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Rob Thomas

5 days ago
Is government thinking of disallowing operating costs, and for companies as well?


I agree we need to calm down. For landlords who are very concerned about the impact of recent tax changes this is an opportunity to express their views and, if they are selling properties because of the tax changes, to say so.

I don't see anything in this questionnaire to suggest that government is planning to disallow operating expenses. But to ask questions about whether the landlord is compliant with the law (e.g. do you have a current gas safety certificate) is odd. As you say, non-compliant landlords would have to be pretty stupid to confirm they're breaking the law.

Finally, I thought the prize was amusing - membership of the NLA or RLA. That'll whet peoples' appetites (not).... Read More

Rob Thomas

2 weeks ago
Significantly less rental stock coming on to the market as PRS feels the pressure

The article says "it must be taken into account that landlords have only just completed their tax returns, and this will be the first time since mortgage relief rates were partially reduced"

Actually the first year that the restrictions on interest deductibility take effect is 2017-18, so the tax returns that landlords have just completed won't be affected (they relate to the tax year 2016-17).... Read More

Rob Thomas

2 weeks ago
I am having to make 350 people homeless this year!

Reply to the comment left by Dr Rosalind Beck at 05/03/2018 - 17:10
Hi Ros

I wish you were right about them begging to have us back. But this is what I think will happen. The extra costs and taxes will drive out a lot of landlords, rents and homelessness will rise and politicians and Shelter will blame greedy landlords for putting up rents and evicting 'vulnerable' tenants.

I don't think we can win. Indeed, there may be much worse to come if we get a Corbyn government. Now that a Conservative government has created the precedent of charging capital gains tax at a higher tax on residential property, what is to stop a Corbyn government taxing capital gains on property at 90% or 100%?

My advice to landlords would be to sell if you can and take your capital somewhere else (abroad would be safer). The only people I can see doing well are those providing temporary accommodation because councils are soon to be flooded with people needing to be housed.... Read More

Rob Thomas

2 weeks ago
Replies to my critique of Economist BTL article

Great reply Ros

I particularly like your point about Grenfell and the lack of attention to the impact of Section 24 on tenants.

Regarding the Bank of England's attack on buy-to-let, as a former Bank of England economist I entirely agree with you that its statements lacked any basis in fact and indeed contradicted what we do know about the PRS, which has been a stabilising force in the housing market and has been a very effective pressure valve, responding to a growing population while other sectors shrank.

The Economist should live up to its name and publish an article that outlines how added costs and taxes for landlords will raise rental prices and discourage investment, worsening the housing crisis. Is the Economist so caught up in the leftist consensus that it can't even apply simple economics to the housing debate.... Read More

Rob Thomas

2 weeks ago
Mandatory HMO licensing to be extended

Reply to the comment left by Richard Peeters at 01/03/2018 - 12:52
Very good point Richard
I've never once had a tenant say they wanted a wash basin in their room and I've been a landlord for nearly 30 years. It can add thousands to a landlord's costs and reduces the resale value of the property because wash basins in bedrooms are frankly down market.

This issue seems to have come about because some LAs are too stupid to understand the difference between a self-contained bedsit and a shared house.... Read More