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Ian Narbeth

19:53 PM, 30th June 2020
About 2 weeks ago

The Truth About Lease Options

I don't think there is though Simon Zutshi mentions talking to an auction house about the sale of lease options. I can see that a marketplace for selling options would work. It's more problematic to sell the lease part because the option-holder as lessee will have obligations under the lease and the freeholder will want control over who is managing the property and responsible for paying rent.... Read More

Ian Narbeth

10:08 AM, 24th June 2020
About 3 weeks ago

Guarantors for rent - worth the hassle?

As a general rule a guarantor is a benefit to a landlord. We regularly take parents and grandparents as guarantors. Recently that greatly helped us when a young tenant lost his job just before lockdown. The guarantor continued to pay the rent. You need to ensure the guarantee is properly drafted, that it covers the tenancy when it becomes periodic and that it is properly executed as a deed.
That said, I too would be reluctant to take an impecunious tenant with an impecunious sibling where there are clearly unspoken family issues between them.... Read More

Ian Narbeth

17:54 PM, 23rd June 2020
About 3 weeks ago

Court of Appeal Rule in Favour of Landlords on Gas Safety Certificate Case

Hi Olivia No. If you have served the GSC but after the tenant moved in that now will not be fatal to the s21 application.... Read More

Ian Narbeth

16:01 PM, 22nd June 2020
About 3 weeks ago

Extension of eviction ban for commercial leases

Reply to the comment left by Darren Peters at 22/06/2020 - 09:21
The Government has not excused commercial tenants from rental liability. The lease contracts remain in force. The Code says:

"This is a voluntary code and does not change the underlying legal relationship or lease contracts between landlord and tenant and any guarantor."
The Government has suspended possessions which gives tenants a breathing space. If, when the moratorium ends, landlords insist on recovering rent arrears from impecunious tenants then tenants will default and/or they will look into Company Voluntary Arrangements which are often worse for landlords.

If a commercial tenant has been prevented from trading then the tenant has had no use of the premises. If the tenant's underlying business is sound the landlord may be prepared to waive some rent or even accept a reduction in rent to keep the tenant.... Read More

Ian Narbeth

14:15 PM, 19th June 2020
About 4 weeks ago

The Future for HMOs post Coronavirus

We own and manage a number of HMOs and, thankfully, are getting to the end of lockdown. In March one of our tenants tested positive for COVID-19 so the whole house had to self-isolate. All in their 20s and all fully recovered as far as we can tell. We stood our cleaners down where tenants requested (but continued to pay them).
We have more voids than usual as some tenants left (e.g. to return home overseas) and we could not get new tenants in. I don't think the demand will be affected by the virus. Indeed as Peter G says tenants know exactly what it will cost them every month. It is also easier to leave an HMO than a house with joint and several liability.
As for COVID-19, living in an HMO creates the same issues as unrelated people renting a house together or a family with children.... Read More