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20:03 PM, 20th October 2018
About 16 hours ago

Open Letter to Landlords and Shelter

Reply to the comment left by Luke P at 20/10/2018 - 16:49
Not involved because … what is being proposed in terms of the fight back is somewhat …. flaccid . It may have passed you by but pistols at dawn and Queensbury rules do not apply anymore. Fair meaningful discussions over a cup of tea ….hah. These days you go for the jugular and pound your opponent into the ground so he doesn't even think about getting back up.

Setting up a website ….very 21st century. Here is a better idea. A big poster on the M25 at a busy point. SHELTER £60M Budget. HOMES PROVIDED 0. CEO SALARY £120K. MONEY FROM TAXPAYERS …. Now something like that - here's my £250 !... Read More


10:32 AM, 11th October 2018
About A week ago

Shelter misleading the public about its finances

Reply to the comment left by Phil Ireland at 11/10/2018 - 09:44
Phil - Why ? The auditor wants to get paid doesn't he ? And he wants the business next year ?... Read More


14:36 PM, 9th October 2018
About 2 weeks ago

Liability for Council Tax - tenant left before contract end?

Unfair as it is - they have the upper hand It's about "occupation and habitation". You are in the right regarding utilities though. . I get the obligatory 1 day charge all the time when I get a back to back rental. That is tenant 1 leaves on the 1st and tenant 2 moves in on the 2nd. Always the 1 day charge. I stopped thinking about it a long time ago.... Read More


0:13 AM, 5th October 2018
About 2 weeks ago

Tax on gifted sale of site to daughter?

Your question is unclear - are you gifting the house once built ? Will it be free of a mortgage ? You can gift property to children with no CGT but potential IHT if you depart within 7 years of the gift.... Read More


10:28 AM, 4th October 2018
About 2 weeks ago

What would you do?

Agree - Also VAT fraud is a serious business. They are in serious s*** . They are just too dumb to realise this. If they are collecting VAT, whether they are above the threshold or not, they have to pay HMRC. So in a nutshell - fines, penalties, amount due , interest and a tax investigation. Get onto the HMRC hotline.
But you cannot be silent on this matter and have a duty to report this to HMRC.... Read More