9 years and still fighting

by Readers Question

18:34 PM, 31st October 2018
About 2 years ago

9 years and still fighting

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9 years and still fighting

Anybody had a Buy to let Mortgage with Chelsea Building Society? Between Circa on or around 2009 you are likely to have been over charged in interest.

If you have been repossessed around this time then you need to check your figures.

I had four properties repossessed and a member of the Network of Independent Forensic Experts (NIFA) confirmed I was not (2 months in arrears) at the point of Repossession.

My fight continues 9 years on.



peter cookson

20:01 PM, 15th November 2018
About 2 years ago

If any body knows anyone who as been repossessed read this :
Banks add your arrears into a Sub-Account
The Sub-Account is secret.
But you pay interest within the Sub- Account because the arrears are added to the Capital Sum.
In the Legal Banking definition this is ( Capitalisation of Arrears)
Judges only see an Annual Statement that’s how normally they are “ fooled”
The issue was Spotted By Master Ellison in the Bank of Scotland v Housing Rights ( NI) it was the people having their property Repossessed had had their arrears “ unilaterally Capitalised” but they never knew this had took place.?
It was kept from them .
But the Judge “ admirally” clearly seen through the scam Housing Rights made them provide the Sub- Accounts they had Capitalised the Arrears but tried to let the Judge think those arrears were “ live” but they had been extinguished through Capitalisation.
The Judge was “ horrified” that the Lender was committing blatant “ perjury” on the figures , the Mortgage holders being repossessed had no arrears it was an erroneous physical view of the Mortgage Accounts so the Lender would achieve possession.
The Judge said “ how many Judges over the years have made wrong decisions with this “ Fraud”.
It as been going on for years and years,
This probably should be an article for discussion in its own right.
I am the Expert in this Area.

peter cookson

20:37 PM, 15th November 2018
About 2 years ago

Before anybody jumps into a “ frenzy” I am fully aware you charge “interest on Arrears” this is to do with ADDING ARREARS TO THE CAPITAL SUM, CHARGING INTEREST, BUT THEN LEAVE THE ARREARS AS STILL OUTSTANDING FOR THE BENEFIT OF REPOSSESSION.


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