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Ian Narbeth

A day ago
Of course it appears cheaper!

"Average first-time buyers could save over £2,250 a year once on the property ladder compared to renting".
In many parts of the country the ladder is or may soon become a snake. Owning your own home seems like an easy way to make money as the value of the house goes up while you sleep. Problem is when there is a correction in prices and a flattening of price increases (a) buyers may find themselves with reduced or even negative equity and (b) prospective buyers may decide to wait and see before buying so the market will cool down.
I can remember in the 1990s when people were trapped in negative equity for years and could not move house.
We should also mention SDLT and selling agents' fees when you move.... Read More

Ian Narbeth

A week ago
Commercial rent review tenant hiding?

Hi Nancy
You write: "This year the tenant verbally agreed an increase with the Chartered Surveyor/Valuer". That is normally sufficient to SETTLE the review, i.e. the tenant cannot resile from the agreed figure. It is common to RECORD the agreed increase with a rent review memorandum but the review is still effective even if no memorandum is signed. It can be prepared by your solicitor (an experienced surveyor should also be able to do this as it is a single page document).
When the next payment of rent is due you should invoice the tenant at the new rate and should also send them the memorandum in duplicate signed on your part and in a covering letter ask the tenant to sign and return one part.... Read More

Ian Narbeth

A week ago
Breach of Duty of Care? - Help please

Hi Munro
Not sure there is much I can add. Unless you sue them you may get nowhere. You will have to work out with your solicitor whether the cost in time and money of legal action is worth it.
If you are adept at Social Media you could post on Twitter, Facebook etc complaining about your treatment. Just be careful you can substantiate any claims you make.
Good luck... Read More

Ian Narbeth

A week ago
Is completion date agreed in writing when we exchange contracts?

Hi Marc
Are you using a solicitor to act for you. Ask him or her. If not, you probably should instruct one now.

Does the contract incorporate and or modify Standard Conditions of Sale? Most do. That may tel you when the contractual completion date is.

In property sales verbal "agreements" have no contractual force and should not be relied on unless confirmed in writing VIA SOLICITORS.... Read More

Ian Narbeth

2 weeks ago
Right to Rent Judicial review permitted by High Court

It might be instructive if the The Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants pointed out the Draconian maximum penalty (Five years in prison) landlords face. Compare that to the maximum penalties for these offences:
Carrying of any offensive weapon in a public place without lawful authority or reasonable excuse 4 years
Having an article with a blade or a sharp point in a public place without good reason or lawful authority 2 years
Administering drugs to obtain intercourse 2 years
Procurement of a woman by threats 2 years
Detention of woman in brothel 2 years
Ill-treatment of patients 2 years
Racially-aggravated public order offence 2 years
Offences with a similar 5 year maximum sentences include:
Female circumcision
Assault occasioning actual bodily harm
Abandonment of children under two
Setting spring guns with intent to inflict grievous bodily harm
Failure to disclose information about terrorism
Possession etc. of articles for use in frauds
Putting people in fear of violence
Does this "Tory" Government really think that letting a house or flat to someone who should not be in the UK deserves a maximum punishment greater than for the offences listed? True, no landlord has been sent to prison, yet, for five years for this offence but why threaten such harsh punishment? If it is to "encourage" good behaviour then please explain why such encouragement is not warranted for the other offences.... Read More