9 years and still fighting

9 years and still fighting

18:34 PM, 31st October 2018, About 6 years ago 72

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Anybody had a Buy to let Mortgage with Chelsea Building Society? Between Circa on or around 2009 you are likely to have been over charged in interest.

If you have been repossessed around this time then you need to check your figures.

I had four properties repossessed and a member of the Network of Independent Forensic Experts (NIFA) confirmed I was not (2 months in arrears) at the point of Repossession.

My fight continues 9 years on.


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16:51 PM, 3rd November 2018, About 6 years ago

Well that is as I said completely insane. I am at a loss.

peter cookson

16:58 PM, 3rd November 2018, About 6 years ago

Why would I want to change or switch Mortgages when I would of been charged a 4%
( ERC) ?
Don’t understand why you ask this question AA

peter cookson

17:07 PM, 3rd November 2018, About 6 years ago

All of you people reading my thread after look from outside the box.

I have found the DNA on how Banks /BS commit “ fraud” that’s it ,you were all meant not to understand it , but in its complete simplist form an anomaly of £3 £4 £9 etc could be overpayments of intetest of £100 £200 £500 please try to understand it ,this is the extra “ Brucey bonus “ that banks do not want you to see.
Mortgage Annual Statements don’t give you this information , millions of repossessions would have to be examined if I won my case.

peter cookson

17:26 PM, 3rd November 2018, About 6 years ago

In 2015 I highlighted then on Property 118 the issue titled “ Lenders hidden trick” progression of the investigation since then as highlighted the unbelievable severity of the situation even being backed by the Network Institute of Forensic Accountants ( NIFA).
My case would be irrefutably won at a trial.

Richard believe the unbelievable I have the unquestionable proof.

Hopefully my Private Prosecution will bring an end to this “ Criminal Fraud” protected by the people who you think are there to protect us.

Richard Adams

21:16 PM, 3rd November 2018, About 6 years ago

Reply to the comment left by AA at 03/11/2018 - 15:04
AA, I do recall the BofI scam but not the details. I was though one of those scammed by West Brom who tried to use T&C's small print to raise the interest rate on BTL tracker mortgages. OK we took them to court and got our money back but initially first thing I did was call FCA. The answer was "Sorry we can't/won't help you because as a landlord you are not considered a consumer (ie owner occupier mortgage borrower) but a business". In other words "Get stuffed!"

peter cookson

6:30 AM, 4th November 2018, About 6 years ago

Yes but what you may not know the ( FCA) is obliged to investigate if the Lender is Authorised and Regulated by the ( FCA) they have to follow the rules set by the ( FCA) not many people are aware of this , it was the Lender who directed me to go to the ( Financial Ombudsman Service) but I did not know then I was being set up.
The ( FOS) survive by payments from the Lenders so it is an in house “snare” set up by the government to prevent you going any further especially if your claim could open the flood gates.
Technically you are covered by the ( FCA) but Andrew Bailey the head of the ( FCA) just acts as the same as the ( FOS).

The West Brom Case is nothing in terms of monetary claims.

I have been “ nicknamed” the Julian Assange of Mortgages that is why no authority wants me in the papers.

Once I go to trial and win I will be attacking the ( PPI) hidden in Mortgages this is also huge, most people are also not aware that Lenders underwrite their own insurance policies I bet you did not know that😊
That is why repossession is very popular amongst Lenders.
And to top it all Building Societies are actually Banks.
But one step at a time.

peter cookson

6:34 AM, 4th November 2018, About 6 years ago

98% of all Building Society Mortgage Accounts are Mathmatically wrong .
Take a look at “ beat the Banks” on the internet that man will tell you everything there is nothing he does not know , Mark could do with having a chat with Mike Begg.

peter cookson

9:07 AM, 4th November 2018, About 6 years ago

The reason I know so much is the 9 years constant research, I have joined the “ dots” and completed the “ jig saw”
I can take everyone from the beginning to the very end.
I am nearly coming to the end of my “ book” which I will give out for free it is a warning to all , Mortgages are needed to keep the country a float.
But Banks are not happy Doubling there money they can through Repossession “ quadruple” profits much earlier rather than waiting (20) years or so.

I am happy for free to come to any venue that as a white board an projector, and show how bad I have been “ fiddled”.

Remember Banks money is the Goverments don’t kid yourself , that is why Banks don’t fail , sometimes they merge and I know why.

I have been followed in my very early morning walks , I am not paranoid or some idiot I have been to three Courts and they will not shut me up , I am 56 years had two heart attacks because of this “ shit” and I will have the “back studs” one day .

peter cookson

9:38 AM, 4th November 2018, About 6 years ago

People within the Legal framework try to assess calculating issues but this is what fails at Court , you need to prove and conclusively show the (DNA) which is irrefutable in any Mathmatical case.
Therefore at any point you consider bringing a case to court you need a member of the Network of Independent Forensic Accountants ( NIFA) by your side , no member will go against what one person as presented or said , they have to sing from the same “ hymn sheet” and no Judge is likely to question a Mathmatical Expert.

This initially was my barristers error at a hearing he assumed he would be able to present the maths , but it fell on deaf ears he was not a certified expert in Maths.

But I will be definitely taking my irrefutable ( NIFA ) Report along with the man himself to my Private Prosecution.

Richard Adams

11:35 AM, 4th November 2018, About 6 years ago

Reply to the comment left by peter cookson at 04/11/2018 - 06:30
Well Peter, I wish you all the best with your upcoming endeavours in the courts. Your knowledge far surpasses mine regarding issues I never even knew existed. I fail to understand why a lender might prefer to repossess on a flimsy whim rather than let a loan reach the end of its term. You say plenty of repossessions are happening? Not something I am aware of and I know plenty of fellow landlords.

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