9 years and still fighting

9 years and still fighting

18:34 PM, 31st October 2018, About 6 years ago 72

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Anybody had a Buy to let Mortgage with Chelsea Building Society? Between Circa on or around 2009 you are likely to have been over charged in interest.

If you have been repossessed around this time then you need to check your figures.

I had four properties repossessed and a member of the Network of Independent Forensic Experts (NIFA) confirmed I was not (2 months in arrears) at the point of Repossession.

My fight continues 9 years on.


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9:52 AM, 1st November 2018, About 6 years ago

To play devils advocate - how were you not able to demonstrate to the building society that you were NOT 2 months in arrears ? If you paid by DD and there was an underpayment accumulating, the error would lie with the BS. If you were manually making payments you would have receipts as evidence - and BS statements showing balances. And how would you not know you were under or over paying interest ? Its the most basic of calculations in this line of business. This information would also be in your paperwork as proof - very sceptical.

peter cookson

15:23 PM, 1st November 2018, About 6 years ago

Year 1 Aug - Dec
Paid 100 %
12.1 contract for LPA monies are not Due until one month as past

Contract ( breached)

I paid 5 payments
One month in advance
I also paid an overpayment my Account was interest only based on a daily rate after 14 days had past I paid a full month.

£366.00 when only £175.00 was owed.

Overpayment of £191.00 vanished .

peter cookson

15:27 PM, 1st November 2018, About 6 years ago

I’ve been to the chancery court hearing
I’ve been in front of a high court Judge he essentially agreed with me then strangely dismissed me ?
Supreme Court would not see my case.
I can actually show I was in credit on the four repossessions.

peter cookson

21:17 PM, 1st November 2018, About 6 years ago

Annual Mortgage Statements are the “ tool” that prevents justice.
Because they only show 1/12th of calculation in any given year ,if your Mortgage is calculated on a “ daily rate” then you need 365 individual calculations, that is what the Lender provides an Annual Statement it is a “ smoke screen” of the truth.
Chelsea Building Society know I know that is why they refused to meet with me .

I have found a banking scam that will is bigger than (PPI) in the year my Properties were repossessed a total of 194,000 were also repossessed, repossession is more profitable than anything in the industry it is extremely lucrative but it seems there’s only me who knows how it is done , many legal people have not grasped it yet.

My Detailed Account Breakdowns known as (DABs) were not provided by the Lender it is that simple ,the judiciary know my case will cost billions.

I need a large audience and a “ whiteboard” and my case will eventually open “ Pandora’s Box”.

Rob Thomas

10:44 AM, 2nd November 2018, About 6 years ago

Hi Peter

I'm afraid that like AA above I'm very sceptical. Lenders work in a highly regulated environment. FCA rules require them only to cover costs through arrears and repossession charges and the annual statement will show the amounts you have paid and the amount owed each month - the amount owed usually being 1/12 of the annual interest charged. The fact that it doesn't show each daily interest charge is of no real significance.

Also, your facts are wrong about the number of repossessions. The peak year this century was 2009 when 48,900 properties were repossessed according to figures from UK Finance, not 194,000.

Richard Adams

11:13 AM, 2nd November 2018, About 6 years ago

Sorry if I'm misunderstanding this but it sounds like four of Peter's properties were repossessed by Chelsea BS almost as a fait accompli? Surely in the run up to repossessing they advised they would be doing so because of outstanding arrears they believed to be the case so an opportunity to argue the toss would have been available then? Having said that I have a BTL mortgage with Chelsea that I bitterly regret having agreed to. Very expensive and a difficult mob to deal with.

peter cookson

15:27 PM, 2nd November 2018, About 6 years ago

I had at the time a 150 property portfolio the Lender that repossessed me was actually Yorkshire Building Society , because a very carefully constructed merger took place April 2010 you cannot argue with someone who does not know you?.

The merger was corrupt it was to hide the ( CBS) computer malfunction of mass errors.

I don’t know how much you know but ( CBS) interest on Mortgages is 98% wrong.

peter cookson

15:30 PM, 2nd November 2018, About 6 years ago

Dear friend

My mortgage was one month in advance an Annual statement does not show this.

My case and what I say is 100% correct confirmed conclusively by the (NIFA) .

peter cookson

15:31 PM, 2nd November 2018, About 6 years ago

The 194,000 was from the Ministry of Justice.

peter cookson

15:39 PM, 2nd November 2018, About 6 years ago

I am only trying to help my statement I make is correct my case is conclusively Mathmatically correct.

If a mortgage is paid in arrears 1 month then how many payments are due from Aug- Dec in the first year.

Answer (4)
The (5th) is due in January of the next year the Lender shown that ( 5 ) were due but this breached the contract.

(12.1) monies are deemed due ( LPA 1925) after one month as past.

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