because the work is to good", but we always did it correctly to the letter and never had a problem. We certainly did see some very dangerous DIY jobs when ripping out old kitchens. There are many jobs you are allowed to do in your own home but the small print says "by a competent person". Is it worth the risk just save a few bob???... Read More

Dennis Leverett

13:27 PM, 2nd December 2020
About 4 months ago

Latest tier restrictions are a pretty blatant attack on less wealthy areas of the country

What a load of politically biased rubbish. The only reason these areas are rated as such is because of their current Covid situation. As old Mrs Landlord says plus not sticking to the rules as shown quite clearly in the media who of course may be biased as we know. My whinge is about Keir Starmer sitting on the fence over latest moves but all to ready to criticise at every opportunity, I certainly wouldn't want to be in Boris's shoes right now, bless him.... Read More

Dennis Leverett

10:41 AM, 30th October 2020
About 5 months ago

Gas Safety Certificate Failed by Boiler flue not sealed?

I had a similar problem a couple of years ago when a tenant had a smart gas meter installed. The installer said he would have to shut the system down as not safe because boiler flue not sealed. The tenant refused and got in touch with me, the installer said it was not sealed where the flue goes through the ceiling into the loft. By the time I got there the installer had gone, right jobs worth apparently. There was a one mm gap around the pipe to ceiling in the boiler cupboard, had he have bothered to look in the loft he would have seen a sealing plate in place which actually was not a requirement. A few days later got a letter from the Utility company saying for safety reasons they had reported the fault to whoever. My gas engineer very kindly came round to inspect and in his words "it was typical of these installers and he was wrong and failed in his job by not looking in loft" I wrote to the Utility company asking for an apology and compensation. Three times I wrote by recorded delivery and never got a reply. So first of all find out where not sealed. For an installer not seal the the flu joints is very serious and unlikely because of the possible consequences.... Read More

Dennis Leverett

19:54 PM, 24th August 2020
About 8 months ago

4 week eviction ban extension and 6 month minimum notice period

Reply to the comment left by David at 24/08/2020 - 19:25
You're probably right, it was very strange how it happened and I've never had Microsoft stick their oar in. Well it's time for me to open my front door and sing Rule Britannia and Land of Hope and Glory as loud as I can. Whatever next.... Read More