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12:25 PM, 29th June 2020
About 3 days ago

The Truth About Lease Options

Interesting topic.
Do you know of any exchange or marketplace for these lease options?... Read More


21:28 PM, 12th June 2020
About 3 weeks ago

Daily Briefings - Landlord questions needed!

Reply to the comment left by Gromit at 12/06/2020 - 16:45
Excellent question Gromit.
The minimum amount of words and the core of the problem.

The issue is, its a recorded video format. Which allows weaselling out of the question with no accountability for the answer.

Should it be more of a statement dressed up as a question?

Something like....
"Landlords have worked hard and saved for their homes, and are required to do many expensive tasks to meet standards and make their tenants safe. What help is there for people managing property and related costs given many tenants can not or will not pay?"

In any case the question will be vetted before hand. So not sure this is the best way to get our point across.
We are simply unrepresented.... Read More


21:22 PM, 6th June 2020
About 4 weeks ago

Eviction Ban Extended 2 Months Until 23rd August

Anyone played monopoly when another player started making up rules as you go along?

Well that's what we have, the banker (or Government) is making up rules to favour the players "Vulnerable tenants" and "Standard tenants", over "Vulnerable landords" and "Standard landlords".
Vulnerability is not the issue here, being a landlord is.

The only way for Landlords to be treated fairly is to be represented.
Landlords are not represented properly, and that makes us all vulnerable.... Read More


13:53 PM, 6th June 2020
About 4 weeks ago

3-month eviction ban extension and their fantasy world

Dont assume the schizophrenic Government know what they are doing or have your interests at heart.

It must follow that if Government legally stop you earning a living, they must be liable for that.
This applys to landlords as well as tenants.
Wonder if someone will claim compensation via courts.

You may not be able to evict, but can you still getva court order for costs.... Read More


12:17 PM, 11th May 2020
About 2 months ago

Government's destructive path

Reply to the comment left by Bristol Landlord at 09/05/2020 - 16:03
Now you understand the purpose of Government.
It is not there to protect you and your property. In fact it does the opposite.
Where does the government get the power to destroy your property rights???

As said in the comments, landlords are terrible at coming together. Doing so is the only way to stop the appalling way landlords are being treated.... Read More