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peter cookson

9:00 AM, 24th October 2021, About a month ago

Birmingham Midshires increased my fixed rate mortgage payment?

I have heard on the grapevine something very big May hit BTL Lenders from in or around 2008-2009 financial collapse ,it is to do with arrears added to the mortgage balance but then Lenders continued with repossession.
The Con was simple and it was achieved by using the word ( Revised) on interest only mortgages , a particular judge I dealt with did not understand ( Revised) in normal everyday terms most people understand Capitalisation of arrears but you can only use this on repayment mortgages NOT on interest ONLY because your not paying off the Capital you are only servicing the interest.
In or around 2008-2009 they were 95,000 repossessions.
This is a fraud so it is not time barred very many Lenders repossessed when mortgages were not the permitted two months in arrears.
Lord Justice Munby made a statement prior to my case in that once an Arrear is added it know longer exists , he was swiftly appointed to the family courts.
Mr Andrew Bailey refused to listen to me ?
It does not matter if a mortgage is regulated or not fraud especially to the Courts is a serious Crime.... Read More

peter cookson

10:23 AM, 21st November 2020, About A year ago

Illusion of fact?

The only way to keep property investment “ alive” is to bring back taper relief ( period).

TR should have never been allowed to be abolished because the Buy To Let industry was formed because of this benefit or at the very least created a housing strategy privately because councils could not run efficiently.

They dangled the carrot to bring us in then removed it if TR was brought back as a gesture then Tax rises would not be harmful to the long term Investors .

PRR / Private Residence Relief will be next when will it end a communist state is not to far away.... Read More

peter cookson

20:23 PM, 20th November 2020, About A year ago

Illusion of fact?

I would like to hold a sort of seminar to help people who have been repossessed in 2008-2009 alone around 95,000 repossessions took place , interestingly banks make more money from repossessions but that’s for another time.... Read More

peter cookson

20:14 PM, 20th November 2020, About A year ago

Illusion of fact?

Not bad Chris✅

The problem arises when the Loan is interest only as I mentioned previously you never pay it off , if it were Capital & Repayment you would be correct in that outstanding balances after revision would be paid off at the end of the term
But what happens when arrears are added on an interest Only loan what is it called ?

The judge thinks ha ha ! those arrears are still outstanding if they are not paid off , what he does not realise an interest only Loan arrears sum is added increasing the capital amount for which interest is calculated , thus those arrears at that point do not exist because the Lender as reconstructed the loan to absorb them and you pay extra per month for that increase.

As with Interest Only payment holidays when they expire you receive a letter that states here’s your new revised amount to pay each month .

So the correct answer is arrears or agreed missed payments added to interest only loans are called REVISED.

Arrears added to Capital & Repayment loans are CAPITALISED

You cannot re- use a revised or capitalised balance once it is absorbed and recalculated into the new monthly payment , but this is exactly what did occur , at my hearing the Lenders Barrister stated to Judge Soole “ my Lord this as been occurring since Mortgages began.

Example £500.00

£500.00 is added at the point of revision or capitalisation then they use the same £500.00 (6)months later to gain the balance of power by contract to instruct LPA receivers which lead to repossession.

It’s an anomaly of deception that is clear and needs an ear of a judge to agree.
One did in a case Lord Justice Munby unfortunately after he made this judgment he was moved to the family courts I wonder why.

If the Judge understood the word “ REVISED” has seen on my particulars of claim , he would have known “ perjury” was taking place.... Read More

peter cookson

17:54 PM, 20th November 2020, About A year ago

Illusion of fact?

This proves my point to my original posting

Many people here are well educated and yet nobody can answer the simple questions (below) why ?

Define The words Revised Payment ( in banking )
Define the word Capitalisation (in banking)

This is key it is a “Pandora’s Box” nobody can answer something so simple but does an answer exist or Crucially is this the anomaly that is used time and time again to prevent justice.

I repeat

The Judge in my case stated “ your arrears were Revised NOT Capitalised .... Read More