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Richard Adams

11:34 AM, 28th March 2020
About 7 days ago

Covid-19 - Which BTL Lenders Are Playing Ball?

I got a communication from Rosinca saying briefly they are up for hearing from borrowers who want/need a holiday.... Read More

Richard Adams

12:37 PM, 24th March 2020
About 2 weeks ago

London Renters Union Covid-19 template letter

Agree with all comments above. Trouble is tenants, and everyone, seem to think a "holiday" means mortgage payments are sort of waived full stop until crisis ends. Holiday means when crisis is over lender will be asking for the monthly payments not paid. Namely a loan. Equally tenants don't appreciate that a rental "holiday" means the same thing. How many tenants will be able even if inclined to do so, to enter into a repayment schedule of "holiday" rent not paid during the crisis? Answer very few if any. So eviction banned during the crisis will follow on account of unpaid rent.... Read More

Richard Adams

14:09 PM, 14th March 2020
About 3 weeks ago

Tenants failed by Budget

Reply to the comment left by Bristol Landlord at 14/03/2020 - 13:49
Hold whatever point of view you like. Amusing to recall that pre the election there was a plethora of opinions from members of this forum on whom they would vote for. Quite a few indicated Labour and others but not Conservatives at any price which surprised me somewhat them being landlords. The jury remains out on whether the government we now have will listen to our proper cries for tackling the rental supply crisis. I suspect they will in due course. You and I doubtless come from diametrically opposite political spectrums but there is surely one thing we can agree on? While there must be hope the Conservatives will eventually tackle the rental supply crisis, had they not won the December GE Corbyn or anyone else would DEFINITELY not have done so -ever. Yet some landlords clearly voted Labour it seems. Funny old world isn't it?... Read More

Richard Adams

12:24 PM, 12th March 2020
About 3 weeks ago

Tenants failed by Budget

Replying to Gromit - 0952 hrs comment - "This government" has only been in office since mid December. With a lot on their plate from outset and now coronavirus on top let's give them a break for a few months at least.... Read More

Richard Adams

15:08 PM, 29th February 2020
About a month ago

Evicted tenant with no savings but £5k pm consultancy work?

Reply to the comment left by John at 28/02/2020 - 16:02
Anything you get however small is better than nothing so go for it ASAP. I'm not aware of the 12 month contract scenario but surely you could enter into a new one ongoing for next year and onwards in that unlikely event? Your ex tenant will have become aware that trying to bullshit her way out of paying with DCBL cuts no ice by then. She might offer £500 per month at outset but DCBL will push her to pay more which from income of £5000 per month she can surely afford? Make no mistake that the bailiffs who actually knock on her door take no prisoners within the law of course and the more they get her to pay the more they earn and sooner like yourself. Keep us posted how you get on.... Read More