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Darren Peters

8:24 AM, 18th September 2018
About 3 days ago

Vision for an independent organisation to represent UK landlords

Just an off the wall thought but the figure of £60,000,000 annually is about what Shelter takes in. Suppose this new landlord organization used 50% of the income to provide housing for the homeless? Not lobbying, not chugging, not a 'charity' but pumping 15-30 million directly in to buying homes and getting people off the streets?. Just a hunch but I think somewhere in the landlord pool there must be one or two people that know about property, law, councils, construction...:)

I reckon the 50% take for landlord lobbying would be more than enough to fund that role. And lets face it, Shelter haven't exactly set the bar high. Millions in, 0 homes provided. Perhaps a knock-on effect would be other housing charities having to raise their game.... Read More

Darren Peters

11:22 AM, 7th September 2018
About 2 weeks ago

Leasehold Houses Scandal

If the builder supplied a solicitor for ease of transaction, the solicitor would still be acting for the purchaser (and mortgagee) and would surely have a duty to point out that the Lease has such unusually onerous clauses. This being the case perhaps there’s scope for a class action against the solicitor.

Probably too much to hope the mortgage companies would get involved to protect their diminishing security but you never know.... Read More

Darren Peters

17:56 PM, 28th August 2018
About 3 weeks ago

Serving S21 when you have not given tenants right paperwork upfront

I put copies of the latest gas cert, EPC, DPC in the same envelope as the Form 6a. In my imagination, the tenant might go to a no win no fee solicitor who's first question would be, "Can I look at the Notice served" the tenant will show a pile of papers which will save the solicitor asking his standard second question.... Read More

Darren Peters

13:53 PM, 25th August 2018
About 4 weeks ago

Can I pay all my tax in the Isle of Man

if the properties were held in a LtdCo and you only took dividends, I think it might be a different story... Read More

Darren Peters

19:35 PM, 1st August 2018
About 2 months ago

PRS critical HFI report - A Time for Good Homes

"This changed after 2002 with a sustained growth in private rented housing. The result is that proportionally there are 2.4 million fewer households with access to a Good Home than 15 years ago. This is the Good Homes Gap and it affects around 6 million people.”

By a complete coincidence the increase in population between 2002 and 2017 was just over 6 million people.


and https://www.ons.gov.uk/aboutus/transparencyandgovernance/freedomofinformationfoi/ukpopulation2017... Read More