Tenants “blackmail” me to lie to council?

Tenants “blackmail” me to lie to council?

10:05 AM, 24th January 2022, About A year ago 30

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The court has granted me S21 possession, vacate date was 18 January. The tenants had promised to move out on 18 Jan, but again they lied, and still refuse to leave, and now this “blackmail” from them to lie to the council.

Tenants texted to say they have viewed a few council houses, and the council will ring me soon. The tenants warn me NOT to tell the council about their rent arrears, or else the matter with them leaving my property will become complicated and prolonged!

Of course, nothing about how their rent arrears are going to be paid back.

What are the consequences of (1) telling the council the truth, (2) ignoring tenants’ “blackmail”, (3) just sending the bailiffs

What other dirty tricks can the tenants come up with?

Have any landlords been “blackmailed” like this?

What did you do?

Thank you for your time.


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Ian Narbeth

10:24 AM, 24th January 2022, About A year ago

Unless you are asked for a reference from the Council why would you mention the arrears to them? There is no benefit to you.

If you are asked and you decide to give a reference you must tell the truth and not mislead the Council.


11:07 AM, 24th January 2022, About A year ago

Agree completely with Ian, only mention arrears if asked to do so and, under no circumstances, should you lie. I would now arrange for bailiffs.

Allan Thornton

11:10 AM, 24th January 2022, About A year ago

Best not lie - it is dangerous and often comes back to bite you. The council are probably aware of the judgement
Your situation could very well become protracted anyway.
As you have judgement, pay for bailliffs and have them ejected.
It is clean and gives you a firm date when your property returns to you.

David Judd

11:12 AM, 24th January 2022, About A year ago

The sooner you get them out the better. They are just trying to delay the process. Get the bailiff in asap. The longer you leave it the bigger the chance you will have to go back to court. The only person who loses out is you.


11:15 AM, 24th January 2022, About A year ago

Tricky situation. A lot depends on the nuance of the situation.
They are potentially asking you to be a party to fraud.
What we know from what you have written is they are very untrustworthy
There are no guarantees that helping them with the council will make your situation any better. (If indeed the reference is for a council property).
It does seem they want something. That is some leverage over them. How much it's hard to say. It may be worth trying to figure out how important it is to them by enquiring how exactly a good reference helps them move.
You could then potentially reply, you will say there is no arrears if that is truly the case at the time. They will need to settle them up, and how much can they pay to settle them?
This of course assumes they some have funds and are not paying them, instead of having no funds.
It puts the stress back where it belongs if they do in fact want to move. You can't be party to fraud.

And as others mentioned... Arrange the bailiffs

Darren Peters

11:15 AM, 24th January 2022, About A year ago

Get the Bailiffs asap. Don't lie to the council.

Ann Shaw

11:16 AM, 24th January 2022, About A year ago

There is no statutory legal obligation for LL's to provide a reference for tenants, even to a Council. Therefore, as you don't wish to lie, don't provide a reference. Definitely instruct High Court Enforcement Officers (High Court Bailiffs). Costs a little more to go through the High Court, but you will gain possession.

Tom McGrath

11:33 AM, 24th January 2022, About A year ago

If asked, tell the council you are thinking of selling the property. Well, you are, aren't you? Every landlord thinks of selling his/her property on a daily basis! That way, you haven't told a lie, and you haven't condemned your tenants, you've just been creative with the truth.

Bernard Mealing

11:40 AM, 24th January 2022, About A year ago

To lie puts you in a very sticky place with the Council. No reference no problem. to lie may have a come back. but they will have moved on and left you to explain... Normally the next stage of s21 is to apply for a eviction notice and Court Bailiffs. The only way is the legal way. no short cuts. I usually issue s21 and s8 if there are rent arrears.... if one is turned down you use the second bullet. Good luck

Judith Wordsworth

11:44 AM, 24th January 2022, About A year ago

Reply to the comment left by Allan Thornton at 24/01/2022 - 11:10
The Council will want to know why you are evicting them, plus if they are already on benefits they will know. Tell the truth as it's highly unlikely you will ever see any rent from them.

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