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12:07 PM, 9th November 2019
About 6 days ago

No change to Brexit - No change to Bank Base Rate

Initial assertion is incorrect - that a rise in interest rate if labour get in. The only reason why there is inward foreign cash flow is the UK has a mature regulatory and legislative framework.
The economy and more importantly average households could not burden an interest rate hike.
Not that I am a fan of labour. Hypocrite's. Ex public school power hungry wannabe's professing to espouse to represent the " working class" .... Read More


9:10 AM, 29th March 2019
About 8 months ago

Abject Failure of the ICO is beyond belief

I think the word you are looking for to describe the ICO is "Quango".
On the application form where it asks "Do you have properties elsewhere" your response should be " Refer to land registry"
"Are they licensed" your response "Please contact relevent LA"
Dont do the work for them.
In life when someone you meet is bigger than you, you don't meet them head on, you side step and, stick your foot out, a little push, and let them fall from their inertia.... Read More


11:53 AM, 24th March 2019
About 8 months ago

Dividends And Other Tax Perks For Landlords Who Incorporate

I am great admirer of Mark in terms of the work he has done for the benefit of landlord ( you can sense a BUT coming ) ......BUT or HOWEVER ....I think you are wrong on this Mark. A rental operation is NOT a" business" for tax purposes whether your set up as a single owner or joint owner unless you carry out demonstrable work above and beyond the rourine tasks of letting - like laundry, cleaning , maintenance etc. ( Like a hotel) .Mark has often mentioned the 25 hours benchmark. That is only 1 hurdle you have to clear. Look up Ramsay v HMRC. Portfolio of 10 flats, incorporated, HMRC challenged, defendants won, but observe the details of the win.
On the matter of shifting of the plates, when I was a kid , I was taught tax avoidance is legal, tax evasion is illegal. Now tax avoidance is illegal. I never hear the term tax evasion anymore.
HMRC mantra is simply, if its too good to be true, it is.... Read More


9:03 AM, 17th February 2019
About 9 months ago

25,000 more homes in new Government deal

From the description given I would bet that these developments will be ghettos within 10 years.
The estates built in the 60's and 70's were well thought out , until they were populated. Our council has spent £millions face lifting run down areas and they already look like war zone.... Read More


16:24 PM, 15th February 2019
About 9 months ago

Am I wrong to insist on signing a new contract in person?

Reply to the comment left by at 15/02/2019 - 16:02
On that premise someone who has viewed the flat may as well create a fake tenancy with forged signatures etc.... Read More