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11:29 AM, 2nd October 2020
About 4 weeks ago

Allow Landlords to evict tenants where there are 14 days rent arrears

Reply to the comment left by brian gibson at 02/10/2020 - 11:15
Whatever we ask for, we will get less.

So putting a "realistic" amount of days notice, will be watered down significantly.

The quickest I have evicted somebody was 6 months. They paid the first months rent, and then just stopped and would not communicate.

If we ask for 2 months, then nothing will change.
Other countries like Aus and NZ deal with this in a sensible way. They gasp at how long it takes for an eviction here.
The Government are the unrealistic ones.... Read More


10:12 AM, 2nd October 2020
About 4 weeks ago

Allow Landlords to evict tenants where there are 14 days rent arrears

Reply to the comment left by Nick at 02/10/2020 - 10:04Whiteskifreak,I hear you, and you are right.
But I still signed the petition straight away. The situation in the U.K is ridiculous, the state is overstepping its bounds, and parliament need to know that it is wrong.
The petition asks for 14 days. I would prefer if the government just got out of it, and it was up to the landlord and tenant agreed to the eviction period. The market would then price what this was worth. Shorter periods would have to be offset with lower prices.

A shorter eviction period can be sold as a plus for renters.... Read More


13:39 PM, 27th September 2020
About a month ago


Reply to the comment left by Antony Wood at 27/09/2020 - 13:18The government have practical and political reasons to punish landlords.
Challenging the current law is a good approach for dealing with the symptom, but it doesn't deal with the cause.
The government would just revise the law, or hit us elsewhere.
Politicians are using landlords like fodder, as we have no-where else to turn. Without organising into a voting block we will just be fending against a small wave in a ocean of unreasonable attacks. (Landlords have been discriminated against for not being able to claim interest or enforce contracts).
We need to organise as a block, and commit to vote for a party that will not take a biased approach.
Remember - very far from a majority voted for UKIP, but it forced the conservatives to have a referendum and then leave the EU.
I suspect that the Brexit party would be sympathetic to our cause and would welcome our votes. You only need to have enough votes to control the margin at an election and MPs will change their tune.
Threatening as a block to vote in this way, whether you support that party or not is likely to have more long lasting benefits for us, and costs us almost nothing.
Even if the Brexit party were not to support us, the chance of losing significant votes would give us a voice.
(For disclosure - not a member of any party and have no links to any party.)... Read More


8:29 AM, 22nd September 2020
About a month ago


How about a just giving page set up an find out how much landlords would be willing to pay.

If landlords won't even invest in saving themselves, then we can't expect the associations to do so.

One more point, this is a very good article by Rosalind, but it is only the start. Landlords are not treated like other businesses, they can't claim interest as a legitimate business expenses.
Then there is the progressive taxation which punishes them further. This is not an initial injustice, but one layered on many others.
The government will only change their tune when they have an incentive to do so.... Read More


18:53 PM, 16th September 2020
About a month ago

Government forcing landlords to house non-paying tenants for lengthy periods

Reply to the comment left by David at 16/09/2020 - 15:28
Your MP has to tow the party line. The MP can't justify the policy, so points you all over the place and brushes you off.

How accurate is the survey 87% of Tennant's are paying? They didn't ask me.

Even so, that's at least 260k landlords not getting rent, and not putting money back into the economy.

What they are evading is landlords are not getting 87% of rent, some are getting NONE.
How are politicians helping these people.
They are NOT. They are making their situation worse!

If you are a sheep, going to the wolf to help is madness!... Read More