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Darren Peters

13:41 PM, 23rd July 2021, About A day ago

Should I proceed with offering a tenancy agreement?

I wonder could you ask them to give you written notice to quit today for the end date of the tenancy in a year's time so that they have obliged themselves to leave after the year. You can always renew the tenancy if there have been no red flags over the year but if there are problems you're on stronger ground if they decide not to leave.

As they will have paid the rent upfront, no point paying out on the insurance; they will be liable for double rent for every day they didn't leave after they said they would.... Read More

Darren Peters

10:53 AM, 20th July 2021, About 5 days ago

Best to sell furnished or unfurnished?

If your property doesn't look like a lovely place to move in and use exactly as is then better to empty it as it will look bigger and present a blank canvas for the viewer's imagination to paint their ideas in their mind.

In your own words, the 'rather worn furniture' will not leave a good impression.... Read More

Darren Peters

10:05 AM, 7th July 2021, About 3 weeks ago

If you own a second or holiday home Wales is coming for you

It's the standard taxation racket.

1) Find a popular problem or perceived problem or concoct a problem where there isn't one.

2) Create a scapegoat group or behaviour responsible for that problem and fuel the 'them and us' mentality.

3) Tax said group or behaviour and make the money disappear into the general and unaccountable tax pot.

4) Pass none or as little as possible towards addressing the problem.... Read More

Darren Peters

7:39 AM, 26th June 2021, About 4 weeks ago

Bailiffs arrive at Last?

IF someone is given a money order to pay off say £10,000 at £10 per month does the CCJ remain in place until the judgement is fulfilled? There are adverts out there claiming to write off CCJs - not sure how true they are.... Read More