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Darren Peters

12:31 PM, 16th July 2019
About A week ago

Johnson considers Stamp Duty switch from buyer to seller

The sale price will be adjusted to reflect SDLT due the seller - no real change as people & the market aren't as stupid as politicians suppose. So house price inflation will be the result.

If a seller needed £100K out of their home for their future plans and SDLT reduced that amount they might just stay put for a few more years - especially if they had felt aggrieved that they had already paid SDLT on purchase. So possible sales slowdown too.

If SDLT is abolished or not on sales below £500k is a separate matter.... Read More

Darren Peters

14:09 PM, 11th July 2019
About 2 weeks ago

EPC inaccuracies could leave properties let illegally

“It’s also clear that property professionals must very carefully consider what services and systems their business is using. Properties being marketed with inaccurate EPCs are a legal liability both to the agents marketing them and the owners or landlord renting them,” he said.

By that logic it's also the landlord's responsibility if the Gas Certificate or electrical certificate has incorrect information. Clearly landlords are expected to be more expert than the experts they _pay_ to give expert assessments while simultaneously not being expert enough to self-assess.... Read More

Darren Peters

13:51 PM, 11th July 2019
About 2 weeks ago

When a tenant dies his Utility Bills die with him?

If the utility issue a 'deadlock letter', how does one respond?

It looks to me like the utility companies are de-facto demanding money with menaces. I guess something like 90% pay up without complaining, another 5% after some threats and aggravation and 5% fight to success but it's a successful business model for the 95% of money they would otherwise lose or have to spend more finding the Executor than the bill is worth.... Read More

Darren Peters

11:34 AM, 28th June 2019
About 4 weeks ago

James Brokenshire - All new homes sold to be Freehold

Hopefully the will also control covenents so that the onerous Leasehold conditions that cause the problem aren't sneaked into the Freehold that way.... Read More

Darren Peters

12:56 PM, 19th June 2019
About a month ago

Berlin Government approves 5 year Rent Cap

I think, since they are in power and understand the consequences, the leftie authorities are more pragmatic behind closed doors than the soundbites they spew.

The good citizens of Berlin can force a referendum with just 20,000 signatures so the govt is trying to steer the anger away from expropriation toward rent freezes as a sup. But not for social housing - do as I say, not as I do.

There are wider consequences for Germany if there is expropriation. The Nazi regime took the Jewish Germans' homes and businesses then the communists took everybody else's private homes in East Berlin and East Germany. The headlines write themselves since there will be examples of properties that were stolen then sold then stolen back again.

Plus of course, the govt probably can't afford to buy the properties let alone maintain them... Read More