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Richard Adams

22:06 PM, 29th November 2019
About 2 weeks ago

As a Landlord in the General Election I intend to vote for:

Reply to the comment left by Laurie at 29/11/2019 - 21:57
Laurie you are dead right, the EU almost certainly won't still exist by 2040. It is rotten to the core which is another good reason to get out. Once we are out proving it can be done having failed to be brow beaten into holding second referendums like Ireland and Denmark in the past there will be several countries following our example seeking to leave. Our progress towards exit is being watched closely by a few countries right now.... Read More

Richard Adams

12:33 PM, 20th November 2019
About 3 weeks ago

Location Independence - the lifestyle of Mark and Svetlana Alexander

Sounds great Mark. But didn't you couple of years or so back say you were considering moving your main home base in Malta elsewhere. Portugal wasn't it?
Most of us in Property118 from its outset will be forever grateful to you for setting it up which was instigated mainly as I recall from the fight you successfully led against the West Brom. Quietly confident throughout you were while negative gainsayers posted all over the place you were on a loser. I often wonder how many West Brom BTL borrowers who disgracefully funked joining the action yet benefitted from the victory, have thanked you and admitted they were wrong to doubt you and not contribute. There were plenty of them. Sadly I suspect the answer is zero.... Read More

Richard Adams

12:16 PM, 20th November 2019
About 3 weeks ago

Tory candidate slammed for 'Tents' comment!

Mark's post is correct but sadly the way such tenants will get "treated" as he says they should is likely to be little more than a slap on the wrist. Certainly not treated in a manner to deter others from behaving likewise. If the offenders end up living in a car/tent there will be outrage from Shelter etc.
I defend the right of the candidate to speak freely however. He is hardly suggesting horsewhipping or execution! Wretched social media is becoming a curse on society where if you blow your nose through a nostril the unaware of the real issues masses think is wrong then you are damned.... Read More

Richard Adams

17:17 PM, 18th November 2019
About 3 weeks ago

Rogue tradesman run off with deposit?

Pursue him through the Small Claims process having written to him saying that is what you will do if he does not pay within 14 days say. It takes some time and for £975 is very cheap. Sounds like the sort of chap who will ignore the summons etc because he has no defence. You will get copy of judgement telling him to pay within 14 days which he may not do by sound of him? If he does not pay instruct the firm Debt Collection Bailiffs Ltd to collect. Same mob as you see on TV - "Can't pay we'll take it away". They will get the payment unless he's completely skint. If he's got a job though he can afford to pay what is a pretty small amount even if it is by instalments. Good luck.... Read More

Richard Adams

17:07 PM, 13th November 2019
About 4 weeks ago

As a Landlord in the General Election I intend to vote for:

Reply to the comment left by KD South East at 13/11/2019 - 16:10
You're quite right KD South East that Labour did not cause the international financial crash in 2008 which I may have implied in a previous post. Apologies. However Gordon Brown saw it coming which has since been revealed and took zero steps to mitigate its impact, like stopped or at least slowed down spending. The crash would have been less severe had he not carried on as if nothing had happened. Remember the famous remark when Labour lost the 2010 GE and their First Secretary of the Treasury told incoming Chancellor Osborne "There is zero money in the pot". That is Labour's regular ongoing through the ages mismanagement of money in stark reality. Will be the same this time but much worse if McDonnell gets his hands on the cheque book.... Read More