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Appalled Landlord

11:26 AM, 19th November 2019
About 4 hours ago

Tenants being quizzed by HMRC

The title and the first paragraph of the discussion between CIOT and HMRC indicate that the letters are only going to a specific group of people - those who are tenants of corporate landlords which are based off-shore.

The sample letter from HMRC confirms this, in the first paragraph:”This property is legally owned by an overseas company called…..”

The first sentence is “We are writing to you as we hold information that says you live in the property shown above.” This implies that HMRC knows the identity of the people living in the property.

But the letter is addressed to Dear Sir or Madam. This means that HMRC doesn’t hold the information it claims to hold. It probably does not even know whether the property is occupied or not.

The letter goes on to say that only tenants who do not pay rent to a letting agent need to deduct tax from the rent.... Read More

Appalled Landlord

12:41 PM, 15th November 2019
About 4 days ago

Shelter blame B&Bs on private landlords!

The press release is also incorrect where it claims “However, these figures illustrate the huge gap between DWP funding, and the amount councils need to house homeless households.” 

The £1.1 bn total and the £344m for B&B are NOT the gap between DWP funding and the amount councils need.

The table in the notes for editors shows that the gaps are £280m and £115m respectively.

The headline of the press release (not shown in the article above) is also incorrect: “Homelessness crisis costs councils over £1bn in just one year”
In fact the cost to councils is about a quarter of that.

So the press release is a pack of lies.

If only Shelter had someone who cared for the truth.... Read More

Appalled Landlord

12:18 PM, 14th November 2019
About 5 days ago

Appalled Landlord

12:05 PM, 14th November 2019
About 5 days ago

The myth that landlords can evict at a moment’s notice

Reply to the comment left by The Forever Tenant at 14/11/2019 - 11:36
What made you “live every single day in fear”?

Most tenants end their tenancies themselves, so never receive a Section 21 notice.

Most tenants had never heard of Section 21 until activists like the organisation that calls itself Generation Rent and Shelter whipped up hysteria about it... Read More

Appalled Landlord

14:41 PM, 11th November 2019
About A week ago

Conservative Right to Buy test?

In the Daily Telegraph article above, Jeremy Warner wrote “Morton’s insight is that the problem is less that of inadequate social housing – the UK has one of the highest rates of social housing in the EU – but rather that those who would once have been natural home owners found themselves priced out of the market by heavily subsidised buy-to-let landlords. Low interest rates and heavy-handed mortgage regulation have compounded the barriers to home ownership.”

This might look like a quote from Morton, but in fact it is all Warner’s own work. Morton’s report does not claim that landlords are subsidised, heavily or otherwise.

Furthermore, in his report Morton said that BTL only increased prices by 7%. He wrote “One government study in 2008 estimated that buy-to-let demand had increased house prices by 7% relative to where they would otherwise have been.”

It could be that Warner is a member of generation rent, although the photo above his article belies this. He seems to have absorbed David Kingman’s nonsense, however.

According to his profile on the Telegraph website, “Jeremy Warner, assistant editor of The Daily Telegraph, is one of Britain's leading business and economics commentators. A serial winner of awards, he has also been honoured for an "outstanding contribution in defence of freedom of the media" by the Society of Editors for his refusal to reveal sources to Government inspectors. He is @jeremywarneruk on Twitter”

If this is the intellectual calibre of a middle-aged Telegraph assistant editor then the decline in the UK is more desperate than I imagined.... Read More