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Appalled Landlord

13:57 PM, 31st December 2019, About 2 years ago

Petition against Shelter CEO receiving CBE

Shelter Birmingham have issued a denial about Robert Jenrick’s alleged visit on Christmas Day where “hot food and drinks as well as entertainment, services, clothing and a safe and warm place for vulnerable people to sleep” were allegedly provided.

A spokeswoman said “The people who donate and bequeath £40 million a year to us (minus the £12 million cost of collecting it) do not expect us to squander it on providing accommodation to homeless people. They expect it to go on the salaries of its 7 directors and 1,300 employees, who only offer advice, with a bit of anti-landlord lobbying on the side. This story is extremely damaging to us. If people lost trust in what we do with their money, and stopped giving it, 1,307 people would lose their jobs, and may become homeless.”... Read More

Appalled Landlord

12:59 PM, 31st December 2019, About 2 years ago

Jenrick spends Christmas evening at Birmingham Shelter

When I saw Mr Jenrick’s tweet last week about his visit I was shocked. Had Shelter Birmingham started to provide, er, shelter?

Google put my mind at rest. Mr Jenrick went here , where accommodation was provided, not here where only advice is provided:

I wonder how much credit Shelter England gets for the real charitable good deeds done by real charities that have its name in their title.... Read More

Appalled Landlord

15:10 PM, 9th December 2019, About 2 years ago

The Tories' silence

“Analysis by IPSE (the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed) shows that there are over 180 seats where the majority is smaller than the self-employed population. This includes 48 seats where the majority is less than 1,000 votes, and 111 where it is less than 5,000.

Of the 186 seats, 66 are Labour-held, and the list also includes a remarkable 39 of all 59 Scottish seats. The self-employed could be the difference everywhere from some of the tightest marginals in the country, such as Southampton Itchen and North East Fife, to key Labour targets including Iain Duncan Smith’s Chingford and Woodford Green and Boris Johnson’s seat in Uxbridge.

In short, the self-employed could be vital for Labour this election.”

Do they know what McDonnell plans for those who operate as companies?

IPSE has published its own manifesto:

One of its tax recommendations, on digital page 16, is “Commit to no new tax rises or National Insurance Contribution (NIC) increases on the self-employed.”

Well, those self-employed people who are operating as limited companies will suffer considerable increases in tax if Old McDonnell gets into number 11 Downing Street.

The Tories have an open goal. Why don’t they shoot?... Read More

Appalled Landlord

15:06 PM, 9th December 2019, About 2 years ago

The Tories' silence

Reply to the comment left by The Forever Tenant at 09/12/2019 - 14:36
Yes, you are wrong. Like the people at the Telegraph you have forgotten corporation tax. 21% of £1,368 is £287.

But you are extremely quick off the mark with your comment, 15 minutes after it was published. You must be very interested in this forum, Forever Tenant.... Read More

Appalled Landlord

0:54 AM, 23rd November 2019, About 2 years ago

Tenants being quizzed by HMRC

Reply to the comment left by Michael Barnes at 23/11/2019 - 00:10
Yes, it is and yes, it does. It is not a sample, it is an example. It is a photocopy of a real letter, with identifying data covered up by blank paper.

On 2 August it was sent to “The Occupier”. Below the latter you can see the top line of the paper that had been stuck over the address.

Below the date you can see the top line of the paper that had been stuck over the Reference.

At the end of the second sentence you can see where the paper has been stuck over part of the last letter.

I fail to see how putting Sir or Madam on the template would make it less complicated to auto-populate the letter with specific data. Do you think putting a specific date on a template would also make it less complicated to put the new right date every day?... Read More